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Comment Re:My job... (Score 4, Insightful) 311

I'm so tired of hearing comments like this, nothing was taken!

It's not hard to figure out what he meant - He was replaced by Indians. There's a negligible difference between "took my job" and "took over the job I was doing in spite of my protest". Do you also object to the headline, as robots aren't "taking" jobs, they're just being given jobs that used to belong to humans?

Comment Re:Overtime not paid beyond 80 hours a month (Score 3, Interesting) 134

Many people probably assume it starts after 40hs a week like in the US.

For white collar workers with a salary of more than $47,476, that's not necessarily true. I've had positions where it was explicitly explained to me that the 40 hour week was a minimum and less than expected.

Comment Re:Overtime not paid beyond 80 hours a month (Score 1) 134

Sadly, if these people have been working 60+ hours a week for years, work is their life - send them home and they'll get depressed, fight with their families, and otherwise have to find some meaning to their life outside the company.

I don't disagree BUT:
Depression is treatable and, if it's a result of a lifestyle change, temporary.
Fights with family are typically resolved and are part of forming family bonds.
As for finding meaning to life outside the company, I'm not sure any exists but the opportunity to quest for it should be available to everyone on the planet.

Comment Re:Too much noise (Score 1) 171

wtf is twitter even for?

I only follow 2 accounts, both belonging to the same person. I check his tweets every morning because they very well may have global consequences. I'm waiting in terror for the day we see this:

NK too afraid of US might to follow through with EMPTY threats. FAKE NUKES!!

Comment Re:CTR was NEVER a good metric (Score 3, Insightful) 129

Time spent on a page or how deeply I scroll down an article is no indication of how likely that corporation is to separate me from some of my money.

I think the advertisers would disagree with you on that. A big goal of advertising is simple brand-recognition. The longer they can keep their brand in front of your eyes, the better. I believe that they believe this works.

Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 2) 920

Be careful, the same people who think is run by neo-Nazi also think it's perfectly OK for Gawker to out an homosexual CEO, or publish wrestling star illegal sex-tape... under the idea of "freedom of the press". Go figure.

Having an opinion about Breitbart's content does not necessarily mean someone is against "freedom of the press." If somebody called for Breibart to be shut down because of the garbage they crank out, that would be another issue. Nobody's saying Breitbart should be silenced, just ignored.

Comment Re:Not All of Them Are Accurate (Score 1) 52

Bad closed captions allowed me to grasp the idea of most scenes of a picture I wanted to watch.

When I'm watching something in a language I don't understand, inaccurate CCs are nearly as good as accurate ones, as I have no idea that they don't match up. I prefer the original language with subtitles because the dubbed audio lacks the actors' inflections plus I don't like it when lips and words don't match. I often watch movies or TV programs with subtitles on, but avoid automated CC - When my eyes and ears don't match the conflict distracts me.

...the movie keeps playing and you get to understand who is the hero and who's the villain, at least.

I can typically do that with the film muted, can't you?

Comment Re: For their next trick... (Score 3, Insightful) 88

You did say URI. You could have said URL. It was, after all, a URL. This page gives a good description of the difference as well as a guide for responding to the statement, "Actually, that’s called a URI, not a URL"

The response to this correction can range from quietly thinking this person needs to get out more, to agreeing indifferently via shoulder shrug, to removing the safety clasp on a Katana.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 363

I was more implying that there was nothing banning people from producing racist content for profit. GP said that nobody had the "right to be paid." Having the "right to be paid," in my mind, is not the same as having a guaranteed payment. I have the rights to do a great many things that will never happen.

I think we're arguing semantics.

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