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Comment Re:The answer to malvertising (Score 2, Insightful) 85

"Make sites responsible for the ads they carry."

I disagree. If a website is open, so visitors can protect themselves by using ad blockers or other filters, they should not be held responsible for third party content. They should only be responsible for the content they provide directly.

But, if a website forces visitors to disable ad blockers (or filters of any sort) before using their site, they should then be held responsible for any malfeasance due to all content they provide, directly or indirectly.

Comment Re:I'm shocked. (Score 1) 526

Microsoft's response to a user report of a non-functional widget was misleading. Microsoft disabled the backend service, so the widget no longer works. The widget is still present in Win7 (right click desktop, select Gadgets, select Weather), but it will simply open and display "Cannot connect to service." The loss of advertised functionality had nothing to do with a user giving permission.

Comment Re:Yes, deleted files are (sometimes) recoverable (Score 2) 59

writing once is enough. It's an urban myth that you have to do it more than once to obliterate the data. Manybe with old 10megabyte RLL and MFM drives you could easily recover information as the head was miles wide and the slop from the track move was insane enough that you cna easily see it. bot for the past 10 years a single wipe of zeros will make it impossible for the worlds best hackers to read the data on a modern hard drive.

Comment Re: Ionizing radiation linked to circulatory disea (Score 2) 155

That is easy to get a larger sample.

Pack all the politicians in Congress and who are currently running for positions and launch them into space. We can check on them in a few years.

Plus it will solve a HUGE problem down here at the same time.... It's a WIN-WIN!

Comment Re:The 60's kills in slow motion (Score 2) 155

There is ample evidence to suggest that steak and eggs for breakfast at high frequency isn't a good health move for you and I.

That turns out not to be the case. Certainly until you cite a sufficient number of studies that prove your point - of which, I submit, there are none. The salient fact is that those who claim "that steak and eggs for breakfast at high frequency isn't a good health move" can't point to any actual scientific evidence - just a huge amount of, "he said, she said".

It is certainly true that most people don't need to eat breakfast at all: a good pattern is to eat two meals, one at about noon and one at about 6 p.m. That gives your body time to get into the "fasting state" where it uses up a little of its own fat, rather than having it saturated with glucose 24 hours a day. But whenever you do eat, steak and eggs are hard to beat (if you can afford them), especially if accompanied by plenty of green leafy vegetables, some nuts and seeds, and a little fruit and dairy.

And incidentally, that should be "for you and me".

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