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Comment Re:yeah right (Score 5, Insightful) 364

Haven't been any hurricanes in 10 years? I'm guessing you live in Iowa; hence you didn't see any hurricanes. You are aware that the strongest hurricanes ever observed in the Pacific have been forming regularly? Just because the US hasn't seen a catastrophe doesn't mean "there haven't been any hurricanes for 10 years." This has nothing to do with "politically correct shit." It has to do with science. Don't take my word for it...

Comment Ossified community (Score 1, Redundant) 1839

I don't mean this in a bad way; as soon as you try some great tinkering you will have killed off what is left of the original slashdot. If you dream of attracting new members and new soaring metrics, well, what we think won't matter. If you don't want to run this into the ground then why fix what might not be broken? At least someone sold the property and got paid for it... as for some dream of crazy traffic numbers... perhaps that ship has sailed. News for nerds, stuff that matters.... why not just keep that comin'

Comment Like a punch to the gut (Score 5, Insightful) 286

I grew up combing through my dad's huge collection of issues, reading and discussing the articles with my dad and pouring over the incredible maps that came with many issues. National Geographic atlases, in particular The Earth and Man, were a dear part of my childhood. That I am a geography teacher today is directly related to my love of maps and the world around me. And now I have to mourn the passing of a loved and respected pillar of learning. Climate change denial and preppers are all that await now.

Comment Bayoudegradeable (Score 1) 98

Just drop it in a bayou! That's what bayoudegradeable is. (needless to say I love this topic) Many folks in south Louisiana throw washing machines, boat parts and engines, enemies, etc in the bayou in hopes it will degrade. Would work for these plastics, too! However, I am not seriously suggesting that this junk get dumped in our bayous.... just a funny way to tout my userID.

Comment Re:In the name of Allah ! (Score 1) 1350

And how many Americans were killed by AMERICANS last year? How many murders were 100% red-blood Amuricans killing.... other Amuricans!? Terrorists kill so few Americans it is almost impossible to chart. But Americans killing each other? Wait... that means that more CHRISTIANS killed Americans than all other groups combined. It seems to me in America we best be scared of Christian Americans!!

Comment Re:Chinese that speak English (Score 1) 578

(The exception is Japan, of course. But Japan is Japan. They're not going to be speaking English any time soon, elite or not).

Is this said from experience? As a former conversational English teacher in Japan I would like to point out that 10,000+ native English speakers/teachers would beg to differ. English is required starting in Japanese middle school and in many schools it is beginning in Kindergarten. How are the Japanese not learning English exactly? What language do you think Japanese pharmaceutical presentations are made in when they attend global conferences? I wonder why all highway signs in Japan have English translations as well? (ok, so almost all) Note how much English appears in advertising. Or what about the thousands upon thousands of loan words that have entered Japanese from English. Nah. No English going on there; let's just through around random statements....

Comment 6 year old testimonial (Score 2) 187

my daughter (now seven) began using a 4.5" dob last winter. A member of the astronomy group that I belong to was pretty blown away that she could easily find the Orion Nebula on her own. She loves scanning the sky on her own and has stumbled across a few Messier objects this way. It's on the ground so it's almost immune to being knocked over. It's a fairly solid tube, so if it's knocked over it likely won't be a big deal. It has no moving parts, it's the perfect height for her, it's easy to move and the general 'point and shoot' nature makes it very easy to use. No batteries, no electronics, no alignment needed. (I collimate it once in a while and that takes all of 5 minutes) Also, the set up is ridiculously easy. I see her outgrowing this one day. There's a 12" truss dob waiting for her when she does.

Comment Soon be eradicated? (Score 2) 600

Sadly, this affliction is rampant in the USA. Happily, it is a dwindling number, and perhaps will soon be eradicated.

I wish you were right. I wish it was a dwindling problem, soon to be eradicated. I want to believe that. However, conservative Christians (which should make heads explode with paradox) aren't going away anytime soon. I think you are right that most Boomers that hold these beliefs will be departing in the next decade or so. But they have grandchildren, many of whom listen. I have been teaching middle school geography for ten years. This year was the very first time I had 2 sets of parents question my teaching of the Big Bang as they didn't believe it. I teach at a private school with intensely involved parents so this was not an issue of some parents just happen to start paying attention. While not a strong example, it does lead me to believe that the idea that Young Earth/ID types are fading away is simply not true.

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