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Comment Re:A win for freedom (Score 1) 1330

The only real vote is the dollar. I stopped spending money at Chic Fil'A because they spent millions on corporate bigotry. Now I'll stop going to Hobby Lobby because of their corporate misogyny.

That is absolutely your right to do. You should vote with your dollars as you see fit. Likewise, those that agree with Chic-fil-A or Hobby Lobby should be free vote with their dollars as well.

However, based on the language of your post I doubt you would look favorably on those that choose to do business with these companies.

Comment Re:Nobody thought of things like maintenance? (Score 1) 193

From the FAQ:

How will you replace damaged panels in a highway?

Since our system is modular, repair will be much quicker and easier than our current maintenance system for asphalt roads. We've learned that in the U.S., over $160 billion is lost each year in lost productivity from people sitting in traffic due to road maintenance.

Each of the panels contain their own microprocessor, which communicates wireless with surrounding panels. If one of them should become damaged and stop communicating, then the rest of the panels can report the problem. For instance, "I-95 mile marker 114.3 northbound lane, third panel in, panel number A013C419 not responding".

Each panel assembly weighs 110-pounds. A single operator could load a good panel into his/her truck and respond to the scene. The panel could be swapped out and reprogrammed in a few minutes. The damaged panel would then be returned to a repair center. Think of how this compares to pot hole repair!

Comment Re:Road hazard much? (Score 5, Informative) 193

From the FAQ:

What are you going to do about traction? What's going to happen to the surface of the Solar Roadways when it rains?

Everyone naturally pictures sliding out of control on a smooth piece of wet glass! Actually, one of our many technical specs is that it be textured to the point that it provides at least the traction that current asphalt roads offer - even in the rain. We hesitate to even call it glass, as it is far from a traditional window pane, but glass is what it is, so glass is what we must call it.

We sent samples of textured glass to a university civil engineering lab for traction testing. We started off being able to stop a car going 40 mph on a wet surface in the required distance. We designed a more and more aggressive surface pattern until we got a call form the lab one day: we'd torn the boot off of the British Pendulum Testing apparatus! We backed off a little and ended up with a texture that can stop a vehicle going 80 mph in the required distance.

Comment Re:I think this is bullshit (Score 1) 1746

So you don't have an opinion, but you think that only right-wing groups protest and boycott to get people fired?

You may want to check out all the protests/petitions on -- hardly a right wing organization. Think of all the groups boycotting Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, etc. Do you suppose those are "right wing groups" doing that??

Comment Re:I think this is bullshit (Score 2, Insightful) 1746

its not wrong to be intolerant of intolerance.

Thank you for saying this. I've been turning the other cheek for far too long. I'm tired of being tolerant of those that are intolerant of my deeply-held religious convictions. I'm out for retribution now. There will be BLOODSHED TONIGHT!

I feel happy that people have pushed such a backward thinking person out of a position of high power. good for mankind! yay! there's still some hope for us, yet.

Oh...I see, your whole "intolerant of intolerance" only applies to those you happen to agree with. Bummer.

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