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Comment Re:Supplier contracts. (Score 2) 24

Only if Intel misrepresented their product to Apple. If they did lie; that's going to be one unhappy conference call; but if they were chosen for being an adequate second source to reduce Apple's reliance on Qualcomm, rather than for being an equal or superior performer, this doesn't necessarily suggest that Intel failed to deliver what they promised.

Comment Re:6.8 Billion (Score 4, Insightful) 104

Nuclear power has always been a lot more popular on K Street than on Wall Street. At least these sort of overruns pale in comparison to some of the ones in Europe - one in the UK has now become the second most expensive thing ever made by man (after the International Space Station). Lots of nuclear plants on that list, too. One in Finland is now a decade overdue and commercial operation still isn't expected until 2018 - assuming there's not even more delays.

One of nuclear's biggest problems is, it doesn't work very well small. There are some "smallish" modular reactor designs, but as a general rule, nuclear plants are very large structures. Which means, you're not making a lot of them. Which means you don't retire the risk (both financial and safety) very quickly. Nuclear inherently contains a lot of both of those. It can take decades to learn what problems are. And when we redesign systems to start over with a new "generation" of nuclear power plants, that "ironing out the financial and safety kinks" process starts over.

It's unfortunate, but the very nature of fission means going through every element on the periodic table except the extremely short-lived/superheavy ones. Which automatically means facing very significant corrosion and containment challenges. The very nature of a high neutron flux means degradation on its own. The very nature of having exceedingly toxic materials means that you can't allow even tiny amounts to escape, and have to go to extreme levels to prevent serious problems like fires - and not only is your fuel source challenging from a chemical and materials standpoint, but it also can't be shut down quickly. Criticality can be, but the daughter product decays keep the core hot for a considerable length of time.

Nuclear is eminently doable from a technological standpoint. But like rocketry, a lot of things conspire to make it very difficult to do affordably and safely.

Comment Re:Phone (Score 1) 158

Have you not noticed that Trump immediately applies everything he's criticized for onto his opponents? Bad temperment? No, I have a great temperment, YOU have a bad temperment! Angry? I'm calm, YOU'RE angry! Abuse women? Nobody has more respect for women than me, you abuse women! Puppet? No puppet, no puppet - you're the puppet! Every single time, he's like a mirror. I swear, if Hillary said "Your beauty pageants were poorly produced", he'd respond with, "No, YOUR beauty pageants were poorly produced!"

It makes him all too easy to bait during debates.

(And no, I don't think Trump actually uses drugs - it was just funny timing ;) )

Comment Re:Assange running out of time (Score 1) 158

Right. Because the one email linked in your article is this. Oh, that's oh so damning. The rest of your article is built around O'Keefe garbage. The guy who built his career on selective editing and deception.

They've also just released some of Obama's emails where they're discussing picking positions with race and sex as the criteria

Link to the email. Not a right wing blog, not O'Keefe garbage, the actual email.

Comment Re:Phone (Score 1) 158

Quite true. Actually, what I found most interesting was the part right before that:

"One of my first acts will be to get all of the drug lords, all of the bad ones - we have some bad, bad people in this country that have to go out...." SNIIIIIIFFFFF! "... we're gonna get them out..."

Deep snorting while talking about drug lords is a bit less than opportune timing ;)

(Also: apparently the drug lords are in the US?)

Comment Re:MRO imaging of crash site? (Score 1) 169

Beagle 2 didn't involve, as mentioned, " a smouldering wreck, the kind you'd expect from mostly full hydrazine tanks slamming into a surface at high speeds"

Shiaparelli ditched its parachutes and stopped thrusting while moving at high speeds at high altitude. There's a lot we don't know, but among the things we do, is that it's not just standing there in the sky, Wile E. Coyote style, waiting for someone to point out to it that it should be falling.

Comment Philip K Dick's The Defenders (Score 4, Interesting) 83

Just recently I listened to the old radio show X Minus One's adaptation of Philip K Dick's short story, "The Defenders" which is appropriate to this story. In the story a brief nuclear war forces nearly everyone on the planet to live underground while robots continue the fight and the nuclear bombardment on the surface. Unknown to the humans, the robots figured out early on that the war was really stupid, so they stopped fighting and began to repair and renew the world, all the while sending fake war reports back to the humans and telling them that the radiation levels were toxic, when in fact there was no radiation left. Very interesting story.

Here's hoping that if every nation and group in the world starts making robots to fight for us, maybe the robots will realize how stupid this all is and refuse to listen to us until we all come to our senses.

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