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Comment Re:Women don't generally work stressful jobs... (Score 1) 686

Most women that are employed hold jobs that are unproductive. Teaching (non-sense in the public schools mind you), planning a company party, selling Gucci hand bags, or posing for Playboy are not good ways to grow an economy.

This is sarcasm, right? ...right?? (If not, errrr, you do realize that A. men also do those jobs you list, B. you'd better have a cite for "most women", C. define "unproductive" versus "productive". Because saying that teaching children is unproductive is quite possibly the most idiotic thing I've ever read in my life. You typed your comment yourself, right? So, who TAUGHT you how to read and write? Where'd you learn how to use a computer? Are you using knowledge you gained from teachers in your life? Yeah.)

Comment Re:Copyright and Plagarism (Score 1) 94

"Do we HAVE to go over this again?"

Yes. Just because you don't agree with the notion that piracy is a form of theft, doesn't mean that we won't go over it again.

"Obviously, nobody wants to spend thousands of hours creating something then letting someone else (a corporation) sell it without royalties. Or letting people download it for free off the internet."

You listed applications that were given out for free willingly. It's a different story when a company does not want you to give out their apps for free and you decide to do it anyway.

Do we have to go over this again?

My problem is that many people (and it seems like you too) feel it is their "right" to download and freely distribute intellectual property. Yet, in the same breath feel that people using GNU software in proprietary apps and violating the license is wrong when it's really the same thing: license violation.

Businesses aren't just going to sit and allow you to take away their revenue stream (and it will not lead to all software, music, and movies being given away for free). It will just lead to more DRM like protections for music and movies and all software being hosted remotely as service.

Don't blame the companies on these things, because you gave them no choice.

Comment Re:DVD Sales Gap (Score 2, Interesting) 378

For instance, take trying to download a movie from Sony's PS3 store. You'll only ever make that mistake once. You could have a 10 petabyte internet connection and it would still take you 16 hours to download a TV episode from them because they won't send you the file at anywhere near a reasonable speed.

You must have a different PS3 store than the one I use. Mine gets me a 30 minute TV episode in about 10 minutes, max. And I can start watching it as soon as I start downloading it. Very nice.

Comment Re:Rupert Murdock... (Score 3, Informative) 388

The problem is that the FCC gutted the requirement that broadcast networks run their news divisions as a community service, even if this was at a loss. Once network news divisions became profit centers rather than pro-bono losses, they were financially required to present as news that which people wanted to see, not what is actually true. (i.e., corporations have a fiduciary responsibility to shareholders to maximize profit - they can't run their news division at a loss without the risk of shareholder lawsuit).

It is sad that what most people want to watch as "news" is not actually true, but there is and always has been a corrective to this: require that that which is labelled "news" actually be fact checked and balanced, and require networks to provide such real news as one of the requirements for holding a broadcast license.

Return news divisions to their former status - i.e., one of the community service requirements for the granting of a broadcast license - and we will return to the days of responsible, fact-checked, balanced journalism.

Comment Re:the real threat will be government intervention (Score 1) 388

Fox News fought a fight against government oppression of freedom of the press. Just like freedom of speech, I would rather idiots have the right to say their idiotic things than leave it up to the government to decide what idiotic things can be said. I realize that the US has more freedom of speech than other similar countries like the UK. There are more rules about "proper" speech in other countries that, just as you would expect, is abused by the government at all levels to censor what would be protected speech in US.

Googling that headline gets you exactly what you'd expect. A long list of socialist news sources that think it is a good idea for government to control more of our lives "for the betterment of society as whole." I can completely understand if you do not subscribe to the idea that the rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness doesn't mean that the government must step in whenever you feel any of those things waiver. Freedom of speech does not mean you are free from the affects of others speech. Freedom of religion does not mean you are free from ever having to hear or see another religion. The government should not exist to keep you happy nor to keep you from being sad/mad/whatever other emotion. If you feel a news outlet is lying to you, get your news from a different source. Trusting what ANYONE without verifying is your own damn fault.

Comment Re:Obvious difference (Score 1) 378

And complete knowledge of the contents of the music increases, rather than decreases, their desire to hear it.

Close but not quite. Incomplete knowledge of the contents increases a person's desire to hear it. I have a musician friend who I cannot sit and listen to music with, because as soon as the song plays he skips it. He already has the song committed to memory and does not need to experience it any more.

Comment Re:I am shocked! (Score 1) 670

i am pretty sure we are all criminals, no such thing as a citizen anymore

Fixed that, you had too many words in there. The incredible volume of laws and regulations under which everyone must live makes it a certainty that we all have been or are in violation of something... that is neither accident or coincidence.

Comment hehehehe (Score 2, Informative) 190

Every nation has a CIA equivalence. They have to. They have to know what others are doing and if there is a real threat. For example MI6 comes to mind.

Now, if you are calling them criminal because of Iraq/Afghanistan, then nope. The real problem was not CIA. These were simply foot soldiers doing what they were ordered to by the highest level of the gov.

Comment Oh Microsoft... (Score 1) 64

An EEG is not the same thing as a "brain scan". An EEG is an analog point to point system which is very good at "reading" the parts of the generalized electrical field that reaches the scalp from the brain. Using EEG output to control stuff is a fun sideline which is almost exactly as old as EEG technology itself.

It doesn't work very well, and it very probably never will. The variance in electrical activity in the brain between two people receiving the same sensory input is, in an average way, too great to be useful.

Once someone comes up with a way to shrink an MRI machine to the size of a quarter that you just stick to your forehead and talks bluetooth to all your devices, then we'll be ok.

Comment Re:PDF Torrent? (Score 2, Informative) 190

Shouldn't one be able to believe the story summary? If not, why even bother having them?

And yes, unless its classified, it is in the American pubic domain on day one since it was paid for by US citizens. However that doesn't mean you cant sell a copy for the cost of 'printing', sort of like the GPL. Even the government often charges a 'reproduction fee' when you order documents directly.

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