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Comment Re:Great example of a key flaw in the stock market (Score 1) 54

Too much emotion, not enough reason.

Reason has been educated out of our system, and replaced with Emotion. Much easier to manipulate the masses is all you have to do is cry "Hate" and have a bunch of kneejerk reactionaries goosestep the same way.

These things are related.

Comment Nobody cares about Russia (Score 1) 562

You're assuming that it's equally easy to get damaging materials from both countries. That's an incorrect assumption.

It may not be equally easy with Russia, but it is quite easy nonetheless. It is just very few people care. Ukrainians, for example, have been collecting undeniable proofs of Russia's official involvement in the alleged "civil" war in Ukraine's East. They don't have governmental backing, but they have patience enough to sift through social media looking for selfies, that Russian conscripts post online (with geotagging enabled). And yet, you can still encounter people even on Slashdot, who would deny Russian involvement...

Similarly, there is solid evidence — put together by volunteers and governmental investigators, that a Russian SAM shot down the Malaysian Boeing in 2014... And yet, a Google search for it today still brings up a theory, that it was a Ukrainian jet (top altitude 5000m), that shot down the airliner (flying at 10000m)...

Comment What exactly is the problem? (Score 1) 111

The original problem — one with actual passwords — came from the painfully perverted reading of the Fifth Amendment (I wish, ACLU et al were as liberal reading the Second!). If you have to tell police your password that could be used against you, then the password became testimony (written or verbal) and so the police could not compel you to do that under the Fifth Amendment.

Well, fingerprints are neither said nor written, so the Fifth Amendment does not apply. End of story — whether police can look at your smart phone's contents is now controlled by the Fourth... If the judge issues a warrant, you have to open up...

Comment Re:Fingerprints are protected in Europe (Score 0, Offtopic) 111

We "fat dumb Americans" are about to elect one of the two biggest mistakes we have ever made, because we have devolved into arguing over emotional labels and not actual character and qualifications. That, the our court system is rigged against the electorate, since we can vote on laws and have them overturned by one (or more) person(s) in a black robe.

Comment Re:More Federal Stupidity (Score 2) 111

If you're not doing illegal stuff on your phone, you don't have to worry.

That works, until the government decides that your particular activity is a threat to government and makes it illegal. So no, you're incorrect, you should worry about what your government can do to you.

My particular solution would be to have a deadman's switch that erases the phone when using any finger but the one correct one. Or better yet, disable the Finger Prints from your phone, and use a proper PIN, which they cannot force you to divulge.

Comment Re:That's Right (Score 2) 36

China needs to solve this problem more urgently because of their chosen form of government (let's leave aside which is 'right' and 'wrong' for now, and concede them the right of self-determination). False news reports give an opening for unscrupulous men to build a following and oppose the government based on false reports. This causes chaos and death (look throughout history.....the worst part about having kings is when a war of succession happens......there's chaos, people die needlessly, then it goes back to about the same as it was before. The exception of course is when the king was really bad, but that won't be reported with false news reports).

So that is the problem the Chinese government needs to solve. Keep order and harmony, because for the vast majority of people, it's better than chaos. (Look at what happened in Egypt recently when they had their new government.....lots of violence, then nothing really changed. Replacing Mubarak was probably a mistake, but some people paid for it with their lives).

With a different form of government, unscrupulous men can start a campaign of lies, and build a following, and if he's convincing enough, even make it into power as president. But all this will happen without real violence (that is, violence does not lead to power and political enemies don't need to 'disappear'), and the system is designed with power balances to prevent things from getting too messed up, even with a lousy president.

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