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Comment Re:Not good enough... (Score 2) 95

It should be that the user HAS to have purchased the item. Why would you do it any other way?

I would be happy if I could just filter reviews based on a "verified purchaser" tag. They already mark the verified purchaser reviews with that exact text, so make it a sub-option on the review display options...

Comment Re: Carbon monoxide detector (Score 3, Funny) 163

Did you know the average smoker is killed 17 times per day?

OK, I don't mind the 17 times thing, but what is the cost of resuscitating this poor soul just to off him again?
Also, is it the same smoker day after day or do you pick a new smoker everyday?
And if it's the latter, is there a nomination process or is the selection random?
Lastly, is this occurring near a medical supply company so the participants can cash in on Black Friday savings on things like defibrillator gel and EKG leads?

Comment Re:A great big "Meh!" (Score 1) 46

Why would there be purebred iguana groups?
Is there someone out there breeding iguana and something else like, say, alligators?
Don't get me wrong, alliguanas would be awesome looking but I don't want them roaming the streets...
Something that can climb a tree and has any of the traits of and alligator creeps me out.

Comment Re:20C huh? (Score -1, Offtopic) 312

WTF is a pseudoskeptic and how do they differ from psychochickenlittles?

Fake skeptics don't actually disbelieve, they just pretend to for political or financial gain, or amusement.

And psychochickenlittles kill you if you don't accept that the sky is, as they state, falling.
Of course it does not matter if the sky is in fact falling, just don't argue, nod your head and then fake a text or something...

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