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Comment Re:Seek competitors (Score 1) 261

What's so impossible about this?

"The next version of Windows will not run older applications, in particular the application on which our business relies. The version of Windows currently deployed throughout our company will stop receiving updates to correct security defects on 20xx-04-xx, and vulnerabilities discovered after that date are likely to expose our customers' private data to criminal intruders, in turn harming the reputation of our business. Therefore, to continue our business, we need to migrate either off this application or off Windows. Contributing to the Wine project will let us ditch Windows once extended support ends."

Comment Re:I remember the same predictions about Amazon (Score 1) 320

Yes, I agree. I had no idea how Amazon would still be around today "back then."

While I certainly how no idea how big they would get, I was pretty quickly convinced they'd be around for the long haul because they were pouring money left and right into infrastructure. While the rest of the bubble industry was buying $1000 chairs and throwing $2000/head parties - Amazon was buying land and building warehouses and distribution centers.

I only wish I hadn't talked myself into selling my shares when they went past $100 a few years back.

Comment OTT VOD is getting expensive too (Score 1) 124

People don't care. They're sick of commercials and $200/mo cable bills.

Broadband Internet + Netflix + Hulu + HBO Now + Amazon Prime + CBS All Access + Sling (for ESPN) can add up fairly quickly as well, and Hulu and CBS All Access still show commercials to subscribers who don't pay the commercial-free surcharge.

Comment Athletic performance is quantifiable (Score 1) 124

Same with athletes. Clubs pay a lot for players not because they work really hard, but because they generate lots of revenue.

It's different there. With professional athletes, what generates revenue for a club is easier to correlate with quantifiable performance. More wins means more butts in the home field's seats. A player not generating value gets relegated to a developmental league.

Comment Referring to US only? (Score 1) 261

You'll need a special license from the government - administered by Microsoft - to run dev tools and debuggers.

From what government? For 95 percent of the world, Microsoft is foreign. Why would one country's government let a foreign corporation administer its developer licenses?

Comment Re:Feels good... (Score 1) 261

or they can't afford more than an existing hand-me-down PC.

Or better yet you do as I have done. Buy an off-lease Lenovo Thinkpad for $150.00 or so [...] and if you really need Wi-Fi a $10 Netgear WG111V3 will always work in Linux

That's good to know for people with $160 for a project. I too have had good luck with GNU/Linux on an off-lease ThinkPad, needing only to install the proprietary firmware for iwlwifi. But in this particular case, a hand-me-down PC with a hand-me-down Windows license is $0, which is $160 less and which is all my source was willing to spend on an experimental PC to run retro games.

I really don't like using Wi-Fi though, as all of the 11 channels are super congested already in most locations, and even if they are not, an Ethernet connection to the router is much faster!

A 400 foot (122 m) cable run to the basement where my source is staying (long story including disinheritance) is more than $0, as it needs a switch in the middle to repeat the signal. And my source found that one of his five WLAN could get a signal in the less congested 5 GHz band (as can the off-lease ThinkPad I tried).

Comment Re:Microsoft want a piece of the pie (Score 1) 261

The very idea that Microsoft would force users to install apps ONLY via the Windows store is on the same level of ridiculousness as the 9/11 attacks being an inside job.

It's the exact policy implemented on all Xbox consoles as well as Windows Phone devices.

Comment Seek competitors (Score 1) 261

What about software that can't run in Wine?

If a publisher refuses to add support for GNU/Linux, either natively or through Wine, a business relying on that publisher's proprietary software ought to plan a migration now to a different publisher that is willing.

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