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Comment Re:Wrong (Score 1) 564

Duuuuuude.....how much do you charge for your time? Did you consider the cost of your 5-pass erase in your estimate? I ask because CD's are about $.01 a piece and they have machines that can crank them out by the 1000's automatically and with no user interaction.

Comment Wrong (Score 2) 564

Unit for unit, on small runs, cassette tape is WAY cheaper than any other medium. You are wrong. Cassettes are not less expensive than pressing out a stack of CD's. If you aren't seeing that, you should find another outfit to press your CD's.

By every possible measure, CD's accomplish everything cassettes do and they do it better. I, literally, cannot think of one feature that makes cassettes better except that maybe they archive longer because they are magnetic vs optical.

Comment The real story here..... (Score 5, Interesting) 531

This new narrative is doing nothing more than trying to lay the groundwork for later action. You see, if information can be labeled "fake" - using whatever standard they plan to use - then the next logical step is to put legal limits on the "fake" information.

Ultimate, AM talk radio will be the in the gunsights. The left is PISSED that their usual main stream media tricks and gotchas didn't work this time so instead of changing their message, they want to change the rules of the "news" game.

P.S. It won't work. They blew their wad on Trump and now nobody believes what they say anymore.

Comment Not likely....here's what would probably happen (Score 2) 497

The idea that Clinton and Co. would use the agreed-upon process outlined in the Constitution to affect change is naive at best and laughable at worst. Over the last 8 years, the Democratic party (and their media collaborators) have shown the world that the "ends justify the means" and they have no time for building consensus. It's their way or the highway. And with gun-control, doubly-so.

Many of us have no doubt that Clinton and Co would use every part of government to enforce her brand of gun control.

Comment Get ready..... (Score 1) 499

It may be vital but the US Media "establishment" is going to change. If they don't, they will become increasingly irrelevant and out of touch, eventually going out of business (or existing on the margins).

Parent post is right - the media shredded all of the trust they had left when they went in the tank against Trump. They didn't even try to hide it so now they can't claim "we're objective seekers of truth" anymore. Everyone - and I mean everyone - knows the gig is up. Change is a comin'

Comment You misunderstand what happened last night (Score 1) 2837

Don't you get it? The whole government/media democrat machine has been outed and destroyed. Don't be surprised if when you move.....your neighbors don't really want to be friends with you.

For 8 years, lots of good people have had to put up with the worst of Obama/Democrat/Media. That will not be soon forgotten.

Comment Since slasdot is going to engage (Score 1) 548

Since Slashdot is now pushing sketchy political stories, does that mean they are part of the disgusting relationship between the Democrats and the press? Are they "just another mouthpiece" now? Outlets such as ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, HuffPo.....and others (how many?) have shown - in writing - they are colluding with the Democratic party and its operatives. The Podesta emails show it's one big revolving door and far from being a suspicious press, it has become the mouthpiece of the Democratic party. This is hardly refutable anymore. Read the Podesta emails.

So my question is this: Is Slashdot one of those outlets now? It's not as crazy as it sounds when the chief campaign officer (Podesta) is regularly emailing and meeting with Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook), Mark Zuck (facebook), Eric Schmidt, and many other tech luminaries in order to shape hearts and minds. It appears to be standard operating procedure to plant/trend/or tilt trends, news, or anything that might help the Democrats (or a favored group) get the message out.

I ask again: Is Slashdot part of this now?

Comment Easy solution (Score 2) 310

Call the police and have the police arrest them -- because growing weed and making meth are illegal regardless of where it's being done (sans marijuana legal states). Obviously, private property rights aren't unlimited but running a drug lab in your home is a far cry from taking a few bucks from tourists for glorified house sitting.

It's clear to me that this is just the rent seekers (hotel owners) trying to keep the competition out (the AirBnB model). It has nothing to do with safety or property rights issues except that the hotel owners have employed their local politicians to help them pass the necessary laws. It's pretty obvious what is going on, no?

Comment No, its whiny jealous people (Score 1) 259

In the USA, we have all kinds of "rich" people. We have old money, new money, white collar money, blue collar money, and everything in between. In fact that's the thing that makes America great: anyone from any background has the opportunity to make it big and make themselves (and their families) as rich as they can imagine.

The stereotypes you hear on Slashdot about rich and wealthy people are just that.....stereotypes. IMHO, stereotypes aren't much use in this area because of the distribution of rich and wealth people. They range from selfless altruists to psychopathic narcissists and everything in between so trying to stereotype them into one group is impossible.

Hope this helps.

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