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Comment Re:Well, as an electrician ... (Score 1) 173

I don't know. There's precedent.

In every subway station in my town there's a big red button that kills all power to the rails. Hitting that button would be a major PITA for everyone, but yet, it sits there, red and inviting, and somehow humans manage NOT to press the red button, years of D&D evidence to the country notwithstanding.

Humans can be trusted with (limited) power.

I vote we don't terminate all of them. We should keep at least 7 as historical landmarks.


Comment Re:My phone (Score 1) 232

I wear an android watch so that I have a "Hey, look at your phone" or "Hey, get to your next meeting" reminder that's not disruptive. The fact that my time is on my wrist is a nice side effect, but mostly it avoids me having to take my phone out of my pocket in social and business situations where it would be disruptive or frowned upon.

Looking at your watch is a LOT more socially acceptable in certain circumstances then pulling your phone out.

Comment Re:Security. (Score 2) 261

I'll second this. Weaknesses I've observed in the current crop of SEs currently in the market place are:

1) Lack of security understanding and related defensive programming skills - If I have to tell you I found a XSS vulnerability in your code, you should be embarrassed, because you should have caught it way before I found it in QA.

2) A lack of understanding of the world outside your box. I don't expect that you'll be able to configure a cisco router, but I DO expect you to be able to tell me what ports you're using, and details on your communication protocols (are you encrypting, if so what protocol?

3) A lack of understanding of BASIC security principles, e.g. Authentication, Authorization, Auditing, & Availability. You should be able to rattle off what your code is doing with respect to those core needs.


Comment Re:Bigoted much? (Score 1) 404

I know talking to myself is a bad habit, but I'll also point out that arguably the largest nation state attack on record - the RSA SecurID breach was caused by someone in HR opened an email that said 2011 recruitment plan and clicked on the attachment. Some lateral movement later, and they made it into RSA's holiest of holys. LOTS of orgs are hard and crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Once you get a toehold into the network it's often a matter of time before you can move to what you're looking for.


Comment Re:Bigoted much? (Score 4, Informative) 404

At the end of the day, you don't get style points in the spy game. If script kiddie level efforts give you the results you want and you don't really care about not being caught, script kiddie level stuff it is.

Governments have engaged in similar script kiddie level attacks in the past, both before and after the digitial age ("You've won a contest, come collect your prize here!", criminal shows up to collect prize, gets a pair of handcuffs)

This stuff is low-risk, high reward. Attackers only need to get lucky once, defense has to be good every time.


Comment Re:This is interesting but.. (Score 1) 157

This is true so long as the big telcos care.

Had this experience about a month ago:

Big Telecom (Rogers) comes to the door

"Hi! I'd like to lower your internet bill. If I can't give you better service for less, I won't waste any more of your time. Are you using Bell?"

"No, Teksavvy"

"OK, I won't waste any more of your time then. Have a nice evening" :)


Comment Re:Still trust the cloud with your data? (Score 1) 52

We do for our sensitive data. We handle a LOT of sensitive private data in a jurisdiction with privacy laws. We need to know it's sitting in a jurisdiction with the same privacy laws and being able to see the servers helps us stay comfortable with that.


Comment Re:Slashdot is killing itself (Score 3, Interesting) 244

trash talk or support Trump you're alienating fully half the readership.

I suspect your stats are actually wrong here - you're assuming 100% of the readership is American. I can speak for my small piece of the rest of the world when I say that pretty much unanimously the response in Toronto is "Umm, we tried electing someone like that as our mayor... did you not follow the late night comedy jokes about him? It didn't go so well."


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