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Comment Re:Silicon Valley able to cope with Trump regime? (Score 0) 184

Hillary Clinton will be the next POTUS with Pence as the VP.

Yes, you heard correctly. LOL, why else do you think Jill and the Clintons what a HAND RECOUNT. They won't make it in time. THATS THE POINT!!! This will put Trump below the 270 EC votes needed, and thus Congress votes on who the next POTUS will be. 1:) They HATE TRUMP. 2:) Congress LOVES power!. Think about it. Congress will control Clinton; if she steps out of line, she gets the book thrown at her and threatened by Pence taking her spot. Meanwhile, Congress will cockblock Clinton's SCOTUS nominee to keep the court divided with the lower court ruling having stand. It's muthafucking brilliant. Those globalist will run the world joined at the hip with wall street. 100% pure corruption. And you all are going to take it up the ass!!!!

Yes, America is fucked.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 689

What's the problem? Trump publicly, on a national forum, made a promise to bring her to justice. Meanwhile, behind closed doors, history is rife with the Clintons personally threatening and publicly destroying the reputation of their victims. At least the American public sees all the dirty laundry laid out for all to see. I walked away from that debate satisfied that what needed to be said was said, and topics of that needed closure got it. Now it's up to the American voter to decide; and I say that knowing full well Clinton has a greater chance at winning. But there can be no doubt, if she wins, it's only because America and condoned this behavior on all counts, including the lawless corruption at hand.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 2) 689

By that token, Oprah, without question, would end up being our next POTUS over Trump. And I say that as someone whom will be voting Trump; not because I like the guy, but because Clinton is that fucking *EVIL*!!!

The next four years can't come soon enough. I do hope, and pray to God, that Trump can at least deliver on his Make America Great Again and improve socioeconomic for all as promised. No doubt though, his presidency will always been mired in controversy.

Comment Re:How did this crap get modded up? (Score 0) 380

Trump is a textbook example of the type of people the establishment works for.

No, this is a flat out lie!!! Trump is quintessentially anti-establishment. He bootstrapped his election with his own money. He's HATED by the GOP establishment; so many that there will be defections to the Democrat party. And then, this shit about him working for the establishment??! You motherfucking cock-sucking shills for the DNC; go choke on a dick!

Comment Re:Yeah but there's a whole world out there (Score 4, Insightful) 867

You really want to pay more for your groceries, for your deliveries, for your repairs, for ... well, pretty much anything?

Aside from the moral issue of uprooting established illegals that have made a life for themselves over the last 10 year, to answer your question economically, YES YES and YES! When you import cheap labor, not only are you leaving Americans without an opportunity to earn a living, you now drive wages into the ground and force all those effected into taking more government assistance. That assistance is payed for by the tax payer. And who shoulders the cost? The broad numbers of the middle-class. As such, the disparity between the rich and poo/middle class is growing exponentially!

Pay now, or pay dearly later, but we all WILL PAY in the end.

Comment Re:How efficient is hydrogen really? (Score 1) 199

The problem with using hydrogen in an ICE is an issue with 'hydrogen embrittlement'. It basically causes cracks to form in steel. In the case of a Wankel, a steel based apex seal would have a short life. I'm not sure what hydrogen would do to a more expensive silicon nitride apex seal however over its life.

With regards to why hydrogen is more efficient in an ICE; I think it has to do with detonation duration and time in the chamber. With a piston, there longer travel time for the gases to detonate and expand. In a Wankel engine, only 1/3rd of rotary is traveling (rotating) during the combustion phase, so a shorter duration in the chamber is an advantage here.

Comment Re:"Activist" judges? (Score 0, Troll) 438

Want a chance of smacking this down via SCOTUS?? Do *NOT* elect Hillary Clinton!!! SCOTUS will be undergoing a generational change, and the next POTUS will be picking replacements.

This next election is not about Trump or Hillary; this election is about remaining a sovereign country with our constitutional rights, or not! Choose wisely.

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