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Comment Reminds me vaguely of Pascal with Python syntax (Score 1) 29

The example code I've seen from Nim reminds me a bit of Pascal. At least the use of the keywords proc and var. Glad they went with Python-style blocks instead of Pascal-style begin and end.

But nim does look like a nice language. The fact that it generates C code and compiles with a C compiler means that it could be integrated quite smoothly into projects using other languages.

Nim is on my list of languages to try some time if I ever need to write C-compatible code.

Comment Re:Agrument in favor of modularity (Score 1) 82

I don't have to do anything. Even stored under ideal circumstances li-ion batteries lose capacity.

What matter is capacity relative to demand. In a phone like the Droid Maxx from a few years ago with plenty of surplus battery the phone will still be usable four years later. But something like a Samsung Galaxy S6 barely has enough battery to make it through the day when brand new and is pretty much unusable two years later even under ideal conditions.

Comment Re:They took the worst part of Python (Score 1) 29

Interesting how personal preference plays into it. But it also sounds like you haven't spent any real time with Python. Because it doesn't take long to get past the whitespace syntax and get on with programming. For most Python programmers, the block syntax is one of the things they like the most. It's true that a bad copy and paste or accidentally deleting some spaces in the wrong place can break things badly and potentially lead to subtle bugs. But in practice, that doesn't seem to be a significant problem. The fact is you should be indenting consistently anyway, so braces and semicolons are superfluous, and ugly.

I find I can write several pages of Python code and often it runs the first time without issue, which was never the case with any of the other languages I worked with, including C++. Invariably I'd forget some closing brace somewhere and a semicolon. Compile errors on first run are almost expected with C-like languages.

Python's real gotchas emerge more from its dynamic nature than its syntax; dynamic typing is a two-edged sword. Test-driven development is pretty much required for large applications.

Nim of course is statically-typed and has some measure of compile-time safety.

Comment Re:There's a lot more iron much closer... (Score 2) 171

And there's some twenty million tons of gold dissolved in the Earth's oceans. Jules Verne made it the source of Captain Nemo's incredible wealth.

To put twenty million tons of gold in perspective, all the gold that has ever been mined by humans totals up to about 180 thousand tons. To put in another perspective: sure, it's gold, but at a concentration of thirteen billionths of a gram per liter of seawater it's worthless unless you have unlimited time and energy to extract it.

That's the problem with asteroid mining in general. Until the cost of changing an object's momentum goes down drastically it's not worth doing. If Pysche were a 1000 kg block of pure, refined platinum (market price: $34 million) you'd be hard-pressed to retrieve it and return it to Earth at a profit. Which is not to say asteroid mining is a bad idea; but first things first: you've got to reduce the price of interplanetary propulsion by a couple orders of magnitudes. One thing that never happens in a sci-fi asteroid mining scenario is the hero worrying about running out of gas. Propulsion in stories is always practically limitless and free of charge. Real propulsion will never be that good, but it could get good enough.

Submission + - GMail app update blocking non-GMail servers

ukoda writes: Given the GMail Android app is bundled with most Android phone and has offered support for email accounts with other service providers it has become a popular email client. However sometime in November last year Google updated their app to silently reject self-signed certificates. For users of servers with self-signed certificates their email stopped coming in. Refreshing the inbox appears to go normally with no problems reported. From this support thread it is apparent that server connections are being rejected with the warning "Certificate Not Valid" even when the "All Certificates" option is chosen. The explanation from Google is they are improving security but for some users that had a working secure connection they now have to either stay with GMail, and turn off encryption, or move to a new app such as K9 or BlueMail. The lack of meaningful responses from Google leave little hope of things improving anytime soon.

Comment Re:LMOL (Score 1) 365

3D debacle delayed work on OLED and better picture technology.

Paying off the enormous investment in all those old LCD plants delayed OLED and better picture technology. Those production lines couldn't do anything but what they've been doing since 2002, so we've been fucking stuck waiting for the amortization schedule to run out.

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Journal Journal: Linux QL-500 Label Printer Update

While the Brother P-Touch QL-500 is recognized out of the box by Ubuntu, it doesn't really work. Do the following to fix:

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