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Comment Yeah... (Score 1) 136

If somebody inserts random odd generated crud in the middle of your source code, you will absolutely notice

Like how Heartbleed was immediately noticed and didn't sit there for two years.

This is one of those things Open Source proponents keep saying that isn't actually true, because people aren't really auditing the code.

Comment Re:Do we need more evidence... (Score 1) 176

You just accept them because you are affiliated with the same party.


See, that's exactly the short of fucked-up false-dichotomy thinking I was complaining about in the first place! I'm a LIBERTARIAN , not a Democrat.

The Clintons, both of them, are every bit as horrible as Trump.

That's the thing, THEY'RE REALLY NOT. The Clinton's are horrible in a "normal" corrupt-big-government sort of way, but they PALE IN COMPARSION to the damage to civil liberties and democracy itself that Trump is doing! The Clintons never (a) kicked the media out of white house briefings, (b) stuffed their administration full of LITERAL WHITE SUPREMACISTS, attempted to normalize lying to the public in a strategy straight out of 1984 or Mein Kampf, or done any of a hundred other ACTUALLY, LITERALLY, AND WITHOUT EXAGGERATION FASCIST things!

Comment Re: Holding Back Progress (Score 1) 76

No, that was figured out by companies which had worked with VR/3D headsets LONG ago. Guess you never played a mech battle game in the arcade where you had to pull down a helmet over your head (and hold onto the control sticks attached to it) back in the 90s.

High-res dual LCD screens, high refresh rate. Too bad the game itself was low resolution.

This shit isn't new, at all.

Comment Re:Supply and demand? (Score 4, Insightful) 157

There's competition in the airline industry (Boeing, Airbus being two big players) so they can't do that.

If Boeing raises prices, customers will to go Airbus. And vice versa.

If anything they may even LOWER prices to retain customers as waiting lists get longer. "Sure, you have to wait longer for your aircraft but you save 20% going with us over Airbus!"

Comment Re:Costing to the RIAA vrs Ignoring? (Score 1) 81

You grossly overestimate the cost per notice. To the rights holder the cost is basically zero.

Well, the copyright holder first has to determine whether the content is actually infr-- (snicker, choke, guffaw)

Sorry, I just couldn't get that whole sentence out while keeping a straight face.

Comment Re:Then 38,928 Incorporated Cities in US are "Smal (Score 1) 114

If NO ONE else were interested in servicing your entire town sure. Even then, this clause would apply if and only if they ONLY serviced your town and nothing else. Unless your town is 100 miles away from anything else, I don't see that being a real problem in Denmark.

Reno is not a bad example of a town literally in the middle of nowhere.

You would probably think of it as living on the Moon and net neutrality would probably be low on your list of complaints.

Comment Re:Isn't it the victim's Echo they want info from? (Score -1, Offtopic) 112

If you wanted the e-mail proof of that, I actually possess it. Amazon can go suck it's own dick, as it has fucked me over plenty of times that I've said fuck it and have copies of its email database, all 30+ gigs of the incrimintating evidence, thanks to asking of various entities if they have that kind of proof and then paying for it.

Amazon is heavily involved in anti-trust actions.

Bring it, Amazon,
Alex Marshall McQuown
4555 Pine Street, Unit 4-C
Riverside, CA, 92501

I'll kill you like I killed Electronic Arts for their Spore bullshit.

Bring it on, assholes. I've got far more than you can bargain with. That includes source code.

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