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Comment Re:I'm ok with that (Score 1) 71

As someone who is in charge of printer services, and google cloud print and such for 15000 users, I can assure you that my goal is to be "Paper Less" as fast as possible. It is an ongoing goal, and hence it isn't "paperless". There are times people still need hard copies, but getting people to print less has to be a sustained effort to educate people on alternatives.

That being said, most teachers still want hard copy versions of student work, because it is faster and easier to grade 30 assignments on paper than it is to do so on digital, but only if you ignore having to haul those papers around to and from schools, passing the assignments out, collecting them, and giving back the graded versions etc etc.

It is all about perception, they don't count certain aspects against their "grading" time, because of the disconnect between managing the assignments and grading them.

Comment Re:Depends on price (Score 1) 309

I actually saw something on this about a year or so ago, where a movie gave a DVD or Digital Download of the movie you were seeing as part of the ticket, and sold the tickets at a slight premium over normal. From what I recall, it worked very well, and ended up making the movie theater much better profits than Theater and expected DVD/Digital sales of similar movies.

The whole point is that it was quickly shot down because it still wasn't "enough" money. They want Piracy. They need it to justify screwing their existing customers.

Comment Re:Wrong even if correct (Score 1) 251

He doesn't understand the benefits of Deflationary currency. The benefits include less (or no) need for Government support programs (welfare, SS etc). It would require less in taxes, allowing people to keep their earnings (and wealth). It would increase a whole slew of things we really haven't seen in a very long time. Working hard as a youth (when it is easier to "work hard") would pay huge dividends long term for society.

The assumption is that rich people wouldn't spend their Coin, and horde it. This is largely false, as really rich people would buy the comforts that they desire. Catering to the wealthy would be a way to acquire wealth. As opposed to today, working as wage slaves to the wealthy class, buying everything on credit and depending on debt for a lifestyle.

Comment Re: Wrong even if correct (Score 1) 251

You are correct. Real deflation is caused by money supply not increasing at an appropriate rate to counter increases in productivity and commerce (velocity). BTC is deflationary since most of the Inflation period has long since past. It was HIGHLY inflationary at the beginning, Long term, it was always designed to be deflationary.

Comment Re:Wrong even if correct (Score 1) 251

Fluctuation in BTC is due to perception, not reality. But since perception is reality, if you buy BTC whenever there is a huge problem with BTC and the exchange prices drop, you'll be correctly interpreting the value of BTC. Those people who buy High and Sell Low are those that have a desire to be popular, but never are.

Comment Re:Wrong even if correct (Score 2, Insightful) 251

Actually, Deflation is neither good or bad. Inflation is neither good nor bad. Excessive amounts of either are generally bad. What people want is a stable currency. Unstable currencies are bad. Especially Fiat Currencies.

BitCoin is deflationary currency by default. There is no way to inflate BitCoin, short of massive amounts of CPU time.

If we are trading one FIAT currency for another, one that is immune to Government interference is probably the better one.

Comment Re:True, but you won't like the solution (Score 1) 278

Sure it does. You're excluding the downtick caused by kids not getting in trouble as much, and going down the path of crime.

At worst, it is gonna be a wash. At best, it will dramatically lower incarceration rates (see, #1 indicator list above), even if you're correct that SOME men will end up in jail on wife beater charges. But then again, you're probably too damn afraid to try it ... because change is hard.

Comment Re: Better be ready to be beat up when layed off w (Score 1) 532

Here's a news flash. The rich can always avoid taxes. The poor do not pay taxes. The middle class is in neither group. Taxes are regressive.

The only "fair" tax is one that everyone can avoid equally. My suggestion is a velocity tax on money. Its kind of like a "flat tax" but instead of taxing incomes, or sales, it taxes transfers of money between institutions. The rich don't want to transport millions of dollars by hand. ;) The more you move money around (Think hedge funds/wall street types) the more you're taxed. Everyone can avoid taxes by long term investing and using cash. The better the economy, the more revenue is generated.

Comment Re:Gotta love the hipocrisy (Score 1) 278

Being offended isn't the same as demanding people lose their job/business because someone won't bake you a cake. As for the the QB taking a knee over being "oppressed" by "white society" is laughable, considering what he is doing, his parents and upbringing. If he is being "oppressed" it is because he is an idiot for not knowing how good he actually has it.

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