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Comment Re:It doesn't take 7 billion people (Score 1) 345

Assuming people have enough for ten years then by the 2030s late 60s plus ten years, plus 20 years is late 90s, and it's not likely that life expectancy will have increased that much in that time span.

My father retired at 59.5-years-old because his older brothers all kicked the bucket at 60. He lived 15 years into retirement. Fortunately, he had a pension and Social Security. He spent his pension, saved his Social Security. After he died, all his bills and his funeral were paid out of his savings account. You can't rule what medical advances will keep people alive longer.

Comment Re:there is a reason for that (Score 1) 86

I'm still not following. Do you mean "racist software" in the literal AI sense that the software is thinking like a racist human being?

i mean that you need to have lights specifically for lighting their face.

You mean like a spot-light to the face? Then you get squinty photos. And awkward. One probably has to manually adjust the gamma levels instead, otherwise the background or clothing has too much effect on auto-adjustment. Either train the staff or have the photos sent to an adjustment lab to be tuned by experts (assuming it was taken with a camera good enough to capture sufficient details to be later extracted via gamma et al adjustments.)

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