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Comment Re: Just stop this nonsense (Score 1) 127

The again, this is the USA we are talking about here, where you need to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get an ID card.

Err...where else would you have people go?

They already are set up and have the equipment for drivers' licenses at the DMV, makes sense to do all IDs of this form there, no?

Comment Re:Feminist/SJW Echo Chamber Circling The Bowl (Score 1) 179

He calls it the "female Ghostbusters" because that is what it is being called by various people on the internet, and he uses it as a way to show how calling it "Ghostbusters" without an additional qualifier was not a good idea because now people make up monikers to tell it apart from the 1984 movie.

If you made the effort you could easily have found out, either from reading the comments to the video, by looking at the video reactions or simply by looking at the suggested watching at the side bar, that there has been a LOT of negative feedback to this video along with reactions to that feedback. It's not my claim. It is easy to find out, it's not some obscure, arcane conspiracy that you have to unearth by digging through pages and pages of google results to carefully crafted search statements, it's plain to see if you wanted to. Since you don't like watching videos, I'll refrain from linking them, but allow me to say that much: It's not my claim. You'd just have to scroll down to the comments to the video.

I do not have to engage in "tricks" or try to deceive you, what I say is easy to show in the links provided and even easier to find for yourself if you wish to. Again, we're not talking about obscure webpages hidden somewhere in the dark web, that shit was all over YouTube and Twitter, people made comment videos to it, commented on the amount of hate it generated, etc. This is hardly difficult to find.

And yes, there were people who called him all sorts of things for just having this opinion. Take a few minutes to go through the comment section of the video and you'd be amazed.

Comment Re: Morons (Score 1) 280

No, we're talking about people here. Gender doesn't even enter the equation, there's about as many men as there are women in the "battle of the sexes". On BOTH sides, just to make shit more interesting.

No, I couldn't make something as fucked up up. Open up YouTube, grab a big bowl of popcorn, look for SJW, MGTOW or anything related and just watch the insanity spill into your living room.

Comment Re:It's Sony - duh (Score 2) 447

What matters is the intent, mens rea, the will to steal, and the intent to permanently deprave the rightful owner of his use of the item. This is critical. Without, you could become a thief without even wanting to steal anything, by mistake and accident, and I hope we can agree that this is not the intent of the law!

Allow me to show a counter example.

You are in a meeting and you have the habit of putting your cell phone on the table because it's uncomfortable in your pocket. After the meeting, you pick up your cell phone and go back, only to notice in your office that you forgot to take your cell phone along, it's on your office table, and you swiped the cell phone of someone else who just happened to have the same habit and the same phone model. Are you a thief?

According to your original statement a few postings up from this one,

"A thief takes something away from the owner dishonestly without the owner's consent, regardless of whether or not they plan on returning it."

you would be.

Maybe that's why they don't let you word laws.

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