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Comment Re:There will be tit for tat. (Score 1) 505

It's better to not reciprocate. Lets American tourists travel unhampered: they bring money.

There's even no need to retaliate, as it will all sort itself:

- less tourists to America;
- less business travels: give your e-mail credentials to the state ? No way. If you want that contract signed, you come to London/Paris/Tokyo/Beijing/...
- to alleviate the burden of formalities, this year that international conference will be hosted in Dubai/Macau instead of Dallas.

Comment Re:Wait who's computer is it again? (Score 1) 172

I don't have experience with OpenBSD and NetBSD, but for FreeBSD, dual-booting with Linux should be relatively straightforward.

I guess your issue is a mismatch between BIOS/MBR and EFI/GPT partitions tables. In "guided" partitioning, FreeBSD uses GPT exclusively. If you had installed Linux first on a MBR, it won't work and you have to go in manual partitioning. You only need a single partition (FreeBSD calls them slices), and then you can sub-partition that slice (typically for a simple setup, a few GB in /, whatever you want as swap, and the remaining space in /usr, /home being a symlink to /usr/home)

If you install FreeBSD first, Linux should gladly accept GPT.

If, for some reason, you use MBR but your disk once contained a GPT, the FreeBSD installer can get confused by a secondary GPT at the end of the disk (at least it was in FreeBSD ... 9, IIRC)

You might also want to modify your BIOS settings and choose (U)EFI boot method instead of BIOS/Legacy (if available).

Comment I'm impressed. (Score 2) 178

I'm impressed: you managed to not mention Ü... a single time in this summary. A....b isn't mentioned either, but this is expected. At least, all "related links" are about Ü... .
I think that company deserves its own icon, just as "the real-life Tony Stark". After all, Bitcoin has its own.

(Salt at your convenience)

Comment Re:Clickbait troll much? (Score 5, Informative) 629

250 physicians responding to an informal internet survey

Only 2.7% responded that they were "just a political attack;

only 2.7% that there had been "too much emphasis."

6/250 corresponds to 2,4%
7/250 corresponds to 2,8%
Are the opinions even real, or are the results doctored ?

informal internet survey

On the Slashdot polls of old, there was a mention that if you were taking the results seriously you were crazy. Applies just as well here.

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