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Comment Re: So let me get this straight . . . (Score 1) 507

Indeed. At least I'm not blindly loyal to a man-child who believes himself smarter and better informed than our nation's intelligence personnel - or have your drugs left you delusional enough to believe that Trump is right and everyone in both the CIA and the NSA are wrong? Or perhaps your fanaticism is a symptom of a deeper problem. Drug induced psychosis, maybe?

Comment Re: As opposed to a great American . . . (Score 0) 58

So . . . Trump is little better than Obama Lite? Good to know. That explains the skin color, at least.

"Barak got to do it. Why can't I?". Donny, are you sure Barak is allowed to do that? You know how your parents feel about you lying. And tell me - if Barak jumped off a cliff, would you?

Comment Re:Why so many leftists? (Score 1) 507

Trump just had a great meeting w/ Netanyahu, and you think that someone who makes snide remarks against Jews would be his propaganda minister?

Okay, I give - who is his propaganda minister? Whoever it is, he's not too bright.

Trump is proud of his Jewish support

which explains

Jared Kushner is about as loved by him as by Netanyahu

The day he decides he no longer need the international money men, his daughter will get a divorce and be welcomed back into the arms of her local Christian community (that, or be disowned) - and Jared Kushner will be just another tool, used until he has no further use for the Trump regime. Of course, Trump's supporters will be overjoyed on that day; for now, they'll just follow their leader and accept the need to keep up appearances.

Comment Re:Process already in place for fake Trump tweets (Score 1) 507

Obvious solutions such as banning a religion, implementing theology-based ideology testing, deportation squads, threatening to lock up political opponents, governing based on alternative facts, declining to receive accurate intelligence data on a regular basis, seeking to restart the nuclear arms race, campaigning when he should be governing, issuing decrees (executive orders) to replace the rule of law, considering the news media to be the opposition party, monetizing the presidency, . . .

Comment So let me get this straight . . . (Score 1) 507

When Barak H. Obama kept classified information secure, that was bad. When Hilary R. Clinton set up and used a private email server, that was tantamount to treason. When Donald J. Trump knowingly and intentionally ignores basic security precautions and uses an old Android phone to tweet any random thought inspired by breitbart and infowars, that's transparency.

Well, I guess your handle says it all.

Speaking of Trump and security . . .

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