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Comment Re:It's missing the full picture (Score 0) 198

Actually, it costs about the same energy to separate hydrogen from oxygen as it will release when united again. There's that nice thing called Laws of Thermodynamics.

That's not the way those laws work. They tell you that you'll get no more energy out than you put in. They say nothing about the energy being released being "about the same" as the energy put in. According to this it's a little over half.

Comment Re:So What (Score 1) 454

"I do not care" directly translates to "I will not try to force".

Really? I can honestly say that I don't care if you want to eat a fat-laden meal when you get home from work today instead of a healthy salad. I hope that goes both ways - 'Cuz I might want one too. And if I catch somebody smoking a cigarette, I probably won't be the guy with a squirt gun wetting it out.

Did you proof-read your post? I won't force you to retract it, but really I don't much care. Try again.

Otherwise, they are not fundamentally different. "I do not care" directly translates to "I will not try to force".

Comment Re:waste of time (Score 2) 380

Do I really need to haul around a backup camera?

Well, if you remove that plus the equipment it takes to integrate it into the existing display, you've just saved enough weight to bring a burrito with you on your trip. As long as it's not a big burrito. You could save more weight by driving barefoot. Or naked even. And run some laps first to shed water weight.

I really think that if we're to the point where we're worrying about single grams, we've gone too far.

Comment Re:waste of time (Score 1) 380

Not zero over zero. A small amount of power will be used, even if it's just powering the radio or infinitesimal internal battery discharge or fuel evaporation/degradation. That energy will be made up using gas. If two identical cars are idling and one has just been jump-started with a dead battery while the other is fully charged, the jump-started car will burn very slightly more fuel.

So, it's zero over an infinitesimal amount = Zero.

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