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Comment Re:Pass on those four (Score 1) 171

Starting with the IDE, Visual Studio is way behind the Java world unless you start adding plugins like resharper.

As for the language, Java hasn't been standing still, a lot of the features that were missing before have been added in the newer versions of the language.

Then there is nuget which drives me crazy and I hate. TBH recently he C# world is becoming too much like the node.js world for my taste.

Comment Re:"Shitposting" is fraud, not speech (Score 1) 616

We'll just have to disagree on whether ceasing to fund a business due to contributions to political activity you disagree with is evil. I think it isn't.

And BTW, we do basically live in a society where everyone does every evil thing they think they can get away with - almost all of the population does in at least some areas, some do in almost all areas. Laws are there to set the boundaries on behavior, limiting how much "evil" people can get away with. Some activities flourish on the fringes however...see: Tax avoidance, predator colleges, the mugshot shaming industry, PacNet, etc.

Comment Re:Microsoft Update Catalog is my new hero (Score 1) 192

Uhhhh...can you read? Because that is really all you have to be able to do to check WSUS Offline since the GUI is really just a front end for some scripts which are in a folder appropriately labeled "cmd" so you can just open them in the text editor of your choice and see what its doing.

It also doesn't try to obfuscate in ANY way what it is doing or who it is calling if you are using the Offline Generator to generate an Offline Update client (it currently supports Vista-10 including the server variants, VERY handy to have) so when you launch it you get a standard command prompt where you can simply look at the screen and see its just calling the MSFT update servers and downloading the updates straight from the source.

Let me give you my personal assurance, I've been using WSUS Offline for so long I still have the DVD with the WSUS Offline for Windows 2K Pro and not once has there ever been an issue with any kind of spyware, malware, or even Windows Update issues because this doesn't use the WU client and just installs them manually via script. I can't even count how many clients I've used it on, easily in the thousands, and its one of those tools I'll always keep on my network share, its head and shoulders better than dealing with WU.

Comment Re:"Shitposting" is fraud, not speech (Score 1) 616

Just like people have the free speech rights to use racial epithets, but are expected to politely refrain from doing so. Yes. There are a lot of things like that, where people can choose to do evil. When they aren't evil people, we expect them not to do that.

Do you want to live in a society where everyone goes ahead and does every evil thing they think they can get away with? Because I'd rather live in a society where we try to be good to each other instead.

Comment Re:Look a bit higher (Score 1) 253

"Plain sight," as in "you don't need tools to get to it." The sort of thing any FAA inspector could simply walk over and easily see/get to.

Otherwise, semantics. You can't fly your over 9-ounce toy, at all, unless it bears your registration information. The uniqueness of the registration between someone's multiple toys is neither here nor there. It's "you can't fly your toy without federal involvement and a way to track the toy back to you via a publicly searchable database." That's what matters.

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