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Comment Re:Good! (Score 1) 473

You have to be a special kind of stupid to hack on a system still under warranty. I bet 99% of hacked firmware installs happen just after warranty expiration. Just like suping up a car, you don't do it to a brand new one.

It's much more fun to outrun cars that cost their owners much more than yours. You should have seen the Maserati drivers reaction when he lost to an old Civic (twice), he shit himself.

Comment Re:It's the economy, etc. (Score 1) 144

Don't confuse fee-for-advice financial planners with the crooks at full-service brokerages. You describe the later, but most people (even near retirement) don't have the wealth to attract those sharks.

Actual financial planners, or just plain old-school investment advice, has you mostly out of stocks at retirement. I can't vouch for "keep your age as a percentage in bonds", but it's very common advice.

Comment Re:John Deere has too many non farmers (Score 1) 473

If the equipment breaks down during the harvest/planting the farmer is already screwed. They have downtime in the middle of summer and winter, the smart ones get their equipment as ready as economically possible during those times.

Mega farmers just hire harvester crews, who move south during harvest season.

Comment Re:It's the economy, etc. (Score 1) 144

, I want stop complaining about Trump. He's neither a conservative nor Republican,

He's not establishment conservative nor Republican. He's very much channeling the political will of the American working class, plus those of us fed up with the corruptness and political theater of the "establishment-media complex".

Establishment Republicans, Democrats, and the old-school media (but I repeat myself) are all utterly dismissive of a very large chunk of voters in this democracy, talking down to them, calling them ignorant and racist, and in general saying "let them eat cake". A sentiment frequently repeated by Slashdot posters, I might add.

Fuck that. Trump may be far from my ideal candidate, much like Bernie was, but the vast hatred for him by the establishment, and all the self-described elite who think they're just better people than those working class brutes, demonstrates he's a "good enough" choice. I'm not a big Trump fan, but I loath the modern hipster-pseudo-intellectual progressive crowd, so: you go Trump, kick some ass.

Comment Re:Tractor investors, not breakers. (Score 1) 473

New VWs (VW/Porsche/Audi) are _terrible_ cars. Even my German relatives have them on the 'never again' list, much as it pained them to get there.

The first step to replace a brake master cylinder on a new 'bug': Remove front bumper...no joke. Like the old joke about British cars. (To replace the headlight, first remove the back bumper, disassemble going forward until you reach the headlamp...)

Comment Re:also in the news ... (Score 1) 353

Great for you. Not everyone is as awesomely brilliant as you. But that's their tough shit, right?

I don't even remotely consider or promote myself as brilliant.

I do tend to act like an adult when it comes to my working life, and I am responsible for myself.

I expect the same from other working adults....you should be responsible for your life, work and family...and we really don't need any MORE govt. intrusion.

If you are an idiot and can't be an adult..well, then yes...fuck'em.

You gotta grow up some day, its a big old world that doesn't give a shit about you and you have to compete.

I tend to try to rely on multiple sources of income and am always looking for new revenue streams.

Comment Re:For the Republican readers (Score 1) 182

Come on unless you are going to nity gritty about the meaning of wiretap, that Trumps point is absolutely valid. His rights absolutely were violated!

When surveying foreign citizens, listening is supposed to be limited once an American comes on the line. Intelligence officials and LEOs are not supposed to report names of Americans or widely distribute information about the Americans.

Yes Obama admin people admitted they deliberately widely spread information about Trump's supposed Russia ties to ensure they could not be buried! How fucking noble of them, ask just about any law breaker anywhere ever and they'll have a justification of some kind for you! How did they spread all this information unless the deliberately de-annonomized the Americans on the lines of the Russian nationals they were supposedly surveying for other reasons. How did the press get it? Was it a conspiracy perhaps not; more likely some combination of a lot of individual intelligence people were just sloppy or those who individually decided to break the law and pass information around they had no business passing. Does not matter, it amounts to "police misconduct," none of that information should be consider usable in any "due process" against Trump, and the people who participated should be FIRED promptly for violating the rights of citizens, the fact those citizens were on Trump's campaign team is irrelevant.

I think Clinton is A WORLD of a difference between her and Trump.

No not really HRC has taken just about every position on everything if you follow her statements back to the 08 election! She is a blowhard just like Trump is, just a little more well spoken.

China would be in a much better relationship with us after Trump made his mistakes

China is an EVIL repressive regime that still at least as recently as 2013 drags women against their will to hospitals and focibly kills viable babies in their womb because the mother is unmarried. It has a terrible human rights record. Its a national embarrassment that we ALLOW China to invest in the US. Its am embarrassment we allow companies to do business and import products from there! Its am embarrassment we have a one China policy that recognizes anything other than Taipei as its capital! Seriously anyone who works with the PRC or acts as an apologist for it is human garbage! My BIGGEST regret about my Trump vote so far is he has not been tough enough on China!

and we would get a pro choice supreme court justice

Yes that's what is important getting agenda driven ideologue on the court who will uphold Roe despite it having basically no solid legal reasoning behind it. We would not want to put someone on the Court who actually cares about the integrity of the law and the Constitution because gasp, its not clear how such a person might rule on abortion legislation.

an no Russia affairs

WHAAT seriously her campaign managers brother was/is a Russian affliated banker, Hillary did all sorts of question deals with Russia while Sec State. Selling Uranium stocks? to our former major nuclear rival that according to the left we are all supposed to be afraid of? No Russia ties, your kiddin.

and weird signals we send to around the world weakening the credibility of the White House and American interests.

In your Opinion and the similarly unqualified opinions of MSM journos, not based on any facts or international events that have taken place since Trump took office.

Not a saint but shoot I would take her right now.

Not a saint but very possibly Satan! (I kid I kid). but seriously that position is just stupid Hillary had zero redeeming qualities as a candidate. She was literally the most terrible candidate the DNC could have found! She is a corporate whore that makes Trump seem principled by comparison (and that ain't easy)!

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 182

If this means they can make some money by selling my info then perhaps my internet bill out-of-pocket will come down over time.

No, it just means they'll make more money.

Here's the key idea you have to understand when you see moneyed interests enabled to make yet more money:

"Trickle down" is a metaphor for the moneyed interests pissing on your head.

Also, this.

Comment Re:Generation Z leans to the political right. (Score 1) 144

I don't know a single gen Z that is conservative, not a single one, and I live in the middle of the red-state midwest.

It's quite rare for kids to be conservative. Rarer now that schools have become progressive indoctrination facilities. People tend to become conservative around 30, once they have a job, a family, a mortgage, and generally become stakeholders in the country.

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