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Comment Re:Obama.... (Score 1) 289

Sure. But they only have real power insofar as states agree to treat them as the ultimate authority. Which is very unlikely to be the case if they tried to implement such policies.

Consider that we have a UN-managed organization that handles mail and post on international level - Universal Postal Union. In fact, it's over 130 years old, predating UN itself. And yet no censorship resulted out of it, aside from what the countries themselves implement in their respective jurisdictions (which they can always do regardless, as sovereign states). Why? Same reason - if UPU were to get too heavy-handed, the drawbacks would outweigh the benefits of a single standardized mail exchange system, and large players would simply withdraw.

Comment Re:Obama.... (Score 1) 289

IANA doesn't issue individual IP addresses. It allocates blocks of addresses, and assigns them to regional Internet registries, which then in turn allocate them in their respective regions. So it can't deny you personally an IP address. At most, it can deny your entire country an IP address block, but that is basically the cyber equivalent of nuking someone - it's just not going to happen, because the whole thing will go down if anyone tries.

Comment Re:GAO is right (Score 1) 289

How exactly then will this work when one DNS server has a record for one Ip address and another points to another such as an anti Putin site?

In exactly the same way it works with the mail system.

The top-level international agency - Universal Postal Union (which is a UN agency) - defines the overall standard for what an address looks like (and they allow for plenty of leeway), and how mail addressing and routing works between countries.

Then every country defines how mail addressing and routing works inside the country.

So suppose I live in US, and me and my neighbors successfully petition to rename our street to "Putin Sucks St". Does the UPU block such an address? No, because they operate on a level where it's not even visible. On the other hand, if I send a letter from this address to Russia, or if someone in Russia sends a letter to me, then Russia can block it at/within their boundary.

What we're talking about here is the management of top-level domains and IP block allocations. So the international organization that'll take over will be dealing with the questions like "should we assign a domain and allocate some IPs to this country, that doesn't have unanimous international recognition of independence". Not questions like "should we DNS-block this politically subversive subdomain". The only way they could do the latter is by blocking entire countries.

Comment Re:There's a bigger issue here (Score 1) 239

The whole point is not eliminating "whole sections of society". That's exactly what this is about. If we refuse to vaccinate, we endanger those that cannot be vaccinated. Because the same group also cannot participate in a potential cure, for exactly the same reasons.

If these people could only endanger themselves, I'd say more power to them. Don't get vaccinated, but at least then have the decency to die peacefully when you get infected. If that was the whole story, I would not mind it. Not one bit. I'm all for idiots and assholes removing themselves from the gene pool. We, as society, can only benefit from it.

So technically, I would actually be for the removal of a section of society... albeit by their own doing, not mine.

The problem is that they don't just endanger themselves, but others too. It's a bit like drunk driving. If they could only kill themselves, all I would do is make sure they have enough to ensure a speedy delivery. Unfortunately they rarely die alone.

Comment Re:Power Outages (Score 1) 163

These days, there are these little latex balloon-like thingies that work pretty well to reduce unintended consequences of intended pleasure. Just sayin...

Yeah, but wearing a rubber to fuck, is analogous to eating a steak with one on your tongue.

Sure, you know there is "some" sort of sensation there, but really....Meh...why bother if you can't taste/feel anything really?

Get her on the pill or the sponge or something....and be able to actually enjoy the sensations of sex!!!

Comment Re:Sorry online is all I've got right now (Score 1) 163

Only if you're working at the right place. At my employer (IT field) only 5% of the workforce is female, and most of them are older married HR/secretarial people. There are literally zero single women here.

They weren't referring to dating women at work by the "get a job and women will come out of the wood work" quote above.

It was more with reference of getting a job to have money to be able to afford to have a women and find out out in the real world.

In general, it is a very bad idea to date women you work with. It can lead to some very problematic work situations, and I don't just mean the emotional ones.

As litigious as society has become, and if you as a male are even hinted at as an "aggressor" which is a card a vindictive female at work can play on you, you are OUT the door and possibly in the sites of a lawsuit.

There is an old saying that is valid for a number of reasons:

"You don't dip your pen into the company ink".

By all means, get a job, earn some means to get out attract and keep a woman...but don't jeopardize your job FOR a woman at work. You're asking for nothing but trouble.

Comment this is a cultural issue, not a technology issue. (Score 2, Insightful) 202

I think its terrible and I dont think he deserves it

which is a pretty reasonable response, but what most Americans don't understand or for that matter tend to respect are cultural differences. Theyre quick to point out the injustice of the Saudi criminal code yet conveniently overlook the fact that it is a criminal offence to dance at the Jefferson Memorial, or that until 1967 interracial marriages were illegal in a plurality of states. Transgender Americans can still face prosecution for simply using the toilet in 5 states, and it wasnt until 2015 that gays could be married in the land of the free.

Abu Sin knew what he was doing. Sometimes incarceration is a risk you take to try and make a cultural change or statement.

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