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Comment Nuclear is stupid; here is why (Score 1) 148

I'm giving up moderating hoping to wake some people up.

1) Nuclear power takes 10+ years to build. This is fact not some next gen "in 5 years" magical nuclear power which can go from permit to power in a year. By the time they build nuclear power, the coal plants will have been running too long. Global warming has time limits... which we probably passed already (but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to minimize how much we are screwed.)

2) Solar is cheaper than nuclear, has been for years now. Wind I believe did or will soon.

3) Nuclear is HEAVILY subsidized by government, it's totally dishonest. If you subsidized solar and wind that much they'd be so much cheaper it would be funny to look at anything else. (coal is subsidized too; even with automation killing about half their jobs natural gas is the main reason they can't compete and I don't think natural gas is subsidized as much as coal.)

4) Base power issues are almost solvable with an upgraded GRID. the transition process might take 10 years (depending on our motivation if we acted like this was WW3 it would be done in no time.) Natural Gas can fill the gap.

5) Battery storage is a new market. It is moving quickly. We could move to storage right now at higher prices-- we don't need to WAIT for the perfect solution-- which is a common trick used to delay progress. The time and cost wasted on nuclear can be put into battery storage power. If we are SERIOUS we can take the added expense on, it's pure BS to say we can't do something right now.

6) Nuclear regulation is poor and less of it won't help; more of it likely won't help either since it's just more of the same incompetence. They only people who seem capable of managing nuclear properly is our military. The worries about it being safe are totally justified. Sure newer stuff is better, the newest things actually being done NOW are way better but are they as safe as our growing incompetence? I think that is hard to predict... Maybe the "in 5 years" tech will be that safe but it's going to take too long to implement even with a faster build process because it's new tech that won't be proven for maybe the 10 years a conventional nuclear plant would take to build.

7) too many people. most problems are a result of too many people in the world. that is the topic that never gets discussed. we will have 10 billion people not long from now unless a bunch die off. (many years ago now everybody needed was born-- they will have kids at projected rates and that gives us 10 billion. known. already. trends have to drastically change for the basic stats to not be proven true.)

Comment FIX IT (Score 1) 272

Nutrition labels on food were heavily fought by industry but that was the past when corruption (regulatory capture) was not as bad as it has been in recent decades.

Today, food labels wouldn't be implemented at all. Voluntary industry marketing labels on some products is all one would have. If it was passed in the 90s, we would have something like Energy Star where industry does it without punishment or oversight and the labels would be as inaccurate and unregulated as Energy Star is.

Do keep in mind that VW just was punished in a significant way (mostly because they are foreign) for cheating on recent regulations. So these things are not entirely useless.

I'm sure Energy Star doesn't cost that much; it is mostly an excuse to KILL it. Just like defunding PBS saves less than a pentagon rounding error. Hell, the Star Wars Program is STILL being funded (under less stupid names) and STILL doesn't work and costs about 50billion which is about the same amount Trump is asking to increase military spending.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 342

What makes you think the Republicans haven't been hacked? It is up to the hackers.

Podesta probably wouldn't be known by most readers here if his email had not been hacked. Somebody had to target an operative with poor security.

Russia probably was into many systems, as were other groups. Could be a Bernie supporter who was more anti-establishment did nothing and now fears getting involved.

Comment Re:I mean come on (Score 1) 342

All presidents are encumbered; our system is designed to do that. Trump has had it easier than previous presidents with his party in control of just about everything; including strong support from police and won thanks to the FBI (and just about anything else given how thin the victory was.) Before you say the Supreme Court does not count realize that the court rarely responds to anything quickly and by the time most anything reaches them he already has appointed his party control over it.

Trumps problems largely have been of his own creation; not a result of the opposition. He has had less trouble picking people and they hype what they can but he's not even picked people to even be attacked at a normal pace. So that too his his fault.

Trumps "slow down" is completely his own fault. He isn't a black man who actually was blocked at every turn and filibustered more than anybody in history.

Comment Internet Explorer finds something to win at (Score 1) 236

Ignoring MS history, their Internet Explorer:Edge is at the "edge" of supporting many standards and probably far from supporting as many as the other browsers meaning it does far less work. Besides their advantageous knowledge of their own OS and not needing any portable cross platform code... such as being able to decode video playback thru their OS in ways the others may not do.

I frankly don't care, I will never go back to a corporate controlled browser and support that nightmare again... Including google - it's only a matter of time before they get worse and abuse their dominance. Some people think google's turned towards the dark side already. Boards of directors are not permanent.

Comment INSTANT RUN OFF VOTING (Score 1) 341

Primitive Voting promotes 2 party rule. The single biggest fix one can make is to put in a modern voting system which allows more than 2 parties to get access to power (and by modern I do not mean electronic!) Divide up the duopoly control over the system.

That is just 1 big thing; there are so many other problems wrong in the system (and the citizens) no single thing will fix it. The American Empire is falling after such a short run; I never read about one that turned it around.

Comment Slashdot continues to fall down (Score 1) 177

I remember when the slashdot had less idiots.

Golf is elitist (expensive; often exclusive,) it is not racist.

Golf is not a sport - it is an evolved version of playing fetch with your dog.... except it is for 1. Usually, it is played in parallel with others so you can socialize while you all go fetch your balls. Actually, it is popular as a disguise for ass kissing.

Comment Solution for Mac Pro is simple (Score 1) 240

Be the best PC tower (people used to buy MacBook Pros to run windows because they were good laptops.)

Rack mountable (pro desks have rack mounts) + angle brackets so it could be screwed to the bottom of a normal desk.
Two standard 5.25" bays which could be rotated 90 (try using a DVD drive sideways, it's a pain)
Keep the wind tunnel of fans which keeps it more quiet than any PC tower.
Lose HD bays. Have MANY SSD slots instead.
HD: Use the two 5.25 bays if it matters to you... put some screw mounts in clever ways and you could cram 3-4 HDs in that same space.
Sell fancy front plates-- for USB, memory readers, etc. snap into that 5.25 bay. Figure out how to cram a few below a DVD drive face plate.
Removable back plate (motherboard upgrades? seems impossible... they want you to buy a new system and keep using the old one? why not discourage old macs by promoting hardware upgrades? that would be "brave" new thinking!)
The G4 tower case was one of the best; the flip out made it really nice to work with. They should combine the two.

Comment Re:Hardware doesn't matter so much. Software does. (Score 1) 240

The reasoning is that SSD storage has a better checksum system already in the hardware. I've not heard of bit rot problems with SSD-- just the things up and dying instantly and completely failing. SSD by design levels out the usage over the whole storage space while checking which seems to be a good thing.

Encrypted or compressed files amplify the damage done... APFS's heavy encryption support makes me feel better in that single bit errors will be better noticed.

I've experienced bit rot on HDs; detected and not detected... with mirrored raid. Even so, there is a small chance the rot will go undetected even with checksums - a chance which becomes less impossible as the amount of data rises - I've experienced undetected bit rot that passed the checking and also made it into backups as rsync detected the change with it's checksum and replaced the healthy backup (something I now use to scan for bit rot-- but figuring out which file is the bad one is another problem.)

Active scanning and checking seems to be the best protection IMHO; something which could be done better outside the FS. It would also seem that access to checksum failures would allow one to figure out if the backup failed or the source file; something I've not figured out yet (anybody? any unix commands allow access to the underlying FS information?)

Comment Consumer design idiotcy (Score 1) 240

Apple has become the computer version of anorexic.

I have fixed many Magsafe problems. It is mostly the lousy CABLE they use which can't handle normal long term use... it's like they designed it to not last over 5 years which was a long time for a computer over a decade ago. The adapters before that time often were weak as well but we didn't heavily use a macbook from 2000 to 2010.

The magsafe connector itself has some minor issues with age but I still feel it is worth it and not that difficult to clean.

I think they went with a softer weaker plastic to keep the connector from bumping out with a twist of the cable. Which might be more annoying... the least they could do is make it removable from the power brick so it can be replaced.

Comment Common threads that bind us together (Score 1) 245

It is not a matter of diversity itself as much as having common threads shared by all which bind the society together enough to properly function. That has been lost and community does not exist anymore. I do not even know what it is because I had no exposure to it - only what I was told about and some tried to create and / or save.

We went TOO far fighting against the evils of conformity and uniformity of the 50s-60s but the fight was necessary. It just went too far.

While local communities and parents HAD more input into education in the past, there was a lot of uniformity in other ways.
Uniform public education is a safe way to create common threads --- even the private schools were more uniform in the past (despite marketing to justify the added expense.) Every child; ethics used to be taught; civics used to be taught to everybody; the constitution actually studied instead of a little history around it and memorize the preamble. Everybody should read 1984 too. Certain books at certain grades for EVERBODY even private schools. Other counties doing better do this. Hell, some force kids to read books over the summer-- classical books. We used to ALLOW children to fail now we screw up the whole system because of them... parents are getting too much input ; the WRONG kind of input. Parents who neglect their kids in the important ways are right there to demand and blame the schools and force changes that make everything worse. In the past parents were involved differently with education but had to accept their brat was failing and take some responsibility... maybe actually punish the kid. Parenting of kids is the BIGGEST influence and that isn't done much today in between both parents working. "Success" also means different things today as well. If we as a society valued community if we could figure out what that even is.... we would consider success as including a common experience in education. So everybody had the basics.... but even that is a problem today where basic facts and reality can't even be shared in common.

- ZONING - we don't have diversity in our communities. A small town had drunks, poor, rich, etc. they would interact to some degree -- sure racial boundaries were stronger but you still had communities within those boundaries. Now we don't even have a community within the groups we identify with.

-LAWYERS - it should be as shameful as a prostitute and as likely to be elected to office.

REALITY: WE CAN NOT GROW FOREVER. Human intelligence has severe limitations we dare not admit. Resources are limited. You can not birth your way to success. Necessary jobs are extremely limited; that is why we created consumerism and promote fashion and those too are limited (at best growth until resource limits are reached, some are logically capped, such as popular art.) A.I. will eventually remove ALL necessary jobs, but far before that point it will remove most jobs. A.I. will also remove the need for cheap labor; so the idea of a large peasant class is out dated; they will need to be culled significantly. (I don't think nice solutions to this will prevail when sociopaths are so well rewarded in our societies.)

Comment States have little power (Score 1) 112

States are weak; given enough time and/or corporate opposition states can be overpowered. Huge multi-state corporations like our ISP monopoly or duopoly powers have more influence than they do at a federal level. This is why local public community ISPs are illegal in some states where the rights of communities are infringed upon.

RIGHT TO REPAIR has been showing just how powerless states are even when their overly represented rural citizens are worked up. Right to repair didn't matter enough until John Deer started fucking over farmers.

It is stupid to think that only one party wants more federal power. Both parties resort to federal power when necessary to achieve their goals. It can be argued the liberals resort to it MORE because their issues are more often social justice issues; therefore, they are about human rights and those belong as far reaching as possible (even if you do not recognize those rights; then such localization talk is just a really opposition tactic to limit the scope of such rights -- such as free speech zones...)

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