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Comment Re: Pardon Manning and Snowden (Score 1) 261

When brain scans detect cross-gender similarities in brains of transsexuals even before any hormone treatments, it's not just politics. To the contrary, it's the people refusing to consider the increasing mountains of physical evidence who are refusing to call a spade a spade for political or religious reasons, or just plain orneriness.

Form follows function, and if certain parts of the brain more closely resemble the other sex, they're going to function that way. Hence the whole "born with the wrong body" is actually a pretty good 5-word summary of a complex issue.

Now if you have any proof that the brain doesn't have anything to do with human perceptions of self, you're certainly welcome to introduce it - but you can't because without a brain there is no "self."

Actually there is self, Just the self has no capacity to cognate its own state. Unlike a human with a functioning mind..If someone identifies as woman, but is a man. Its not because their a woman. Its because their damaged cognitively. This sort of breakdown should be repaired. Not allowed to flower into further disrepair. The fact is people with these disorders need therapy, Not a cookie.

I can definitely "cognate it's own state." Put down the bong. Then maybe you will be able too also.

Comment Re: Pardon Manning and Snowden (Score 1) 261

And this evening a new study was released that showed both high rates of sexual assault and repeat sexual assault of the same victim on university campuses north of the border - the same as in the USA. 36% just for the timeframe where people are in universities ... puts the lie to your rapesplaining when you wrote "Meanwhile, I haven't met an adult who gets sexually assaulted all the time unless they're either in an abusive relationship, which they can get out of but don't want to, or they attend drug parties all the time out of their own free will."

And before you put the whole "if they couldn't remember what happened it must have been their fault for getting so drunk", they can't give proper and legal consent in those cases where a person is so drunk that they cannot remember.

Comment Re: Pardon Manning and Snowden (Score 1) 261

Brains are plastic. If you knew what you were talking about, you would know that therapy relies on that very plasticity. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Same with medication, electroshock, etc.

One good example of just how plastic brains are is the reaction to emotionally traumatic events - PTSD changes the brain chemistry. Heck, every memory you have changes the brain's organization (it's basically an electro-chemical machine) or you would not be able to remember anything.

Brains of transsexuals port-mortem have some structures that more closely resemble the other sex. Originally, those who denied that transsexualism was based on biology argued that this was because of the changes caused by years of cross-gender hormone therapy.

This was disproved two different ways - transsexuals who never took hormones had the same cross-gender brains, and brain scans (both MRIs and CTs) detected the same things - the brains were in some ways more like the brains of the opposite sex.

Another proof that it's inherent is the inability of "reparative therapy" to "fix" transsexuals; ditto with "pray the girl away" - same as it fails with sexual orientation in trying to change gays and lesbians.

You are what your brain tells you you are. Your perceptions and experiences are filtered through that lens. Now, if the perceptions are distorted by, for example, emotional trauma, some therapies can help (cognitive behavioral therapy is the most effective) you to see that the perceptions don't align with reality, and let you develop coping skills. Sometimes not. Sometimes drugs will help take enough of an edge off things for CBT to work. Sometimes not.

But until we can do brain wipes or "total recall-style" replacement of bad memories with good ones, that's what we're stuck with. And it all says that transsexualism is organic, not a mental illness. The associated anxiety and depressive disorders are due to the negative reaction of society, with stupidity like bathroom bills.

Comment Re: Pardon Manning and Snowden (Score 1) 261

And that's why I don't include gays an lesbians in medical conditions. The APA removed it in 1973 - maybe you should get with the times. I NEVER implied anywhere that they choose. Get your head out of your arse instead of being offended by something I never said.

And this is one reason we don't want the whole LGBTQ interfering in the care and treatment of transsexuals - they bring a whole bunch of issues to the table that have nothing to do with it. Being gay or lesbian or bi or genderfluid or any of the rest of the LGBTQWTF have nothing whatsoever to do with being a medical condition that is treatable. Gender dysphora ONLY applies to transsexuals - not crossdressers, not genderf*cked, not genderfluid, not agender, not gay, not bi, not lesbian. Look it up and then stop buying into the LGBTQ propaganda that we need them because not only do we not need them, we're sick and tired of them claiming they speak for us by, for example "Of course we support transsexuals - we have drag queens on our pride floats." and other such asinine stupidity.

Again, where did I say that sexual preference was a choice? EVER?

The closest I have ever come to that is to state that, unlike gays, lesbians, straights, etc., some transsexuals do switch sexual preferences. Even that isn't a choice - it's something that happens to some during transition. That the LGBTQ feels threatened by this fact because they think it somehow undermines the "sexual orientation is inherent and unchangeable" narrative for everyone else, including them, shows just how out of touch with reality they are. It is not a threat to them - to the contrary, transsexuals (and only some) experience this.

50% of transsexuals are straight, 1/3 are bi, and 1/6 are gay or lesbian. Unfortunately, the general public, thanks to the bs from the LGBTQ, assumes all transsexuals are gay or lesbian. It's not true, and they need to fuck off.

Comment Re:Longtime customer of M$ : Go fsck yourselves. (Score 1) 436

Well, now they you can run OpenSUSE or Ubuntu programs under windows 10, why not just skip the middleman and run OpenSUSE or Ubuntu directly on the hardware? After all, if it runs ok under Windows 10, it must mean that it meets their security concerns, right? :-)

Comment Re:Upgrade refuseniks are idjits (Score 1) 436

As early as in Windows XP, we saw that companies should take early steps to avoid future risks or costs

Risks have been endemic since the early days of DOS, and they only figured that out in XP? Even though the Windows 95 install screen promised the safest, impossible-for-viruses-to-run OS ever?

There is no reason to upgrade, even if it's free (for their definition of "free").

Comment Re:2 between the eyes (Score 1) 261

So what? "Russia" is not the government. The same as most malicious attacks from US soil are not the government. Besides, who cares who exposed it? It deserved to be exposed. Who cares? If I had it, I would have leaked it in the public interest, as would anyone else who has any morals, because the claim that Russia tried to manipulate the election by exposing illegal manipulation by the Democrats and that therefore we should ignore the Dems actions is seriously f*cked up. Same applies to exposing corruction in Trump's campaign, or any other business or political activity.

Whistle blowers need to be shielded and rewarded, not made into hand-waving wookie defenses.

And there is no way I am an neo-con. From where I come from, neo-cons are people like Clinton, Obama, Trump, etc - you are all pretty far right of center. The implementation of Obamacare was so far right-wing it's not a joke - "If you don't get insurance we'll penalize you financially". And the public subsidies were a gift to the insurance industry, same sort of pork that both sides are guilty of all the time. They didn't improve health coverage - what use is a plan you can't afford the co-pay on?

"Affordable" my ass. Even with coverage under the ACA, poor people can't afford to be sick, so they're either paying for insurance they can't use or they're paying a financial penalty, but either way they're not being served properly.

Comment Re: Pardon Manning and Snowden (Score 1) 261

The only difference between man and woman is biological. There are some very rare cases when genetic abnormalities, but again this is a biological abnormality and not the norm.

All the rest is cultural. That men can't wear dresses is something from western culture. Wearing a dress doesn't make someone a woman. It just makes the person a man wearing a dress.

There was a time when man and woman both didn't have make-up (or both had make-up), and both wore the same kind of cloth. There was only biological difference between genders. Even today it is fine for woman to wear men's cloths without jewelry or make-up. But they still remain female.

A men who decided to wear make-up and a dress also remains a men. Some people look at the person and see through the disguise, others look at the cloths and don't see the person. Stop calling people who look at the person as being indecent because often the just see a man and didn't notice the female cloths.

What do cross-dressers and men wearing kilts, togas, etc., have to do with transsexuals? Oh, nothing. Transsexualism, unlike being gay, lesbian, bi, a crossdresser or transvestite, genderfluid, genderqueer, whatever, is a medical condition.

Comment Re: Pardon Manning and Snowden (Score 1) 261

People who continue to do it a decade after they have been informed should know better. For me personally, I just roll my eyes when family publicly uses the wrong name and pronouns, and explain to the onlookers at parties, etc., that so-and-so has a hard time coping with my sex change. Doesn't embarrass me, because I have nothing to be embarrassed about.

However, it is rude and ignorant, and in some circumstances it could be harmful, such as someone visiting you at work, where it can cost your job. The irrational fear-mongering against (specifically) male-to-female transsexuals (who, like any other woman, doesn't have a functional penis or testicles, presents no more risk to women in bathrooms than any other woman does, and who would be at risk in a male bathroom) shows how crazy things are. The same assholes pushing this don't realize that some really tough-looking dudes who do weights every day will have to use the women's bathrooms if they have their way.

And no, cross-dressers should stick to their own birth gender bathrooms. Identity is not something you take on and put off by changing your clothes, so I certainly don't want drag queens in the women's bathrooms either. Fuck that shit.

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