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Comment Re:Smash the Robots (Score 1) 56

Don't you know, picking things up and putting them down is a great field to be in for any human...

Seriously though, I wonder if a vacuum cleaner like device (what a pneumatic tube used to do) can be used for dealing with specific types of uses, how about picking fruits?

Some fruits could be picked with a suction device but transporting things via pneumatic tubes comes with a "sudden stop issue" that is incompatible with fruits that must be picked ripe.

On an unrelated note I can come up for a few more things that can be automated by a 'right hand robot'...

Paging Mr. Wolowitz...

Comment Re:Smash the Robots (Score 2) 56

Right? Because then we have a lucrative business opportunity for technically minded people to fix the smashed robots!

You would think so but NO! For I have perfected the robot smashing robot!
Humans could never keep up with this titian, only my smashed robot repairing robot will do!

Note to self:
Hide smashed robot repairing robot from robot smashing robot this time...

Comment Re:ATTN: Potential New Hires (Score 1) 312

I think you are confusing mean with median.

I think you are confusing the phrase "about half", especially in the context of what Google's N would be. P.S. The audience is not math/stat students.

There could well be a few very well paid people that skew the mean...

Except that the data being referred to is pay by position. Exceptionally talented people would have very different positions than what most applicants are applying for.

Then I think you would want to go with the mode average for a given position...

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