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Comment Shut down Level 3 and ban VoIP Telephony (Score 3, Informative) 114

Almost all spam calls, robocalls, and illegal calls to cell phones that I receive are traced to VoIP services offered by Level 3 subsidiaries or Level 3 themselves. They do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to fix any of this.

Shut down Level 3 and ban the easy scam-hiding that is VoIP telephony, I can guarantee you the majority of this bullshit will stop immediately.

Comment Re:In his Mother's basement (Score 1) 158

> You think you're better off than someone who can afford to blow $1.5 million creating a play room in his $35 million house?

This is a requirements analysis problem. You don't have to replicate his over price Mac, you just have to come up with something that is suitable. We don't know what he had to do for that 35M house or what he still has to do for it.

It may simply be not worth the trade off.

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