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Comment Re:Don't Panic (Score 3, Insightful) 528

That has happened because the situation in Northern Ireland has changed. One of the main reasons why they wanted Northern Ireland to become part of Ireland is because of the benefits than free trade and an open border with the South would bring. Being fellow members of the EU meant that they could have those benefits while still being part of the UK. After the border was opened, unemployment in Newry, a city close to the border, fell from 30% to 6%, thanks mainly to people from the South visiting the city to go shopping, and businesses being able to export their goods much more easily to the South.

Comment Re: Don't Panic (Score 1) 528

And the Democratic Unionist Party in Northern Ireland has vetoed equal marriage rights in Northern Ireland on three separate occasions now. The other big party in Northern Ireland, Sinn Féin, is known as a "republican" party, but to compare with US politics, it is more helpful to swap the labels round.

Comment Re:Right to Freely Associate (Score 2) 218

What you are describing is Blablacar, which is very popular in Europe, and is legal. Unlike Über, it is an actual ride-sharing service. If you are a driver, you log in, put details of your journey, and if other people want to go the same way, they can join you and pay a proportion of the petrol money.

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