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Comment Re:With all due respect to Mr. Hawking and us... (Score 1) 279

There's no possibility that aliens capable of FTL would find us remotely interesting. Once you get to that technology, energy and resource problems either have been solved, or become very easily solvable...

Yes, you go find some squirrels and take their nuts, except for selected docile breeding stock.
Then you teach the now well behaved squirrels to gather and or produce whatever it is you want or need.
Maybe hit the town once in a while to get your tentacles wet doing some probing on the townies...
Being technologically advanced does not imply being kind, compassionate, empathetic or in any way moral.
The fact that they got off their hunk of rock implies they are willing to struggle and sacrifice.

And often sacrifice is easiest when you make someone else do it...

Comment Re:universal clipboard wtf (Score 1) 200

Dad hits copy to copy/paste something on his laptop at the office, and the kids upstairs doing their homework go to paste something into a document on the ipad upstairs have that content dumped into the document.

So, doing a quick screen grab from your favorite porn site may end up in a quarterly report in addition to being the intended wallpaper file...
Hilarity ensues!
Also, a possible new application for the term "bottom line"...
Oh, Bonus Points if you can get all the members of the board to twist their heads sideways in unison.

Comment Re:This will be typical Google (Score 4, Interesting) 34

As things are with Google, this will remain a half-finished work in progress, be incredibly clunky, and then be abruptly discontinued for no good reason. That's how Google operates with everything else other than their ad revenue, so I expect this to be half-assed as well.

I could not disagree more. Google goes to great lengths to make something reliable and usable, sometimes spending years getting everything just right.
Then they discontinue and bury it...

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