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Comment Re:DRM (Score 1) 206

This. I don't want any source code for the game (although it would be nice) but not getting anything but the right to play a game on a souped-up terminal server for the full price? No thanks. It's bad enough when companies decide to turn off the multiplayer servers for console titles while people still play the game online. All Onlive does is taking away your power in exchange for slightly better prices, worse image quality, higher latency and the need for a high-speed Internet connection.

Comment Re:eh? big surprise? (Score 1) 108

Instead they installed grass and waited ~six months for the students/professors to collectively define the necessary paths to and from the building. The University would then install the pavement, routing them to match the paths worn into the grass. This yielded some interesting walkways but they always seemed to make sense.

That is actually pretty cool, as far as sidewalks go. The ants are just being lazy with their sneakernet and so are we :>

Comment Re:How to accept the consequences (Score 1) 352

Not on my play through, no. My character never said anything like that and openly told some of the racist to shut their traps. Bioware should've made ME more aware of my previous actions or allowed me to explain myself instead of just whacking me over the head with renegade points. It basically went like this:
Council ship: OMG we're getting shot at, protect us while we flee!
Shepard: Nope, we need every ship to defeat Sovereign and I'm not going to sacrifice the life of civilians on the Citadel and soldiers on out ships just so you are guaranteed to get out of here in one piece. Sorry, you're on your own.
Council ship: FUUUUUuuuu*explodes*

Comment Re:How to accept the consequences (Score 1) 352

At the end of the first game I let the council die. It was for all the right reasons, there was a giant spaceship Cthulu about to destroy all life as we knew it and I didn't want to lose vital military assets and threaten the survival of the Galaxy for some symbolic gesture. Turned out to be the 'wrong decision' in the overall theme of being the good guy and uniting all races in mass Effect 2 but I stuck with it because I would always have made that decision with the knowledge I had to hand and it also made the storyline and reactions to you on the citadel more interesting in the 2nd game

Yeah, it's stupid that not saving the fleeing council but instead focusing on the dreadnought that's ripping apart the citadel where millions of people might die is a "renegade" action. It's a friggin' elected council, those guys aren't "worth" more than any other person. Just elect a new representative and carry on, geez.

Comment What happen? (Score 1) 352

I wonder if he lost some of the major NPCs by assigning them the wrong tasks and/or the crew of the ship.

Spoilers ahead!
On my first play through I messed around for a bit before starting the final mission and lost the entire Normandy II crew in a horrible, graphic way. I really didn't expect it and actually felt bad for them. Second time playing only Thane bit the dust because I don't want to see him in ME3 :>

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