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Comment i cant believe what im seeing. (Score 1) 47

Beats the worst? even the worlds worst?
Im a 70 year old stuck in traffic in Los Angeles. and by Stuck, i mean stuck in the worlds worst. I was born in Inglewood, by which I mean i was conceived and birthed in this car. I grew up a strapping young lad, capable of passing drinks or fetching snacks at a moments notice. As I grew --and as we passed the exit for LAX-- my parents foretold of the one day when I would pilot this car. That day has come.

my one wish before I die --assuming I can merge-- is to see the second sign for the exit to interstate 10. Could this app be the miracle ive prayed for between prayers for the sweet release of death? I sure hope so.

Comment Re:While its not my cup of tea (Score 5, Insightful) 305

So, if he'd been gay, it would have been ok, right?

But just because his sexual proclivity is into BDSM and some wild fantasy isn't ok?

Seriously...why do they draw a line at one thing and not another?

As long as both are legal activities, why should someone be fired for whatever gets them off in the bedroom AFTER they leave the workplace?

Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 261

Then again I live in a suburb of the Greater Los Angeles Area in the People's Republic of California, which keeps a lot of the deadbeat states afloat through our large and for-now voluntary donations to the federal guv'mit.

Say howdy to Gov. Moonbeam for us all....and enjoy that abundance of taxes the STATE itself collects from isn't the feds running you into the ground, it is your own states messed up priorities.

All the businesses leaving CA for TX are happily waving goodbye to used to be the land of milk and honey.

Comment Our IT has the formula (Score 1) 158

1. Run bit9. Intercept the output file streams of every process. If there is any match to any virus signature kill the process. When developers complain of mysterious deaths of compile/link/ processes, deny bit9 could be responsible, refuse to even acknowledge bit9 tells IT every process it kills.

2. Come up with a naming scheme that encodes OS, os vesrsion, processor name, memory, diskspace, acquisition year as an impossible to remember server names. Like CentITLinRH73_i7_256GB_4TB_2016_num[serialnum]. IT flunky knowing the machine config from name, bean counter checking inventory once year etc are very important for efficiency.

3. Change the server naming scheme every six months.

4. Insist on manager approval for every tiny IT ticket. Even if the person requesting has authority to approve identical requests from his/her reportees.

5 Configure VPN such that even people with FiOS and 75 mbps connections can not get more than 1 mbps.

Comment Re:Second rule of business (Score 1) 81

Your business has absolutely nothing to do with what you want to sell... it has absolutely everything to do with what your customers want to buy.

"But we can shift that paradigm! This time, we'll plan better, we just need to educate our consumers."

Well, at least they taught their consumers a valuable lesson: Sony, famously guilty for shitting on the rights of virtually everyone through their crappy DRM-enabled hardware, still sold way more consoles than Microsoft.

Microsoft just has never excelled at building what customers want.

Nokia and everyone else had phones with Java, so Microsoft shipped WinCE phones - that didn't sell.
Apple came out with their DRM-encumbered iPod, so Microsoft followed it up with the DRM encumbered Zune - that didn't sell.
Apple came out with the iPhone with the walled app garden; so Microsoft shipped Windows Phones with a walled garden - that didn't sell.
Steam and Sony and Nintendo came out with DRM encumbered games; so Microsoft shipped the XBox One - that sold quite a few, but sucked.

Their two biggest problems are that they want to use services as license enforcement gateways, and that their stiffest competition to their Software V3.0 is their own Software V2.0. Nothing new in Office has been worth buying upgrades since about 2007, yet they have managed to convince some people to upgrade to Office 2010, 2013, and now Office365.

And people are getting more and more fed up with the constant greed. LibreOffice has caught up to about Office 2007 in terms of maturity, which is good enough for a lot of people and companies. Linux has caught fire in the corporate world, overthrowing WIndows Servers by the millions. Cloud computing is moving companies to outsource their hardware data centers. Azure is competent in this arena, but cloud computing is already close to a commodity - there's not a lot of value Microsoft can add over the other big players.

It's weird, but at the core it's an existential crisis for one of the world's largest companies. They are desperately trying to figure out something to sell that will still be in demand 10 years from now.

Comment Re:Real Question: Consensual or Non-Consensual? (Score 3, Interesting) 305

If he acts on it, call the police.

If not, it's his business alone. I can't in good conscience condemn a man for his thoughts, dreams, ideas and wishes. Mostly 'cause you can't even imagine how often I had thoughts that start with "If I could wipe out the life on this planet..."

Just about a dozen time only from reading the comments on this story.

Comment Re: No need for backdoors (Score 1) 351

Atheist myself, just very much enjoying poking fun at religions and watching fundies squirm when busting a hernia from the mental gymnastics they attempt to defend their holy books.

Genesis 6 is especially great material (plus Leviticus, that book is a wealth of insanity). But Gen6 already starts off with a huge problem: God regretting making human. Because that's the one thing god cannot do if he's supposed to be the god of the bible: He cannot regret anything.

Comment Re: suure (Score 1) 332

Yes, it's less of an excuse than it used to be. Also in the news, Windows 7 is way more stable than Win 95 used to be.

"Better" doesn't always mean that it's superior to "good". We still haven't arrived at the point where you can easily or at least with (for Joe Randomuser) manageable effort migrate your gaming experience to Linux. Mostly because gaming hardware support is still lackluster.

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