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Comment because it is classified (Score 1) 732

Remember back before we knew the NSA was listening to everybody's packets and phone calls we would get declassified reports that were vague with statements that were essentially backed up with "trust us." Thing is we will not know because they will not declassify it and if it is political we can't tell and if it is 100% supported by proof they will not disclose that evidence. They will not even give evidence that leaks to the sources possibly how they collected it.

Remember North Korea? people were claiming BS politics on that until Obama announced/declassified we were into their computers and that is how we knew. We allowed the Sony hack because why would we stop them? We at least logged their actions. Giving away our secret just to help Sony? Forget that! Many people died in WW2 to avoid leaking we knew. Obama shouldn't have leaked just to shut up critics.

Instead of Trumptards preaching for the USA to harm itself, they need to get their heads out of their asses and realize that we should be galvanized against foreign influences in our elections. We should have expected it and prepared... but idiotically we don't despite the fact we do it to other countries. Obviously, you can't counter most of it without educating the public properly so they can THINK critically and not support our crappy media as well as reform the election system (instant run off; paper ballots; human counted - with checks) and campaign finance system is foobar -- foreign powers have unlimited access (even thru the US chamber of commerce!) Frankly, without limiting how much power a small group can acquire you can't make a system that can stand for long. "The Balance of Powers" must extend much further.

Comment /. is getting slow with actual news (Score 2) 207

Clearly, this is now a problem with all the always-on listening devices that are now becoming wide spread! Barbie dolls that listen, Google, Amazon are listening all the time.

Then you have permissions given to websites, apps on other devices plus security holes for when permission is not given. Don't forget company policy changes which can turn allowed permissions against you without your knowledge (unless you are a lawyer and read updated user agreements... many which are broad and vague already.)

So now Google and Amazon know even more of what is going on in the house and can link your devices. Furthermore, they can link you to PEOPLE who come within range of the microphone. Your associations can be analyzed which means the NSA is going to use it (do you really believe they haven't forced their way into these systems somehow already?)

Google watch could notify where you are moving around which could provide their assistant context information to better understand your speech. They might have some useful things to do with it, I can't think of any so far where bluetooth couldn't do it better and more likely with our knowledge..... but would something less covert really matter if they did the same stuff? people don't seem to care.

Comment Watson != AI but most jobs don't need intelligence (Score 1) 370

Most jobs require so little intelligence.... in addition, one goal of MBAs is to restructure the labor into tasks that can be externalized or cheaper because of a lower skills requirement. Just as Applied Intelligence is all about defining the tasks so an AI can do them, MBAs do so on a higher level. The two working together shall be able to transform just about every industry....

They haven't even begun to think about AUGMENTED INTELLIGENCE. Perhaps an MBA with AI training will get that going mainstream? Your kid's phone app could leverage their free labor to solve tough abstracted problems which replaces their parents jobs...

Comment Liability? of a megacorp? (Score 1) 71

Even without more "tort reform" which is continually attempted all the time, you think a big corporation is going to actually WORRY about being sued? No. Just look at history even when they are punished big they usually pay next to nothing and make more profit knowingly killing people. Tobacco continues just fine and they kill about 11% of their customers. Before you say "customers choose death" think about you choosing a robot doctor over a real one. Enough people will do so to have a period of transition where the success rate beats human doctors (which is not so great - it's up with car accident deaths.) So, as the stats improve more people will switch and corporations as well.

Doctors themselves are funded by insurance companies against their mistakes. The risk is totally manageable probably even at higher rates than doctors.... Also, you don't have to be huge if you can get an insurance company to back you risk. (even in the worst case, you go bankrupt and maybe get 1 year in a federal prison resort-- which is not a pound-me-in-the-ass prison... even so you afford to hire protection.)

Comment NP-Complete (Score 1) 71

Remember your computer science! Programming has a long list of HARD problems. The classic Satisfiability Problems are all NP-Complete perhaps you had to use those to build up equivalence proofs to proof others are also NP-Complete?

Here is a starting point:
(One does wonder way SAT solver tools are not available for programming... like language/compiler level integration.)

This is just an aspect of programming not the whole process; thankfully for us the fundamentals are HARD problems and the linking of these all these problems together for programming is difficult to even describe formally. Not like that has stopped us, we can't fully grasp the non-linear math that is behind neuron networks of any useful size. So I won't say it is impossible; impossible for us to do yes, but not impossible for us to create systems which can approximate it as well as the average programming. That is still outside my lifetime... or maybe not... I donated my body for science so I might be a brainscan running in a simulator doing programming for years beyond my "death".

Comment Smokers research & military research (Score 1) 261

Big tobacco found out 24 was the age where people transition to a state of mind where they can overcome addiction better. The younger ages need to get addicted before that age because it'll be written in more permanently. Implying your growing/training until about 24. Not directly connected, but the age is interesting.

Military. I talked with a military psychologist. They discovered stupid guys are less than 24 (stupid being his word for 18-23.) So, they mix older guys with younger guys because the 25 year old would rather be in jail than dead when you order "jump off that bridge!" While the 18 year old will just do it. But the 25 year old will jump off the bridge with (or after) his 18 year old buddy does it. Or they will find a less stupid way to comply that the 18 year old won't.

Both were 24. So 25 for insurance makes sense. For me, I started at 24 and my insurance was as cheap as at 26 and basically seems to be about the same slowly climbing amount a decade+ after. So I'd say my insurance also picks 24.

Comment not likely an idiotic professor (Score 0) 261

The problem that comes up in life often is that even a subject where one can "know it all" expressing that to laymen often produces contradictions from the laymen's perspective. Tell a user "a firewall will protect you online" and then later when they run a Trojan you say "a firewall doesn't protect you" it seems from their ignorant perspective you are contradicting yourself and may question your competency.

If you get that concept, graduate to this one: reality is too complex even for the experts. Human limitations make seeing the picture well enough to know when a perceived contradiction is actually valid with currently unknown details extremely difficult.

Most the time it's contradictions are a reasonable assumption -- but when it's an expert or especially when it's a professor you shouldn't be as quick to jump to conclusions. (Some profs not being around the average mentally dormant person, will incorrectly assume their thought provoking theories will be productive.)
16 year olds who are EMPLOYED should be able to vote. No taxation without representation! Draft age? You can vote. Graduate from High School at 12? You can vote? Crazy? We elect them... So they can vote.

Comment Re:Clueless (Score 1) 531

You can't compete with cheaper countries! They have weak regulations, poor enforcement, LOWER wages, exchange rates, desperate workers, and more factors which are all in their favor! You have to lower the US further towards 3rd world status in order to compete.... or start using TARIFFS again. You know, a trade related tax which USED to be employed patriotically before propaganda and corruption removed that protection and re-framing it from the multinational corporation's perspective.

The holiday season is when Americans run up their most debt for the year. It completely makes sense to offer money to help the man who screwed you over; since their whole scheme is to find workers they can exploit more because they have even less power. Exploitation is the main goal taught to MBAs... it's euphemistically called "cost externalization."

Comment HTTPS and caching (Score 1) 766

Increased use of HTTPS probably due to google saying they'd prioritize encrypted websites has made my local proxy server useless. The top sites in the proxy cache are all now https so they no longer get cached. Nobody wants to be partially encrypted so images are https too.... we should have some way to not scare users with safe content that is not encrypted... I'm going to go test and see if the browser cache is smart enough to migrate cached content from http to https URLS...

I just pulled up my netscape in a VM and loaded a simple large page. It was hardly slower than IE 8 in the same VM. The complex page broke but netscape beat IE 8 (probably in minor ways IE 8 broke some stuff on the page too.)

Comment Web Page Quality Indication in the browser GUI (Score 1) 766

Browser tabs or the URL where the padlock goes could indicate a poor quality web page. Browsers would then be helping improve compliance as their users see that something is wrong with the website they are visiting. It would create bad impressions which would motivate management.... this would greatly annoy web developers as debatable techniques differ between browsers and trying to explain to their boss 1 work around backward compatible hack for IE is causing all the modern browsers to flag the site's quality.

Perhaps the price is worth it? It would be nice to quickly see when quirks mode is on.

Comment RAM waste (not main problem) (Score 1) 766

Browsers have been getting too demanding of RAM causing machines with 4GB limits to put pressure on their memory. The older firefox versions have done better in my experience on these older systems because it will not waste RAM. I'm not just picking on firefox which now does the best with memory; these browsers trying to increase performance are eating gigs of RAM and their memory load on the system is causing slow down on lower RAM systems. A whole process per tab makes the 100s of tabs I'm used to managing a nightmare on Chrome etc. Firefox appears to slowly approaching this better... but we'll see. I don't know why somebody hasn't tried a Flyweight kind of design pattern... it's like they made a word processor and put every character into it's own full blown object!

Heavy use of closures in javascript there are a lot of memory leaks going on; due to a flaw in the language which needs to be better addressed. (I'm not saying it's the biggest problem - I'd put that on the websites stacking and depending upon slow frameworks like jQuery... which should be put out to pasture BTW.)

I just remember when my whole system only had 48k of RAM or multimedia apps like hypercard which did a lot with so little... So now I have a browser storing an uncompressed image of the tab so it can refresh quickly except when it pushes the system too far and ends up slower than a re-render would cost. They really should check system RAM and set up a soft boundary on usage. Just because VM systems are so great doesn't mean that we should act like RAM is unlimited.

Comment Profit? (Score 1) 91

Ok, sure city granted monopolies end up costing more than just having the city or county government do the job. But try to explain that to a public that has been raised on propaganda saying that is impossible. Facts do not work. I've seen it happen.

Recycling is not profitable. 1st you have to FORCE people because if given the choice they will not bother. Just like we have to FORCE people to buy trash service so the cheap bastards don't dump trash in our public parks etc. AFTER you have a forced customer base, then you can FORCE a profit in addition to whatever scheme to squeeze out more profits unethically and/or illegally (aka efficiency.)

Our paper recycling is losing us money. Because we pay more so we don't have to sort our recycling, the paper is now too dirty for the Chinese to buy it. Yes, our paper was shipped all the way to China to be recycled! How can that be profitable even when they used to accept it? Only some recycling pays and it fluctuates the rest is done at a loss. The private biz hides the up/down and where to details with no accountability. The gov operation looked bad because we could see the process. Recycling is a dirty business... unless we change our products to be aware of their full lifecycle it will remain this way.

Comment Ever seen settings on a PC game? (Score 1) 105

A console with 2 modes is nothing compared to a PC game's options.

Haven't you ever played with PC game options? Lowering the resolution has always helped FPS greatly but with newer GPU features it does not help as much. Many of the newer time consuming GPU features you can simply TURN OFF.

I would expect a Nintendo engineer who has a history of extracting performance from hardware estimated just what the needs are for THEIR game engine at 720p with some features like AA turned off. Plus the depth rendering of their engine doesn't need to be set as far out at that resolution and screen size. 40% was likely a compromise on settings and hardware scaling limitations with a bias towards the practical needs of portable mode.

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