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Comment big.LITTLE, superscalar, or SMT? (Score 0) 45

Desktop (and to a lesser extent) laptop processors use multiple pipelines to improve performance and limit stalls

ARM chips have multiple cores, each with its own pipeline. In fact, ARM processors using a "big.LITTLE" microarchitecture have sets of performance-optimized and power-optimized cores for use during different power management states. Are you referring to "superscalar", in which the instruction decoder reorders multiple instructions from one thread to run them in one cycle? Or are you referring to simultaneous multithreading (SMT), where two instruction decoders, one on each thread, feed into a single set of execute units? Intel Atom uses SMT to hide stalls, as do recent AMD microarchitectures where the two cores in a "module" have their own integer execute units but share FPU and other resources.

Comment Live streaming vs. prerecorded seeking (Score 1) 84

Where are the new features that people actually need? Like for example being able to watch a live video stream in a browser without being a web guru and relying in complex server infrastructure.

Have you even looked at the "video" tag? It is exactly that simple.

W3C's description of the <video> element states:

The HTML5 specification does not specify a particular streaming method. It is expected that HTTP 1.1 progressive streaming is at least supported. Adaptive/live streaming may be supported as a UA extension.

A Google search for HTTP 1.1 progressive streaming led to this page, which equates it with seeking in a prerecorded stream using HTTP range requests. But CptLoRes was referring to live streams, not prerecorded streams. The same page also states that not all non-Apple browsers support Apple's HTTP Live Streaming spec.

Comment Re:What a Waste (Score 2) 846

Lobbyists go around the people, to have your representatives work against you.

Bad media goes around your representatives, to have you work against yourself.

Maybe they're the same in that they're your adversary, but they're also pretty different. It's like saying an enemy fighter plane and an enemy tank are the same. Yeah, they're both the enemy's forces, I suppose...

Comment Average iOS user outspends Android user 20 to 1 (Score 1) 84

Share of users, share of traffic, and share of revenue differ.

Safari has a 4.28% market share on the desktop

Among people willing to buy products and services from Internet businesses, the market share is probably bigger than 4.28%.

and a 14% share on mobile.

Among people willing to buy products and services from Internet businesses, the market share is probably bigger than 14%. Tim Stenovec of Tech Insider summarized a report from IBM Commerce stating that iPhone and iPad users outspent Android users over 3 to 1 on Black Friday 2015. The average iOS user also spends over 9 times as much on paid apps and IAPs than the average Android user.

Assume for a moment that the average iOS user spends 20 times as much money online as the average Android user. If that's the case, then 14% of the users represent 14*20/(14*20+86)*100 = 77% of the money. I don't remember where I read this 20-to-1 figure, but it at least appears consistent with the IBM Commerce report.

Comment Re:Of course I don't need unlimited data (Score 1) 220

I am around WiFi most of the time and can download music to listen to while driving.

And you pay a lot of money for that car insurance. My cousin doesn't drive because when he shopped for car insurance, he got quotes that by themselves are more expensive than a monthly bus pass, even without counting fuel and maintenance.

Point is that a lot of people ride the bus, and they expect to use that time productively.

Comment Re:No one would ever want to buy (Score 1) 220

If you work from home, get fiber, cable, or DSL. If you work from a seat on the city bus, as I often do, then download the builds before you leave home, and schedule video conferences for when you are home. If you are trying to use cellular to work from home in a rural area where fiber, cable, and DSL are unavailable, move.

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