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Comment Re:Here's another one... (Score 5, Interesting) 683

This is the code for the Apollo 11 lunar lander flight computer.


and yes some of my code is in there along with the equivalent of a few "goto's

Lots of bright people worked on this and in some circumstances a "goto" is required.


Main Toilet On ISS Craps Out 219

The Narrative Fallacy writes "NASA has spent years getting ready for a crowd in space — adding additional sleeping quarters, learning how to recycle liquid waste into drinking water, and installing a second bathroom last year. But now the main toilet has broken down on the International Space Station while a record 13 astronauts are on board. For now Mission Control has advised the astronauts to hang an 'out of service' sign on the toilet as it may take days to repair. In the meantime, Endeavour's seven astronauts will be restricted to the shuttle bathroom. Last year a Russian cosmonaut complained that he was no longer allowed to use the US toilet because of billing and cost issues. Now the six space ISS residents will have to get in line to use the back-up toilet in the Russian part of the station. The pump separator on the malfunctioning toilet has apparently flooded, and ESA astronaut Frank De Winne is the guy tasked with putting his plumbing skills to work on short notice. 'We don't yet know the extent of the problem,' says flight director Brian Smith, adding that the toilet troubles were 'not going to be an issue' for now."

Comment Re:how many superfreighters is that? (Score 1) 176

Very Good i just read some research on why container ships are now sailing at 10 knots rather than their usual 25. The research says that even some old sailing ships were faster. Everybody want's every else to drive a Prius or use solar but when ALL the costs from the front end to the back end are calculated I think most people would be surprised at the amount of wasted energy and hazardous waste people need to deal with in using these "green" products.
http://envirostats.digitalcitizen.ca/2007/10/09/0175/ one of many links -- go do your own research.

Comment Re: Doom Troll acomming..... (Score 1) 598

Maybe it's just me..... probably it is, but what ever happened to ID's successful implementation of the Doom/2 product line??? Get some free S9it and if you like what you see your addicted and buy the rest....... I used to be a full time gamer but due to this drm crap.... BF2142 to be exact I've stopped..... and i miss the gaming experience but not enough to put up with the likes of "Steam" and EA's idiot bean counters obsessed with the bottom line to the penny...

Karma go home........

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