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Comment Re:Huh (Score 1, Insightful) 96

GOP is done, and has been for awhile - as a party. From the ashes will be Trump and whatever falls after. Probably after the damage there will be a Libertarian movement from the ashes of both the GOP and DNC types - small government with urban liberal independent views and a mix of rural "don't tread of me" folk. Either way, first you must deal with the massive multi-billon dollar onslaught that Zuckerberg and Soros will be throwing. THEY ARE GOING FOR BROKE to ensure Clinton wins. They must, to SURVIVE!!! This is where it gets real fucking dangerous. You all haven't seen nothing -yet- from these two spawns of Satan.

Comment Re:It's Simple Economics (Score 1) 180

The cold hard factual brutal reality of the situation of SanFran is this: This is the city of the young college graduate working campus. It's the first place you go as a professional first to cut your teeth on prior to leaving to another state/city to get married, have children, and settle down. SanFran will ALWAYS have a perpetual flow of a young expendable *cheap* workforce. Now add to the fact you've got unlimited H1Bs living in communes for the very same reason (prior to going back home to China and India) and you've got exactly what simple is of San Fran - a giant youth working campus/city. IT IS NOT A PLACE TO RAISE A FAMILY!!

Comment Re:Laptops and the Steam Link (Score 1) 162

Oh, you could do that, but then again, it's not console gaming. Console gaming typically implies a level playing field were all gamers (local or online) have the same controller, same platform/specs, and the same resolution. Out of fairness, I'd imagine these new "Plus" console editions to pair players up in the same game so as to not leave other players at a disadvantage. With PC gaming, anything goes with your own rig spec wise.

Comment Re:Average car? (Score 2) 622

It's the dealers. They add in all sorts of fucking bullshit like lifetime nitrogen for the tires (Honda civic), or bolt-on running boards (Toyota RAV4, wtf?) that have insane profit margins. Wherever the sales guy falls short, the finance dept will make up for via some numerical wizardry and voodoo. After TTL, yeah, I can totally see that going up to 34k for a decent family car!

You will never pay MSRP, because MSRP doesn't include bullshit! Bullshit costs an extra 10% above and beyond what you expected!!!

Comment Re: What typically happens (Score 1) 209

Yes, but that was the best 40 minutes of THEIR life. It was mind-numbingly easy. Why actually work hard of reviewing four cases in an hour (15 minutes each) when you can sit on your ass for at least 40 minutes on one call burning time on the clock? It wasn't for your benefit, it was for theirs; a few more like that and they can clock out with a less stressful day.

Comment Re:So the end of the perfectly optimised console g (Score 1) 162

What is the purpose of the console?

Social gaming around a centralized monitor (TV) with plug-in-play functionality. But yes, standardization is somewhat gone in favor for market segmentation. But the premise is still he same; plug in, turn on, choose game, pick up controller and game. Hardware wise, yeah, a glorified x86 based PC mass-produced on contract (to amortize the cost) for the projected generational life of the unit.

Comment Re:They don't know who their customers are (Score 2) 78

Ok, I'm responding to you (post# 52380023) and Sibko (post# 52380113). Yes, RIM knows EXACTLY who their customers are; government and the banking industry in general! RIM is backing Clinton. They're betting the horse that she will enact provisions to weaken encryption, create yet a whole other department for managing all root certificates and mandating Gov having them installed on all devices, and RIM being the primary government contractor for cell phones.

Comment Re:For comparison (Score 2) 55

As I've said time and time again. We've never had trickle-down or trickle-up economics; we're having trickle-out!! The US has, and is currently hemorrhaging wealth to overseas while the benefits go to the top 0.25% of the feudal ownership class. The lower and middle class are directly competing with low standards of livings in the East. Being that we refuse to lower our own standards, it's only natural that wages have stagnated to 1995 levels. Meanwhile, all those filthy rich Chinese have taking all hat new-found wealth and transferred it back to Canada, US, and Australia; all locked up in real-estate. And the governments that collect on the tax revenue from said transactions?? Totally looks the other way. It's a fucking crony capitalist racket we've got going on now. No wonder there's a massive global revolt going on against the Globalists; from Trump all the way to the Brexit. Even the Philippines are getting tired of this shit.


Yes, correct. But he also called 911 prior to shooting up joint pledging his allegiance to ISIS. I have no doubt this closeted homosexual was conflicted between his father, faith, and his own sexual identity. He sought help in the wrong online community, ISIS. There's even records of him taking trips to Saudia Arabia. Fucked up individual; fucked up situation all around.

Comment Re: It's simple (Score 1) 371

No it's not. It isn't insane at all. It's the wealthy Chinese parking their money in foreign nations; locking it up tight. Realestate does that. So effectively, when you manufacture and send jobs oversees to nations with dubious governance; that wealth will flee to Western nations thus pricing YOU out of the market where you live. Chickens coming home to roost and all that.

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