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Journal bersl2's Journal: Because it's just that wrong

(for every denotation and connotation of "wrong" that I can recall offhand), and because nobody has^W^Wfew have yet commented on something which I find particularly outrageous, I am repeating the following comment which I made on the "Creative sucks" story:

From the manual to this product:

Xonar D2X is introducing an innovative technology ÂDirectSound 3D Game
Extensions v1.0 (DS3D GX 1.0)- to restore DirectSound 3D Hardware acceleration
mode and its subsidiary EAX effects on Windows Vista for 3D games. Unlike some
proprietary API like OpenAL
, DS3D GX doesn't require games to support OpenAL
API. All existing games compatible with Microsoft DirectX and DirectSound 2D/3D
will be supported with DS3D GX technology. Before you start EAX and DS3D HW
games, please enable DS3D GX on the Xonar D2X audio center, and disable the
function after the games.

(Emphasis added.)

I think I just now died a little bit on the inside.

I mean, that's just wrong, on so many levels:

  1. It is likely factually incorrect, in that the specification can be followed and implemented by anyone.
  2. It implies the same meaning for "open" in "OpenAL" as for "Office Open XML" (i.e., doublespeak).
  3. However, since Asus is talking about Creative, and I'm more inclined to trust Asus over Creative, and since Creative seems to possess proprietary, hardware-assisted OpenAL implementations for its cards under Windows, there's a kernel of truth in the statement, and "that's just wrong" (i.e., it's repugnant to the principles of "open").

In conclusion, Asus should not have made that statement but Creative needs to DIAF, for they are one tumor comprising the cancer that is killing gaming, etc.

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Because it's just that wrong

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