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Comment Re:Troglodytes (Score 1) 77

All of them, and make no mistake Hillary would have been just as bad.

No, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have been. I think it's reasonable to assume she would have continued the same kind of policies as Obama. And it was Obama's FCC that started to take Network Neutrality seriously to begin with.

There is no justification for claiming a "Both sides" position here, just as there isn't with 90% of what Trump is doing.

Comment Re:Haha (Score 1) 77

Unlike health though, it is easier to host servers in other countries, which is all that will happen.

I wish that were the case. The problem in the US is the last mile connectivity. Servers can be anywhere. That hasn't changed. But our last mile connectivity is so bad in some places, that it's tough to do business.

Comment Re:Save 30%, retire early (Score 1) 251

Work from 20 to 50, save 30%, and expect to live from 50 to 90 off those savings? I can do the math on my fingers to see that's not going to work.

You can't calculate compound interest on your fingers, is the problem.

Even if someone saved 100% for 30 years, inflation will ensure they can't live off that for 40 years afterwards.

I don't think that most people save by holding onto cash, as you're suggesting.

Comment Billions can attack a network target (Score 1, Insightful) 26

If your asset is attached to the network, literally billions of people could potentially attack it, from anywhere on the world. Not only that, but they can unleash automated attacks upon your asset from other Internet targets they've previously compromised.

If your asset is on its own network, or is non-networked, that cuts down on the number of possible attackers tremendously.

So, critical infrastructure should NOT be on the Internet, or at least not without a correspondingly LARGE investment in security commensurate to the risk.


Comment FIX IT (Score 1) 206

Nutrition labels on food were heavily fought by industry but that was the past when corruption (regulatory capture) was not as bad as it has been in recent decades.

Today, food labels wouldn't be implemented at all. Voluntary industry marketing labels on some products is all one would have. If it was passed in the 90s, we would have something like Energy Star where industry does it without punishment or oversight and the labels would be as inaccurate and unregulated as Energy Star is.

Do keep in mind that VW just was punished in a significant way (mostly because they are foreign) for cheating on recent regulations. So these things are not entirely useless.

I'm sure Energy Star doesn't cost that much; it is mostly an excuse to KILL it. Just like defunding PBS saves less than a pentagon rounding error. Hell, the Star Wars Program is STILL being funded (under less stupid names) and STILL doesn't work and costs about 50billion which is about the same amount Trump is asking to increase military spending.

Comment Re:The mic was bad enough. (Score 2) 175

When the echo first came out, I thought the last thing I wanted in my house was an always-on microphone. I stand corrected.

Took me a few reads to realize you stand corrected because this is the new last thing you want. I originally read that as you changed your mind and like the amazon mic now.

Frankly these are all abominations, but the bedroom fashion camera still comes in second to the trivially hacked camera equipped vibrator...

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