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Comment There are some interesting ramifications. (Score 2) 123

We once had machinery that did computations (example: adding machines). It seemed natural to try to model the brain as a complex machine then.

We once had electronic circuits designed to perform calculations (example: Enigma). It seemed natural to try to model the brain as a complex electronic device.

We now routinely use silicon integrated circuits to perform calculations (example: the IBM PC-XT). It seems natural now to try to model the brain as a complex general computing device.

The take-away point I get from this is that we may need another revolutionary technology or two (fully three-dimensional integrated circuits? IC's based on carbon instead of silicon?) before we can model the sentient mind as similar to an artificially created device. Such advances may also be required before we can create (invent?) a true "artificial intelligence".

Submission + - Zuckerberg sues hundreds of Hawaiians to force property sales to him. (

mmell writes: Apparently, owning 700 acres of land in Hawaii isn't enough — Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, has filed suit to force owners of several small parcels of land to sell to the highest bidder. The reason? These property owners are completely surrounded by Zuckerberg's land holdings and therefore have lawful easement to cross his property in order to get to theirs.

Many of these land owners have held their land for generations, but seemingly Mr. Zuckerberg can not tolerate their presence so close to his private little slice of paradise. Landowners such as these came to own their land when their ancestors were "given" the land as Hawaiian natives.

If successful in his "quiet title" court action, Mr. Zuckerberg will finally have his slice of Hawaii's beaches and tropical lands without having to deal with the pesky presence of neighbors who were on his land before he owned it. Who knew that Hawaiians were just another kind of Native Americans?

Comment M$ fanboi has got mod points. (Score 0) 59

Notice that this entire thread has been downmodded.

That's okay - I've got karma to burn, and if M$ shills choose to employ Trumpian tactics, well . . . they should go after someone with serious complaints instead of a bunch of comedians like us. Now I know how Alec Baldwin and the cast of SNL feel. It's good to know that we engendered such a response in one of Redmond's minions. Next, we'll be hearing how this could be fixed by not relying on name services for host resolution - after all there's got to be a better way.

(Waiting for my pet troll to answer, assuming he still has an internet connection)

Submission + - Toy inspired medical centrifuge costing under 1 dollar

colinwb writes: Stanford researchers (link has video) have developed a human-powered medical centrifuge, costing 20 cents, based on a whirligig children's toy. As proof of concept, it can separate malaria parasites from blood cells in 15 minutes, and the parasites can be identified using a cheap microscope previously reported on Slashdot.

A Nature article and video, with useful caveats about whether this will actually be used, and a full description with diagrams and seriously impressive mathematics. They've also applied for a Guinness World Record of the fastest rotational speed from a human-powered device: 125,000 rpm.

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