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Comment Re:C'mon guys, use your heads (Score 1) 519

There are 3 different replies to my post playing the "what, who me?" game with respect to the surveillance. If there was no surveillance, then a) why is the NY Times publishing info about wiretaps on Jan 20, 2017 and b) why was anyone crying about Trump being in bed with the Russians before and after the election? How did they know that aside from "anonymous intelligence sources....."? The only people who actually know the facts are all in the IC world --- but they were clearly leaking that investigation(s) were underway. Claiming "what surveillance" is a joke at this point because the entire case that Trump is a Russian Agent was based on info allegedly leaked from intelligence sources. None official or on the record, of course.

You can't have it both ways. You can't scream that you are certain Trump is in bed with the Russians and then claim there is no surveillance going on. Either he is/was an FSB agent - and the surveillance is legit and properly oversighted. Or he isn't/wasn't an FSB agent - and this is all being done for politics. There is no in between where we had legitimate suspicions, checked it out, found nothing, and stopped the surveillance. The very fact that it's still being discussed rules that possibility out.

Comment C'mon guys, use your heads (Score 2, Insightful) 519

There is less than zero chance that the President (Obama) didn't know about or sign off on this surveillance. The idea that a sitting President investigating his opponent would be done by lower level people without his knowledge is preposterous. Of course his administration (and he) knew. The question is: was the surveillance legitimate? Or was it done for political purposes?

Unless Trump really is an agent of the FSB and Russians, it's looking more and more like it's the 2nd option. And that should scare everyone no matter what party you are for. This looks like Lois Lerner pt 2 but since it's all classified behind the bureaucracy, there is no Lois to blame. Not yet, anyway.....

The only way this works out well for the previous administration is if Donald and his lackeys really are agents or really were in collusion with the Russians to throw the election. Thus far, no evidence has been presented and even James Clapper says there is nothing there. So why is this Russian thing still in the news? Politics. Which begs the question: was this investigation/wiretapping done for political reasons? If so, Obama and his admin have some explaining to do.

Comment Better solution idea (Score 1) 415

Instead of storing your keypass file directly on the clous drive, have you considered using Cryptomator? (or another similar tool). It creates an encrypted container on your cloud drive where you can store your keypass.db file.

I am sure Keypass crypto is strong but I don't like the idea of storing naked Keypass db files in the cloud. Bad actors are just one password away from the keys to the kingdom. With cryptomator (or similar), they would have to also decrypt the container file before they could even get to keypass db.

Comment Heres how to Keypass on the cloud....safely (Score 1) 415

Use cryptomator on your cloud of choice (google drive, dropbox, whatever). Cryptomator sets up an encrypted volume on cloud drives, much like Truecrypt and Veracrypt. Now store your keypass.db file in that encrypted volume container instead of nakedly on the cloud drive. Bonus: Cloud drives, Cryptomator, and Keypass are all available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android

From a workflow perspective, you enter your cryptomator password to open the encrypted folder and then you will enter your Keypass master password to open Keypass. If you are lazy, you can save the Cryptomator pass so it opens every time and just enter the Keypass password. This is particularly helpful for phones.

Sidenote: I am not affiliated with any of the above. Just a happy user that it all works so nice together -- and across my many devices.

Comment Funny....who knew that? (Score 1) 447

You stated: It's been known for fucking months that US security services were keeping a damned close eye on Russian communications. I have a question: Who knew? I know lots of people speculated but this stuff is Top Secret. It is not for public consumption by design. So again, who actually knew anything?

Please understand that I know everyone has an opinion of what happened or who was being investigated for what. But only the FISA courts know who is being surveilled in this manner. This type of thing is exactly why FISA was created in the first place. It's purpose was to give accountability to covert surveillance so it isn't used for political purposes or against US citizens without a damn good reason.

The only way the opposition leader of a party (Donald Trump) gets investigated as a Soviet foreign agent - a real one - is if the President himself (Obama) signs off on it. There is no way in hell that investigation goes on without his express permission because of how it looks and the precariousness the situation during the election.

Either the surveillance was rogue or it went through the FISA court and has documentation (like probable cause, etc). If surveillance was rogue, Obama and his administration have a huge problem. And if it was approved and no evidence was found, then why are we still talking about it?

Comment Re:Wrong (Score 1) 564 much do you charge for your time? Did you consider the cost of your 5-pass erase in your estimate? I ask because CD's are about $.01 a piece and they have machines that can crank them out by the 1000's automatically and with no user interaction.

Comment Wrong (Score 2) 564

Unit for unit, on small runs, cassette tape is WAY cheaper than any other medium. You are wrong. Cassettes are not less expensive than pressing out a stack of CD's. If you aren't seeing that, you should find another outfit to press your CD's.

By every possible measure, CD's accomplish everything cassettes do and they do it better. I, literally, cannot think of one feature that makes cassettes better except that maybe they archive longer because they are magnetic vs optical.

Comment The real story here..... (Score 5, Interesting) 531

This new narrative is doing nothing more than trying to lay the groundwork for later action. You see, if information can be labeled "fake" - using whatever standard they plan to use - then the next logical step is to put legal limits on the "fake" information.

Ultimate, AM talk radio will be the in the gunsights. The left is PISSED that their usual main stream media tricks and gotchas didn't work this time so instead of changing their message, they want to change the rules of the "news" game.

P.S. It won't work. They blew their wad on Trump and now nobody believes what they say anymore.

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