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Comment Re:Netflix shows only (Score 0) 105

Careful, you are implying that you don't want to constantly be interacting with your kids and are relying on technology to babysit your children in place of parent child interaction. Slashdot does not look kindly on such you can see if you ever look back at AskSlashdot about anything related to children. I hope for your sake this comment was deep enough in this story to avoid the righteous retribution of the La Leche league or whoever the heck it is that drives such a strange, punitive behavior here.

Comment Re:Yeah, but who's gonna pay for it? (Score 1) 805

1%ers pay almost 50% of the federal tax revenue. Bottom 60% pay less than 2%. In this world of fair share, why should a 1%er have to foot that much extra of the bill yet they don't get a disproportionate amount of the benefit of those taxes? Why do they need to foot more than 50% of the tax bill?

Comment Re:An important study... (Score 1) 157

I guess it's partially because IRC/BBS weren't as prevalent then because I absolutely got into e-wars in my youth and had no problem just walking away from them. Part of why I want it to be truly studied is to see what will snap them out of it. My aforementioned daughter finally just grew up, but I can still see her get caught up in a group chat or facebook post in a way that I wish she didn't feel compelled to. I mean she got a concussion from sports and was told by the doctor she needed sleep and to not be on her phone so much. Then she'd be snapchatting at 1:30am on a school night and I'm like "and then you complain to me that you're still having symptoms?" It's gotta be akin to drug addiction.

Comment Re:An important study... (Score 1) 157

I guess it does fall under probably the same type of motivation people have for repeatedly posting those dumb canned comments on popular posts. I've seen the Pawn Star intro as a comment more times than I can count now. And there are dozens of varieties of that post just looking for likes. Why? It doesn't actually go anywhere. There's no you sit in a circle at school or work comparing your highest like post? I just don't get it. Which is why I'd like to see it studied to understand it better...

Comment An important study... (Score 3, Insightful) 157

An important psychological study may be to determine why younger generation doesn't just "walk away" from the online bullying when there isn't a physical intimidation keeping them from it. I remember my daughter freaking out because she participated in this absolutely weird "" where you anonymously ask and answer questions about a person. My first response to seeing what was being said was rage, but then I said to her...just don't go there. Don't ask anonymous questions about yourself...don't answer questions about other people. No one has power over you if you just ignore it. And luckily that was enough and it was no longer a problem. But years go by and kids seem just so attached to their social personas that they can't just walk way. I get into an argument on facebook or whatever and I'll just close it if I get too worked up. And voila I stop thinking about it. But kids don't seem to have that capability and it makes me wonder why not.

Comment So common... (Score 5, Informative) 302

I don't work for a company with over a million employees but I see this happen frequently. People reply all out of rote habit, not even consciously. It's so annoying. I know one company who customized their distribution of Outlook to not have a reply all button. Short of that, my recommendation is to either protect the large distribution group so that only a select few can email it and/or making use of BCC for that group when original emails are sent so that even if people do reply to all there is no further waste of time. I tried individually shaming people when they did it for a while, sending them dumbass instructions on the location of the Reply button versus Reply to All, but that had a limited impact other than for more people to know I'm an asshole. Oh well...

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