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Comment Re:Google's reply? (Score 1) 172

I don't think this law is a good idea, but Google does stretch the meaning of a snippet with some of their smart search results. They literally keep me from having to click a link in many instances by giving me the information I need within the first part of the results. The website they pull that info from is losing out on my "business" as a result. If it was just the link/title/abbreviated unformatted first 200 characters of the page that most google results show, then I see absolutely no trouble. It's that part where they intercept the viewing consumer prior to them leaving Google that feels a bit shady.

Comment Re:Eleven reasons to be depressed abou the future (Score 2) 282

Sweet mother of pearl...if people can't afford stuff because there are no jobs where the freak will the funding for UBI come from? Communists like to pretend like the money just magically appears when in reality it necessarily has to be taken from productive individuals and given to less productive or non-productive individuals. People adapt. The machines take away jobs and new ones get created. Nobody is safe from automation and therefore everyone should be ready and willing to step up and figure out a new trade when necessary. If automation were ever to get so utterly ubiquitous that this really started to become a problem you'd have likely entered the post-scarcity world of Star Trek where basic needs are provided for free because they cost little to nothing. And at that point who cares?

Comment Re:Free Speech Must Be Stopped!!! (Score 1) 465

Your point of unlimited free speech is understood. You can't infringe on anyone's inalienable rights in the exercising of your own rights. You lost me with the weird unrelated "in god we trust" rant. That really didn't make any sense for what you were saying and mostly overshadows a salient point.

Comment Re:Not so much bypassing regional restrictions.... (Score 2) 161

Oh I realize there are many ways around even paying for Netflix content or any content for that matter. But in this case, I am okay waiting for it. Partially because I don't really like how every company is creating its own streaming service now. I'm definitely not going to be paying $8 a month or whatever for random whatever streaming service for every show I want to watch. $8 ..well or $10 or whatever netflix is up to now, a month is what I'll pay. Not getting back into $50+ a month trap that cable got me into. And if all streaming services end up there or the amount of content on any one service amounts to paying $50+ a month for what I want access to, then I'm done with all of it!

Comment Not so much bypassing regional restrictions.... (Score 3, Interesting) 161

Not so much bypassing regional flipping them to the reverse of the usual. Good for Netflix and CBS coming up with a global release strategy that benefits both companies. But alas, as I'm in the U.S. I will have to wait till it comes out a year later on US Netflix. I will survive..somehow.

Comment Not the new version. (Score 1) 108

This will likely lead to me buying a first generation Xbox One finally. Nah probably not. Only got a 360 because I was buying a laptop and they told me after that I got a free xbox 360. It will likely take a similar occurrence for me to get an Xbox One...which will be difficult because I have no plans to buy another computer for a few years...

Comment Re: The Republicans want to make everyone work (Score 0) 1145

Less opportunity, more opportunity. Fucking opportunity is opportunity. No, it may not be the same exact opportunity, but not everyone gets to go to Ivy League schools. Everyone has a chance to, if that's what they choose to drive towards. Parents make decisions that affect their children. Children can make decisions that lift them up above where they came from. Some parents choose to sacrifice their own opportunities to try to ensure their children have more than they did. Some parents make terrible decisions that make their childrens' lives harder. But we all are born with the same things available in life. Some people have to work harder to get to those things, that's just a fact. There is never going to be an "equal" playing field as you describe, except that we all get one life and decide what we do from there. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are constantly infringed upon by these government programs that presume to know how to mete out fairness and justice better than without it. As soon as you take someone from one person against their will and give it to another, you are infringing on that person's inalienable rights. Doesn't matter how altruistic you want to make it sound. There is a limited amount of stuff regardless of what stuff may be, and that means some people will get that stuff and some people won't. There is one POTUS job at a time. That means 350 million other people don't get to be that. Setting aside the age and other requirements, every one of those 350 million people had the opportunity to be president. But someone else won out. Opportunity is about having the option to try. Some opportunities have a very low chance of success regardless of who you are or what income level you were born into. Equal Opportunity is not about everyone having the option to try. You are not legally restricted from running for president because you went to a public school in a poor neighborhood. But if you decide to let that guide you into a career at McDonald's then you're ;probably giving up your opportunity to be POTUS. UBI ain't gonna get you into Yale. Hard work is going to. And someone who gets to Yale with hard work versus someone whose parents could afford to send them to every university at once is probably going to be better off. Does that mean since the hard worker now has a better opportunity for a job that the trust fund kid should get some sort of government assistance to help offset his laziness brought on by affluenza? No, he chooses what to do with the opportunity. Some choices you make, some your parents make, some your parents parents make. What you do with opportunity is up to you.

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