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Comment Re: Remember kids! (Score 2) 397

Maybe the newer machines are fairer, but ones that operate that way certainly are mathematically rigged because the expectation is that the player influences the outcome.

Where is it ever implied that the outcome is affected by the way the player spins? The different buttons (on the very few machines I have experience on) just tell the machine how much you want to spin on this play. When playing, I in no way inferred that there was a "winning" button vs a "losing" button. On the older machines, did people train to pull the lever "just right" for a jackpot? No - They just spun and accepted the outcome. I suggest that there is no expectation that the player influences the outcome beyond play vs no-play.

Comment Re:In this economy? (Score 2) 562

Well...let's see an uncompressed, unfiltered, band-unlimited, DRM-less analog audio stream from a cassette, or a compressed, filtered, band-limited CD or MP3?

I don't think any recording medium offers unlimited frequency bands, but CDs and MP3s do a pretty good job of covering the audible range. Most cassettes don't even come close.

I have a CD that way - no matter how good I rip it it sill has pops, etc b/c of the watermarks

Methinks the problem isn't with magic watermarks.

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