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Comment Where do you think IT managers come from? (Score 1) 694

Student cheats way through college CS courses. Then cheats way into getting first software development job. Soon after that, colleagues discover he can't code worth a damn, but but bullshits with the bosses, gets promoted into management. Company pays for evening/weekend MBA program. Repeat cheating exercise, complete MBA. Get promoted to CIO.


Visual Studio 2010 Forces Tab Indenting 390

An anonymous reader writes "For years, Microsoft has allowed Visual Studio users to define arbitrary tab widths, often to the dismay of those viewing the resultant code in other editors. With VS 2010, it appears that they have taken the next step of forcing tab width to be the same as the indent size in code. Two-space tabs anyone?"

Man Sues Neighbor For Not Turning Off His Wi-Fi 428

Scyth3 writes "A man is suing his neighbor for not turning off his cell phone or wireless router. He claims it affects his 'electromagnetic allergies,' and has resorted to being homeless. So, why doesn't he check into a hotel? Because hotels typically have wireless internet for free. I wonder if a tinfoil hat would help his cause?"

Comment Re:Best reply so far, I've done this (Score 2, Informative) 165

Yep, this is a situation where attorneys pay off. When selling a company ($1M - $5M) I tell people to prepare to pay $15K to $50K for a transaction attorney, but an IP attorney will probably run more. Buyers will try last minute tricks to cut the price in half or more so an experienced lawyer is a must.

While I'm at it... Some other comments have said a broker wants 6%, that's only for a quite big deal (assuming some variant of a sliding Lehman scale is used). Even in the $1Million range 10% is common (even 15% in some states like Florida).

Another commenter said something about getting MBA students involved. No way. This stuff is way, way above a student class project.

Comment Best reply so far, I've done this (Score 3, Informative) 165

The poster is going to have to find someone who has been through this and get referrals. Sorry, that means meeting people and using social skills. Emailing potential buyers probably won't help because if you don't know any people in the space, you also don't know how to communicate with them out of the blue; you'll probably put them off, if they read your message at all.

Get an attorney who has experience doing these types of deals, this has saved me from failed deals. The guy who did Daddy & Mommy's will or plays golf with Uncle Barney or whatever isn't the way to go.

Trying to sell your company through one of the hundreds of business for sale websites brings tire kickers and scam replies. Going to the local business brokerage franchise (basically a bunch of commission-only out-of-work real estate salesmen) is usually a dead end for this type of thing, they won't grasp what you are selling, but they will have free balloons for the kiddies.

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