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Comment Re:The answer to malvertising (Score 2, Insightful) 109

"Make sites responsible for the ads they carry."

I disagree. If a website is open, so visitors can protect themselves by using ad blockers or other filters, they should not be held responsible for third party content. They should only be responsible for the content they provide directly.

But, if a website forces visitors to disable ad blockers (or filters of any sort) before using their site, they should then be held responsible for any malfeasance due to all content they provide, directly or indirectly.

Comment Re:I'm shocked. (Score 1) 528

Microsoft's response to a user report of a non-functional widget was misleading. Microsoft disabled the backend service, so the widget no longer works. The widget is still present in Win7 (right click desktop, select Gadgets, select Weather), but it will simply open and display "Cannot connect to service." The loss of advertised functionality had nothing to do with a user giving permission.

Comment Re:Read again - reality is fixed for transfer (Score 1) 180

But, in a very real sense, taxes are passed on to the consumer. In the pricing analysis, they're little different than an addition to the cost of goods, and therefore effect the price/profit curve. If corporations maximize profit, the selling price will change as taxes change, even if not dollar for dollar.

Comment Re:Current U.S. corporate tax equally fraudulent (Score 1) 180

"so your argument is that one of the Big 5 software companies in the US should close it's US operations and hire somewhere cheaper."

No, you're simple mindedly begging the question. It's not just cost, it's also benefits. There's a reason Apple is building a new headquarters in the US and not in India or Ireland, where it could have been built cheaper.

And since when is Apple a "software company?" The majority of their revenue is from selling hardware, and scraping the cream off of third-party media and app sales..

Comment Re:Since neither is getting elected (Score 1) 248

"But the Constitution does impose a voting system"

No, it doesn't. The Constitution gives the States the power of deciding how to choose Presidential electors.

Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress

Senators are "from each State, elected by the people thereof," and Representatives are "chosen every second Year by the People of the several States..."

The Constitution imposes no particular system of voting, that is up to the States.

Comment Re:Current U.S. corporate tax equally fraudulent (Score 1) 180

"American Revolution was fought over a puny tax, what was it 3 or 4%?"

No, it was fought over taxation without representation. The modern US has voted themselves a dole, which costs taxpayer dollars, and more (debt for our children). Of course, the military budget is a large part (as much as the next 12 countries' budgets combined), but taxpayers continue to support the US being the world's policeman. I'm all for reducing federal taxes to 3-4%, but the other voters want their "entitlements", pork and security theater.

Comment Re:Current U.S. corporate tax equally fraudulent (Score 1) 180

"What is fraudulent is calming [sic] that the government really deserves 39% of a companies earnings."

In contrast to a company which has a gross margin of 39%? Funny how those numbers match exactly, isn't it? People buy Apple products at a premium. It costs a premium to live in and operate a company in the US. You deserve what you sign up for.

Comment Re:I'm shocked. (Score 1) 528

"updates onto Win10 systems, and that the user is required to accept them, and that some of those updates may change or remove functionality"

Like they didn't do that on Win7? I used to have a desktop weather widget, which MS removed without specifically asking, because apparently|weatherunderground|whoever was a security threat.

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