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Comment Re:Interplanetary probe use? Permanent ISS unit? (Score 1) 127

he other idea that occurred to me, why not leave one permanently attached to the ISS? With a crew habitat module, it could have added a lot of extra space to the ISS without the cost of adding another module.

I think this one at least has been already put forward, and the answer is "not possible" because hull pressure wasn't engineered to be the same as the ISS and furthermore, the shuttle leaks air too fast (by design) compared to the ISS. It isn't a problem for 2 weeks missions, but it's a liability for becoming part of a station designed to spend years up there as air tight as possible.

Comment Re:The limits of FOSS (Score 2) 226

Yes, you're absolutely right. My comment was written to answer all previous people who wrote along the line "no problem, KSplice is GPL anyway, RedHat can pickup where Oracle left". Well, no, it's not that simple. It may happen, but the human factor tops by a large margin the software factor. At this rate, it's also possible Linus includes self-healing capabilities in the kernel someday - it may happen. But right now, all the people depending on KSplice are in the situation of TV sets owners when the cable company goes under : whatever your make and model of TV, no broadcast equals no image.

Comment The limits of FOSS (Score 1) 226

This case highlights very well the limits of GPL, and at large, Open source. The value of K-Splice isn't in the code - once you know what it does, it's not really complicated to duplicate its behavior. The value of Ksplice is in the commitment from the parent company to provide the patches to the kernel K Splice will apply. This suppose to have a team to track security advisories, study patches, test how they perform, sometimes write a bit of wrapping code around and release those patches as Kernel modules KSplice can then insmod in the kernel. In short, KSplice is more a full time security response team than a GPL software. By itself, KSplice does nothing. RedHat can fork the software, but it then needs to provide the people to feed it.

Comment Re:Archeologic interpretation (Score 3, Interesting) 169

Look, (puts on Gieco hat), its not hard to know when to plant. Snow melts. Ground gets warm enough to dig in with bare hands. Wild plants start growing all by themselves. Even a Cave Man could do it. The very earth under your feet tells you when its time to sow. Nobody needs an observatory.

To the contrary. For the better part of known, written history, mathematicians and astronomers fought for building better almanacs specifically to cater for the needs of farmers. Those where extremely important researches, funded by kings and worth a lot of gold for whomever came with an edge in predicting the solar cycle exact duration. The ancient chinese emperors were responsible for deciding when to plow the earth, for instance. The power of egyptians pharaohs was tied to the prediction of the flooding of the Nile. This is DOCUMENTED history. Kepler stumbled upon his famous orbital laws almost by accident, because he was building an almanac for farmers and seafarers. My grandfather bought yearly, between the 50s and 80s, a printed almanac with dates to sow various plants calculated for the coming year. Everybody in the countryside would do the same. For the longest of times, it was literally a matter of life or death.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 150

As I wrote further below, the co-owner of VUPEN has won this year's pwn2own contest by smashing another webkit based browser to pieces : http://www.zdnet.com/blog/security/safarimacbook-first-to-fall-at-pwn2own-2011/8358

I don't see why he would be lying here when he already proved publicly he had the capability to exploit much the same flaw elsewhere.

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