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Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 358

So ... Juicero Inc. makes a juice machine and that juice machine makes juice ...

It makes both the juicer & the bags that go in it, containing the juicing material. It appears that Juicero makes both juicers and juice. The question might have been about which their focus was on. At $400, they're not giving away the shaver to sell blades, but it's clear that they're partly counting on the subscription model.

Comment Re:1984 CFAA violation? (Score 1) 191

But I suspect the technical solution here is to add a direct feed of known non-human audio sources (TV, radio, stereo system) to devices like Google Home or Alexa.

Are you suggesting that we add a bunch of miscellaneous ports to the Home/Echo and wire in every audio source in the house? Or maybe you're picturing small wireless mics next to all those sources to isolate their audio and counter it? I see no obvious, practical way to implement this technical solution. How do you picture this "direct feed of known non-human audio sources" working?

Comment Re:bi weekly salary? (Score 1) 399

I guess I spoke too quickly - I've seen a similar situation. We were contractors working on LANL property. When the LANL employees got holidays that we didn't, our employees were unable to work and burned vacation hours for the day. They weren't "prohibited from working due to company holiday policy", but they were prohibited from working due to another company's policy. I'd still be upset if it was my company declaring the holiday and not paying me for it, but for I guess it's different for hourly employees whose employers close for the day. Apparently I'm spoiled. I have worked hourly jobs that provided paid vacation days, the exception being a convenience store that never closed. I also worked as a calc tutor for a university center that wouldn't pay hours on holidays, but I wouldn't really classify that as a "real job". Still not sure I agree with GP's assertion that paid winter holidays are "rare", although week-long stretches probably are. I got Dec 22 & 25 this year. Personally, I wouldn't call forced unpaid time off "vacation".

Comment Re:bi weekly salary? (Score 1) 399

Most people also get a week or two of vacation around the winter holidays, but it's rare for it to be a paid vacation.

Really? That doesn't fit my definition of a vacation. At every job I've held I've been paid for any days that I was prohibited from working due to company holiday policy. I'd be pissed as hell if I was forced to take unpaid time off. Where are you working that you're being forced to take unpaid holidays?

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 2) 258

There's a new MacGyver?

There is a new MacGyver. I loved the original, so I watched part of one new ones. I quickly came to the conclusion that it was made for children. It was ridiculous. Then, reflecting back, I had the revelation that the original was also geared toward children. It was ridiculous too. The difference is that 30 years ago I was a child and Mac was fun. I've aged considerably since then. Most of us have.

Mac wouldn't need to build a spare parts computer. He'd just use his shoelaces and a pulley to bend the bars and escape.

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