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Comment Re: silent s (Score 1) 208

The rule of my ID is to prove I really am me. It was issued by the government. It does exactly that. It DOESN'T vouch for me as a human being. The save here. The cert vouches that I am dealing with ... it doesn't say that said site is run by a stand up guy you should trust. Never has ... Never will ... Was never SUPPOSED to. HTH!

Comment Re: but you arent a traditional CA (Score 5, Insightful) 208

You have a basic lack of understanding of the purpose of certs. They guarantee that if you try to connect to that you indeed are connecting to and not being MITMed. It is NOT the purpose of a cert to say that is or is not a safe place to go. The onus of that remains upon you regardless of if you use HTTP or HTTPS.

Comment Re: Elite (Score 3, Insightful) 145

Many of us here are competent. This means we wouldn't go near SAS or any similar company with a ten foot pole. I have heard of SAS. What I remember about them is another one of those companies that has a business model that relies on customer ignorance. That's all I need to know or remember, and if you are thinking of arguing to the contrary, this article probably isn't the place to do it ;-)

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