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Comment Re:Appeal (Score 1) 215

Well no, the city councils in Rome, Milan, and so on issue taxi and private hire licences. The EU court will presumably affirm their right to do so, and to choose not to issue such licences to operators who don't meet their local requirements.

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 5, Informative) 798

Actually, the Y chromosome only contains the code for the testes, which, if they work correctly, will produce testosterone, and testosterone, will, if other parts of the body work correctly, make them develop as male rather than female. Around 1.7% of babies that are issued with female birth certificates actually have XY chromosomes, and a condition that means the testosterone isn't produced, or doesn't work. They have testes where you would normally expect to find ovaries, but other than that, look exactly like girls.

There are other conditions that cause the kidneys to produce testosterone, so around 1 in 20000 babies that are issued with male birth certificates actually have XX chromosomes.

Another thing, thanks to microchimerism, around 22% of women have cells in their bodies with XY chromosomes. Being pregnant with a son increases the chance of this happening, 10% of women who have never been pregnant have cells with XY chromosomes, and many of them have an older brother.

You almost certainly have cells in your body that 100% match your mother's DNA, in addition to the majority that match 50% plus whatever your mother and father have in common.

Comment No we don't need to plan for a future without jobs (Score 1) 917

We just need to plan for a future with different sorts of jobs. The exact same thing was said about other labour-saving equipment that was introduced into industry in the past. Probably one of the first American examples was the Cotton Gin. That actually lead to an increase in employment (of slave labour).

As most of us on here are well aware, computers need to be programmed before they will do anything, and they have a tendency to break and require maintenance. More computers means more jobs for slashdotters doing these sorts of things. Also there will be more work on product design and development, as if you can get a computer to deliver the actual product, you can easily do a lot more variations on what you offer, and that will be how you differentiate from competitors.

Comment Re: Guardian?! (Score 4, Insightful) 259

German banks want financial services to be a larger part of their economy. They already ask why the main interbank clearing house for Euro transactions is in London, when the UK isn't in the Eurozone. They will now ask even more why it is in a country that isn't even part of the EU.

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