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Comment This has been tried before (Score 0) 159

We had "pay to surf" back in the the early 2000s, and it didn't work because the sort of people who sign up to receive money for watching ads are the sort of people who don't have enough money to buy anything advertised on those ads. Also they tend to be the sort of people who write software to simulate a web-browsing session so that they can receive the money without having to look at the ads.

Comment Re:Government should enforce more standards (Score 1) 401

Those aren't mandatory regulations, they are simply measures that people can choose to use or not.

Most countries have weights and measures regulations.

In the EU, you have to quote the mass in g or kg. This means that you can compare quantities sold by different suppliers and everyone knows what they are getting.

Look for example at the mess we had in Europe before the EU mandated that the brightness of lightbulbs had to be quoted in Lumens. Everyone was using their own made-up measurements in "watt equivalents" - you could use their 10 lumen bulb in place of a now-banned 60W traditional bulb, if you didn't mind the fact that you wouldn't be able to actually see anything because it was so dark.

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