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Submission + - A battery made of molten metals ( 2

Z00L00K writes: This story came out a while ago, but didn't seem to surface:

A novel rechargeable battery developed at MIT could one day play a critical role in the massive expansion of solar generation needed to mitigate climate change by midcentury. Designed to store energy on the electric grid, the high-capacity battery consists of molten metals that naturally separate to form two electrodes in layers on either side of the molten salt electrolyte between them. Tests with cells made of low-cost, Earth-abundant materials confirm that the liquid battery operates efficiently without losing significant capacity or mechanically degrading — common problems in today’s batteries with solid electrodes. The MIT researchers have already demonstrated a simple, low-cost process for manufacturing prototypes of their battery, and future plans call for field tests on small-scale power grids that include intermittent generating sources such as solar and wind.

Comment Re:I don't understand all the hate on the mini NES (Score 3, Informative) 93

For every story of someone randomly being able to go in and pick one up like it was just another item on the shelf there are a thousand stories of people who were never able to find one in stock. Online stock disappeared within minutes at best. The resellers who had it jacked up to $300 or more were finally back down to about $120 when Nintendo announced it was discontinuing production. For something that is really supposed to be casual fun they made it unnecessarily insane. The system itself did really look great. I would have loved to have been able to play many of those games on my TV at home. But from release date to today there has never been a target, walmart or best buy with one on the shelf when I went in. Brickseek only once came up with a walmart in stock and by the time I got there they were gone.'s just an old bit of nostalgia. It didn't ruin my life that I didn't get one. But Nintendo can GTFO for their repeated artificial scarcity BS. That's the #1 reason why I didn't even consider a WiiU or Switch.

Comment Re:Monopolies suck. $4,400/house aint free (Score 2) 341

Except that's exactly how it should be. That's a use tax. Some services (Fire/Police) you can't have a use tax and have them be available when you actually need them. They are a benefit that everyone gets just by them existing. Some people don't like having to pay taxes to fund them, but they get the benefit anyway. Public internet access is not something that benefits everybody implicitly. The only people who it benefits are those who use it. I shouldn't have to pay for you to have public internet access. Just like you don't have to pay for me to have private internet access. Tax me for the infrastructure, fine. I do implicitly benefit from my city having the infrastructure for public internet access, because I do have the option to use it, even if I didn't agree it needed to exist. But do not tax me for the operation of it or for other people to use it.

Comment Re:Let's have an apples to aplpes comparison (Score 1) 903

Wasn't far less for the people who chose not to have health insurance. Their cost went up dramatically. The whole system of Obamacare relied on people buying it who didn't have insurance already. You can't magically make it cheaper. Gotta sacrifice either a lot more people's money than pay in now or reduce quality of care to make it cheaper. How many companies will continue to invest billions in medical research if they can't make that money back? While the veil of taxation/penalties/subsidies can make it harder to see how it is more expensive, I would challenge anybody to come up with an example where government did anything more efficient other than make people's money disappear.

Comment Re:Just offer more money (Score 4, Insightful) 300

I agree. I haven't even "learned" it but I was able to contribute to fixing a project that had it. In 2012 at a major pharmaceutical company merger I got tired of being told some mainframe cobol thing was working one way and seeing it work another. So we finally did a live code walkthrough and I easily spotted the logic error that was causing the actual behavior. Granted this COBOL was written and structured about as well as COBOL could ever be, but in the end it's just another set of terms and syntax to learn.

Comment Re:BASIC (Score 1) 467

And 10 minutes later AC will realize he/she didn't really miss BASIC all that much lol. I only have fond memories of it because it was the first programming language I learned. Line numbers be damned. And all those peeks and pokes to do anything really thanks. Limited interrupt support in QuickBASIC was nice but always left me wanting even though ditching line number procedural for function based modules was certainly a relief. I got a QuickBASIC emulator a couple years ago and within a couple days I deleted it. I don't do much coding myself anymore, and what I do I'm perfectly happy to use javascript and the browser DOM to not have to worry about writing my own character by character input processor or mouse driver. Good riddance!

Comment Re:How is this currently legal? (Score 1) 128

I agree probable cause should be needed. And a warrant to prove it. The difference with your home is that it is clearly US citizen property because it's on that side of the border. It's similar to them wanting to check your car when you drive back in from Mexico. Who knows what nefarious things you're bringing back on your devices!?

Comment Re:Wait a minute... (Score 1) 120

For the amount of times that crew and systems were hijacked/compromised you'd think there would be some super locked down procedures and policies preventing it from happening so easily. Like when Data locks out command functions emulating Picard's voice. What the hell? So Macaulay Culkin "Kevin" could take over the Enterprise? Still love the show but they had a deficit of learning from certain mistakes lol

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