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Comment because nobody actually cares? (Score 1) 435

I'm sure it's been said before, but IMHO what went wrong is that nobody fucking cares that much about 3D. I think it's NEAT, but not compelling. Every time there's a choice between seeing a movie in 2D or 3D i pick 3D, and i'm like "mmmyeah that's kinda neat" but then AFTERWARD there's no memory if it being any more compelling than a 2D movie, in fact what i remember most was "it was a little darker (nits) than it should have been".

Comment Doesn't FLIC do all this? (Score 1) 52

I got me these flic buttons to control my LIFX bulbs, but they could be programmed to do literally anything a script on your computer could do, or anything from dozens of included IoT plugins... I think the only difference is that FLIC requires a computer or other device to act as go-between (doesn't connect directly to your wifi)

Comment wait a second (Score 3, Interesting) 123

i thought the point of this error 53 was to purposely render your data inaccessible in the case where the touchID had been tampered with? when i read about it, i was like, the people that are whining about this don't fully understand security, that this bricking thing is actually good, cuz a bad guy could replace a real touch sensor with a compromised one, then unlock the phone with a fake fingerprint. now, with this "fix", it seems a bad guy could do exactly that? i'm sure i'm missing something.

Comment Who Killed the Electric Car? (Score 2) 659

Did you see the movie? The oil companies and other incumbents want it dead. They bought all the patents they could get their hands on for the components of electric cars but the much of the proverbial cat was already out of the bag. However, they already own just about everything related to hydrogen fuel and it's pipeline. So they're pulling out all the stops to kill the electric car.

Comment Myst series, FEZ (Score 1) 669

With Obduction coming out (next year?), I thought I'd go play the entire Myst series. And can i just say WOW? MYST was great. Then RIVEN was BETTER! Then (skipping 3 and 4, not on steam) "End of Ages" was AWESOME, then OMG "URU: Complete Chronicles" just makes my head explode with awesomeness! And if you like 8 bit platformers, and insanely difficult puzzles, then you'll love FEZ.

Submission + - Please sign so Obama must take a position on warrantless email/text searches (

davecotter writes: From Cory Doctorow via BoingBoing: Holmes from Fight for the Future writes, "Think local police in America should be able to read your emails and texts without a warrant? No? Well right now they can. Want to fix that? Then please sign this 'We the People' petition asking Obama for a response. It's at 70,000 signatures and it needs 100,000 by tomorrow for a response. It's tantalizingly close. Once the petition hits 100,000 signatures, Obama must take a position, and movement in Congress becomes much more likely."

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