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Comment Re:But why? (Score 1) 336

Then you don't understand how public assistance works. The more the government can get you to rely on their services rather than figuring it out for yourself, the more you will continue to be reliant on their services and not try to figure out anything for yourself. Democrats LOVE social services galore because it keeps people in "their place". If you think it's because they are altruistic in their motives, you are sorely mistaken.

Comment Re:No, really? (Score 1) 90

Well trial and error for the basic stuff, yes. Some of it really "makes sense" when you think about the patterns you make and the materials you use. However, I will agree that for some of the more complex things a reference is needed for it to not take way too many hours to figure out how to make a redstone switch. I'm sure people figured them out through a combination of hacking the game and trial and error with shared knowledge. Still, when I downloaded the demo I figured out how to get wood, turn it into planks, sticks, a shovel, a pick axe (which I figured out I needed to get stone), and many other basic things with no assistance. But even when looking up patterns, I don't feel I beat the game. At that point the game is to take all these parts you can make and figure out ways to put them together. Build elaborate houses and castles etc...it's more like legos without a specific "right" way to build something. Even when I killed the Ender Dragon I didnt' feel I beat the game. It's not even a game you beat. It's an open ended game with essentially infinite variability. Don't like the world? Start a new one with a new seed and get something completely different. Go digging for caves and diamonds...build elaborate red stone machines....play with friends as a death match...play one of the many servers with dozens or more people with different rules and objectives. There is no end to the game except one you arbitrarily decide.

Comment Re:More evidence (Score 2) 115

California knows it's too close to becoming financially insolvent to be its own country. It is the opposite of Brexit. They have to stay in the union otherwise that huge illegal immigrant problem suddenly actually becomes their problem. "But California only relies on federal money for 25% (about 42.5 billion dollars) of their annual budget (about 170 billion)" Yeah and California has the highest state budget by $30 billion dollars over the next which is New York. Whereas Mississippi, the state with the highest percentage of federal money in their annual budget, has a state budget of 6.4 billion...25 times less...heck it's whole state budget is 7 times less than the amount of federal money California receives alone. California would crumble without federal aid. Mississippi might have to raise taxes, but they are in a much better position to not fold if federal aid was removed. So I welcome Calexit. Less of a tax burden on us flyover states.

Submission + - Carrie Fisher has died (bbc.co.uk)

Rik Sweeney writes: US actress Carrie Fisher, best known for her role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars series, has died aged 60, days after suffering a heart attack.

Submission + - California man fights DUI charge for driving under influence of ... caffeine (theguardian.com)

schwit1 writes: Caffeine may be the “nootropic” brain drug of choice in Silicon Valley, but an hour’s drive north in Solano County, California, the stimulant could get you charged with driving under the influence.

That is according to defense attorney Stacey Barrett, speaking on behalf of her client, Joseph Schwab.

After being pulled over on 5 August 2015, Schwab was charged by the Solano County district attorney with misdemeanor driving under the influence of a drug.

Almost 18 months later, Schwab is preparing to go to trial. The only evidence the DA has provided of his intoxication is a blood test showing the presence of caffeine.

Shcwab was driving home from work when he was pulled over by an agent from the California department of alcoholic beverage control, who was driving an unmarked vehicle. The agent said Schwab had cut her off and was driving erratically.

The 36-year-old union glazier was given a breathalyzer test which showed a 0.00% blood alcohol level, his attorney said. He was booked into county jail and had his blood drawn, but the resulting toxicology report came back negative for benzodiazepines, cocaine, opiates, THC, carisoprodol (a muscle relaxant), methamphetamine/MDMA, oxycodone, and zolpidem.

The sample was screened a second time by a laboratory in Pennsylvania, according to documents provided to the Guardian, where the sole positive result was for caffeine – a substance likely coursing through the veins of many drivers on the road at any given time.

Comment Re:whois query: clientTransferProhibited (Score 1) 183

That's Valve setting up it's mission critical domain name to NOT allow transfers under any of the standard methods. They would have to first unlock it with the registrar it's owned through. This prevents someone either accidentally transferring it or maliciously transferring it thereby rendering the service inoperable. Both types of things have happened to some pretty notable sites and services.

Comment Quit whining (Score 1) 162

Once autonomous cars are commonly accepted then we will have more and more of them on the road. Once critical mass is achieved (not sure what this is) then it can become like I, Robot where autonomous mode can go way faster than manual drive mode. But until the tech is proven, solid, and accepted widely you can't have self-driven cars being at fault in any way or it will be a set back.

Comment Re:Liberal whining farms (Score 0) 111

While I somewhat agree with the OP, the liberal whining, while significantly stronger now will not doubt taper off too dramatically to prove to be a viable energy source. Now if we could just harness power from the tears they'll cry alone in their basement...then we'd have a sustainable resource.

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