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Comment Re:Bad summary, and intentionally misleading cover (Score 1) 804

Kids should eat in an easy to clean area, they should be able to eat whatever the parents decide to send.

As much as I want to agree with that, I also think children should eat healthy. There are a lot of negligent or (more likely) ignorant parents out there who are more than happy to pack some questionable highly-processed food like Lunchables thinking that it's good and healthy for their child.

Comment Re:More "zero tolerance" idiocy (Score 1) 804

Then you're free to home-school your child and bypass the rules and regulations set up in public schools.

The problem here are the parents that are far more negligent than you are and send their child to school with completely nutritionally devoid food, or with little or no money to purchase food.

While I agree that such harsh steps shouldn't be taken, I strongly agree with the purpose of the initiative. Parents need to learn that a healthy attitude towards food is an invaluable thing that needs to be TAUGHT to their children. The school system can only do so much in keeping kids healthy. In the end, it IS your kid and you DO set the rules, but those rules are leading your kid to a life of obesity or diabetes, that's child abuse in my book.

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