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Comment Why is there so much pollution? (Score 0) 132

The 2015 documentary "Under the Dome" was produced by a CCTV presenter whose unborn baby developed a tumor in the womb. She tries to find out why there is so much pollution in China, and why nothing is being done about it. The Communist Party's publicity department banned the film three days after release, which should tell you it's something you need to see. (Like how the Democratic National Committee told everyone not to read the leaked emails). When powerful people tell you to do something, you do the opposite. Under the Dome is available on Youtube, which is of course blocked in China. Worth a watch. No relation to the CBS TV series.

Comment I was part of it (Score 0) 89

I was a loyal Opera user for years and years...until Opera discontinued their PC version and called their new re-skin of Chrome as "Opera". I tried it, it didn't last didn't even have bookmarks. So, I started using FF as my default browser. It wasn't half bad once I got a dozen or two plugins installed. Of course, there was always the problem with plugins breaking when FF upgraded, which really sucked. I *depend* on those plugins, they're what make FF usable. One day, a plugin I absolutely had to use for work broke. So, byebye Firefox.

I use the Opera successor called "Vivaldi" now. It's another Chrome clone. It's missing a lot from the old Opera. But, whatever, at least I don't have to deal with Firefox any more. I wanted to like it, it was my last choice...but I wasn't given any choice. That's really what made me abandon Firefox.

Comment Hillary was there first (Score 0, Offtopic) 189

But the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation has accepted tens of millions of dollars in donations from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Algeria and Brunei â" all of which the State Department has faulted over their records on sex discrimination and other human-rights issues.

The department's 2011 human rights report on Saudi Arabia, the last such yearly review prepared during Mrs. Clinton's tenure, tersely faulted the kingdom for "a lack of equal rights for women and children" and said violence against women, human trafficking and gender discrimination, among other abuses, were all "common" there.

Saudi Arabia has been a particularly generous benefactor to the Clinton Foundation, giving at least $10 million since 2001, according to foundation disclosures. At least $1 million more was donated by Friends of Saudi Arabia, co-founded by a Saudi prince.

Source: New York Times.

VOTE HILLARY 2016! A vote for Hillary is a vote for the Saudis. A vote for Hillary is a vote for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. She supports both of these causes, if you agree with her, then she is definitely your candidate.

Submission + - Security analyst says Yahoo!, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Tumblr all popped by same gang (

mask.of.sanity writes: Five hackers are said to be behind breaches totalling up to a staggering three billion credentials from some of the world's biggest tech companies including the 2014 breach of Yahoo! that led to the loss of 500 million credentials .

The hacks are attributed to the so-called Group E, a small Eastern European hacking outfit that makes cash breaching companies and selling to buyers including nation states.

Comment Re:Looking for the exit (Score 2) 61

A Google login, whether you get it via gmail or "G Suite", ties into all of the Android apps and keeps search history and integrates it into other Google products, and runs synchronization of most app data so they can see a great deal of what you do on the phone. About the worst that you can do is turn on device management. It will take about two days to turn off and during that time it will do its very best to force your email users to put their devices under your control. After that you apparently even have control over booting of the device. It's enough to make me want to support another open phone. Mozilla just gave up the ghost on that.

Comment Re:GAO is right (Score 1) 277

How exactly then will this work when one DNS server has a record for one Ip address and another points to another such as an anti Putin site?

Also the DNS is replicated off the core servers and trusted so your solution does not work unless you use your own DNS server but really who does this outside of IT geeks?

Comment Re:Meh. (Score 1) 115

It takes a lot to actually wipe out a human population. It has happened, but in general, a lack of local resources, while leading to high mortality, also leads to migrations. The fact remains, however, that the developing world has far higher birth rates than the developed world, and that many nations in the developed world are actually in a net population decline, where immigration is discounted. Among the worst are Japan and Spain, but most industrialized nations have birth rates below 2.1.

Comment Re:Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss? (Score 5, Interesting) 242

I'm surprised Comcast hasnt gone after Netflix already.

They have, and been caught. The whole Net Neutrality thing was over this very concept. The example was that the location of the Peering nodes were deliberately not upgraded an thus Netflix traffic was impacted. Netflix went so far as to say that they would pay for all the equipment needed at all of the peering locations, and even install CDN points INSIDE Comcast's network to help prevent the congestion problems for Comcast's Netflix customers. Comcast said no thanks.

Comcast has a vested interest in both Broadcast and Cable TV, and Netflix has a direct impact on both. Comcast is not going to help Netflix even if Netflix does all the work.

However, since this is all being done on the Network side, it is hidden (obfuscated) to the customer. All they know is Netflix streaming "sucks" a lot of the time, while Comcast streaming almost never does. The customer doesn't see it as a Comcast problem, they see it as a Netflix Problem.

Submission + - Windows Server 2016 goes RTM. Evaluation is available for download (

Billly Gates writes: The next version of Windows Server has arrived. This new version is more cloud and virtual machine oriented with more features such as Docker container support, a new tiny headless version designed to run as a docker VM in Hyper-v called Nano Server, 3d graphics support in remoteFX for OpenGL and Open CL for Hyper-V vms, nested virtualization, Powershell Direct, Shielded VM support, stable REFS file system, Hyper-V Linux secure boot support, Storage Spaced Direct which now are clustered and ADFS v4 which supports multifactor authentication with OpenID support. You can find the features listed here as well as here.

Nano Server has a 92% less footprint requiring significantly less rebooting, patching, and security updates than a traditional Windows Server virtual machine.

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