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Comment Re:Yes but... (Score 2) 149

Moose was sighted standing guard for squirrel!
Both escaped capture and are suspected to be in vicinity of Frostbite Falls.
Consultant Coyote has stated capture repeatedly fails due to lack of complicated schemes and devices to apprehend or annihilate subjects.
Coyote is expecting delivery from Acme Sales Corp. any day now...

Comment Re:Illegal product? (Score 1) 181

c) Committed felonies while employed by a defense contractor.
I'll bet he signed something to get that job which stated he was not a crook...
And God help him if that software is found on anything that related to his work or any other government system, because that takes it to a whole new level.

Comment Re:There are Pros and Cons (Score 1) 53

The problem with the edit button is you can change entire posts after a long discussion has had about what you originally said. This is extremely damaging to open discussion because the second someone starts to "lose" and argument one of the first things they might think about doing is editing the original and subsequent posts to remove errors in logic or completely change the meaning. This can make the "correct" respondents look like the idiots or assholes when they were actually correct.

The edit button also helps power users be who go back and check on their posts be "louder" while harming the voice occasional posters who don't go back and edit.

Anything you are needed to edit can be done in a subsequent post or if the information needs to be removed - remove the entire post. There is little justification for an un-tracked editing feature other than to allow minor to major abuses.

Mercifully we have been given a "Quote Parent" button here at /.

It's supposed to be pretty rare for a post to go away, much less be edited here, but things can happen...

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