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Comment Re:Too Late? (Score 2) 54

seedbox providers have more-or-less standardized on rTorrent/ruTorrent (RIP Torrentflux). What is going to make the next version of uTorrent preferable to what's already there?

I guess this product's not for you, and the <<1% of torrenters that are in the market for seedboxes.

for the vast majority of torrent users, they're going to continue to use utorrent on their desktop at home, and they're going to find their torrent client by googling it, and continue to torrent on public sites. Don't need to thumb your nose at those users either, because it's the huge, cheap, local hard drives in all those home computers with crappy connections, running shitty utorrent that comprise the long tail catalogue of filez on both public and private sites.

Comment Re:I see what's coming. (Score 1) 101

Lawnchair larry did his most notable work in California. this judge presides over a Canadian Court under Candian Law and has to rule on Canadian jurisprudence, and not American folklore.

Hence the statement it's 'unprecedented", as in there has likely been no comparable case before a Canadian court.

Comment Re:Bios settings (Score 1) 140

for OSX you can remove IO80211Family.kext from /System/Library/Extensions to stop the wifi drivers from loading.

However, Typically i'd just go into system preferences and remove the wifi interface from the network settings. OSX will make no attempt to land there if it doesn't have a network interface.

Comment Re:Clearly (Score 3, Interesting) 194

it's already happened. China, Germany and Japan already have more solar generation capacity than USA. China, Canada, Brazil have more hydroelectric installed capacity and production than USA. China also has surpassed USA for installed wind generation capacity.

with regards to the actual R&D, German companies can take credit for industry standard wind turbine, PV, and inverter technology.

It would be nice for a change....

Let us know when you are willing to make a change.

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