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Comment Re:Reads Like An Ad (Score 1) 348

Yes, the wind/solar farm needs to use the existing "batteries" that so-called "base load" plants currently use to match the supply curve to the demand curve - namely hydro dams and gas turbines. Don't fall for the coal industry FUD that "base load" plants have some sort of magical advantage over renewables just because they produce a flat supply curve. The "advantage" doesn't exist in the real world for the simple reason that no city on Earth has a flat demand curve. A coal/nuke plant needs "batteries" just as much as a wind farm, which is why most nations have a national grid and a well regulated wholesale electricity market. Out of all the commercial methods of generating electricity, solar probably has the strongest advantage when trying to match its output to the demand curve of a modern city, this is due to the fact that peak air-conditioner demand normally coincides with peak solar output.

Comment Re: No sex between rulemakers. (Score 1) 126

They are still contractors in Oz, normal cab drivers and a lot of couriers are also contractors. The law in Oz is that 'contractors' on piecework/commision rates must be paid at an equivalent (or better) rate than the min hourly wage. Strangely it's one industrial relations law that no state/federal government department enforces and no tabloid ever mentions,

Comment Re:Be careful (Score 1) 83

What will rather happen, since they can neither enforce nor control this sensibly and at a reasonable cost, is that they will simply include a clause in their contract that allows them to cut you off if they notice any harmful traffic coming from you.

With "harmful" being "you using more bandwidth than we want you to", of course.

Comment Re:No mention of the internet architecture of cour (Score 2) 83

How to create an economic incentive for security? Easy. Remember Part 15 of the FCC Rules? That sticker nobody reads anymore that says
1. This device may not cause harmful interference.
2. This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

Create the same for the IoT rubbish.

Failure to comply makes YOU liable for any damage the device you created caused.

Comment Re: commercial advantages (Score 1) 48

Germany had its Jews, the US has its Mexicans. With the main difference that there are rather few Mexicans you can steal a lot from.

And yes, a lot of the German problems that led up to the rise of the Nazis could be blamed on Clemenceau and his zeal to annihilate Germany with the peace conditions, but by no means all of it. Germany also had politicians that led right up to the point where people did have the feeling that these politicians are doing a crappy job, and yes, quite a few did. Not all of them, there were a few honest, hard working men that tried their best to rebuild the country, but far too many were simply looking out for themselves, and only themselves.

And people will follow anyone who promises an end to that.

Comment Re:The human fund (Score 5, Insightful) 382

Man...this seems to happen to ALL "cool" companies.

They start out often quite employee centric....sure you work hard, but they give you lots of perks at work, free food drinks, kitchens, parties on and off campus...even keggers....

And then..they get a bit too big, the owners cede management to more managerial types, who count pennies but don't know the worth of a HAPPY EMPLOYEE....and then well, the fun and perks start to disappear, and is like any other boring job, and those little extras that build team work, or make you feel 'ok' about working a few extra hours to get something out the door, *vanish*.

At that point, unless the pay is insanely real reason to stay or show any type of loyalty whatsoever.

The soul of the company is gone.

Comment Re: Obama has no right to do this (Score 3, Informative) 500

The President nominates a Supreme Court justice but the Senate APPROVES that justice. In effect - you have to have approval from both parts of that equation. If the Senate doesn't want to approve a candidate or even hold a vote they're doing precisely their job. The approval of the Senate of a nominee isn't just some rubber stamp formality.

That's literally the whole point of "checks and balances". You might as well proclaim that every one of Obama's vetoes was impeding the duly elected legislature. At least you'd be consistent.

Comment Re:Obama has no right to do this (Score 1) 500

3. Why are Trump supporters so nervous of investigations and recounts? It almost seems like they think there's something to hide.

Because we don't trust a Democrat led White House to necessarily report accurate findings from such "investigations". It's like asking why you're afraid when you just paid the mob your protection money. Do you really think they're going to be "protecting" you?

Comment Re: Obama has no right to do this (Score 1) 500

The court is currently sitting on 4-4 split on conservative vs liberal, with 1 vacant spot. Trump will nominate a conservative. Republicans control the senate which means that they will have no problem approving his nomination. That will put the court 5-4 again. If any conservative justices retire during his term, they will be replaced and the same will hold. If any liberals leave, then they will get replaced with conservatives making the split 6-3 or even 7-2.

Basically - the supreme court belongs to the Republicans for at 2 years MINIMUM, with them likely being safe for at least 4. After that period they still have the court until a conservative leaves or dies. If a liberal justice leaves or dies within that 2 to 4 years and they get a 6-3 or better margin that hold could easily continue for decades.

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