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Comment Re:Canon or Nikon (Score 1) 569

The autofocus seems to take roughly same time on the one's I've had in the last 6 years

This is the reason why missus doesn't use our point-n-shoot anymore. When you are taking pictures from kids SLR is clear winner since you get picture taken when you want it, not when the camera has pondered the situation enough and situation is allready over....


Submission + - Intel releases 32nm CPUs for desktop, mobile (

Vigile writes: Just ahead of the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show Intel has announced a staggering number of new products including new processors and chipsets for both consumer desktop and mobile platforms. The new Westmere architecture, that includes a 32nm dual-core processor on the same package as a combined 45nm memory controller, PCI Express and integrated Intel graphics chip, is known as Clarkdale on the desktop and is aimed at mainstream markets. Performance of the new Core i5-661 processor is modest though improved multimedia options like true uncompressed 7.1 channel audio and dual-stream Blu-ray make it a reasonable HTPC option. On the mobile side, the Core i5-540M Arrandale processor combines the same features but makes a much stronger case for itself with improved performance and lower power consumption (longer battery life) than previous generation Core 2 solutions.

Comment Re:Only one question... (Score 1) 262

The N900 is good, but I think eventually Android development is going to catch up to the iPhone and have good commercial games. The N900 probably never will (well, aside from emulators and Quake). Its like the difference between buying a PSP and a GP2x, the GP2x is more hacker friendly, both have similar feature-sets, but you are going to get better quality games on the PSP at the expense of not being able to run a few nifty apps (assuming a non-hacked PSP). Community driven projects are great at making emulators, ports of old UNIX games (look at the 100,000 versions of nethack out there) but for new, full featured games that are more than a tech demo, you usually have to go with a commercial OS. Android is good in that it will allow unofficial "shady" development (emulators) while still enticing commercial studios.

Comment Re:Only on Slashdot is this in insightful (Score 1) 502

I'm not saying that an MBA assures a good life, or an engineering degree prevents one. I am arguing that from the sample size I have seen:

1. Damn hard working, ridiculously smart engineers make OK money, get a little recognition if their lucky, and maybe even a 9x12 cube instead of a 9x9 one.

2. Dolts with MBA's (many of them also with engineering degrees, though often shoddy engineers who had to go to plan B) often easily slip into some form of management, start life with a 9x12 cube, and get heaps of recognition when projects succeed (usually despite, not because, of their "leadership").

Just my distilled observations from 10 years in the trenches.

The most heartbreaking example I witnessed while at HP/Agilent was seeing one of they most amazing engineers I'd ever met take early retirement in disgust. He is the holder of many patents, and was the driving force behind numerous kick-ass microwave instruments (i.e. ones they were huge money making platforms for a decade or more). As the story goes his wife, who was originally hired on as a secretary as part of his recruitment, had worked her way up through management. She was not a bad manager, but nothing special either, and was making 2x what he was making as the best damn engineer in the company (at least in the top 1%, and widely recognized as such).

Just saying that the incentives as they stand today are against someone smart going into science and engineering. If you do the math, as smart hard working dude can make a lot more, and be a lot less stressed going for the MBA track, than if they go the science or engineering routes. Once you add in the relative portability of an MBA, versus being a pigeon holed expert in a corner of engineering, the MBA starts to look a lot better.

Comment Re:Illusion (Score 1) 477

China's desire to control its exchange rate isn't just advantageous for them, its good for us (those of us in westernized countries) too. If it wasn't for their exchange rate, we wouldn't be able to buy all the cheap products we have today. Flat screen monitors, computers, hell even little dinky plastic parts would be much more expensive. As much as we may not like our money flowing into the east, I highly doubt anyone here would be willing to give up the lifestyle that cheap Chinese products has provided us.

Comment Re:It's OK when it's You (Score 1) 220

You're doing something wrong, as you only need to give Software Update your password once when installing multiple system updates. Unless you have an incredibly slow internet connection, perhaps, and it takes so long to download the updates that the authentication expires?

Submission + - MechWarrior: Living Legends enters Public Beta (

Fireye writes: After several years in development, the fan-made Mechwarrior addon for Crysis has entered a public Beta phase! Featured are a smattering of Clan and Inner Sphere Battlemechs, along with Aerospace fighters and Tanks. While it's clear that there's a lot of work yet to be done, the game offers new hope to a somewhat stalled series. Until Smith and Tinker's Mechwarrior sees the light of day, this is the best bet for any Mech Jock to get his or her fix! Catch some of the gameplay here.

Submission + - GM rolls the last big block V-8 off the line (

DesScorp writes: "It's the end of an era in auto technology, as the very last big block V-8 engine from GM has rolled off the production line. The L18 engine was the last variant of an engine that had been in continuous production for over 50 years. The big blocks powered everything from the classic muscle cars of the 60's and 70's, to heavy duty trucks today. News last June triggered a rush of orders for the engine. The Buffalo News reported "When GM said last June the L18 would be eliminated by year’s end, the announcement triggered another show of devotion to the product. Some customers ordered two years’ worth of L18s, to put on the shelf for future use". More than 5 million big blocks have been produced over the engine's history."

Submission + - SPAM: AstLinux Released!

voiptoday writes: AstLinux is a custom Linux distribution centered around Asterisk, the Open Source PBX. Although Asterisk remains the core focus, other VoIP applications such as OpenSIPS and FreeSWITCH are also available. AstLinux has many features that make it ideal for embedded and commercial Asterisk based solutions.
Link to Original Source

Submission + - OSU Pres Cans Anthrax Vaccine Research on Primates (

Wrath0fb0b writes: OSU President Burns Hargis has abruptly canceled an NIH-funded study on an anthrax vaccine on primates, who would then have to be euthanized. Suspicion that the decision was meant to appease large donor Madeleine Pickens, the wife of noted huntsman T. Boone Pickens, who had previously pressured the school over animal-rights issues. Scientists counter that the study was approved by the NIH peer-review process, the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) and subject to the Federal Animal Welfare Act (by virtue of using NIH money) and that the decision by the President is short-circuited months of planning and deliberation on the matter.

Hargis has denied being influenced by Pickens and cited "confidential factors" that he couldn't discuss, telling the faculty council that "to go through every lurid detail is simply not prudent". A post on Pickens' blog, on the other hand, obliquely takes credit for the "great decision", noting the a faculty hunch that ""generous benefactor to OSU and her ties to the Humane Society of the United States may have played a role in the termination of the project". Meanwhile, the NIH expressed displeasure at the decision, releasing a statement that stated "NIH fully expects institutions to honor these assurances and commitment to complete NIH supported projects as requested, approved and funded". Some OSU scientists speculated that the fiasco would make it harder for them to receive NIH funding in the future.

Read more:
Angry reaction:
More angry reaction:
School responds:
Pickens' blog post:


Submission + - The Chinese Route to a Web Free of Porn (

An anonymous reader writes: Despite waves of glamouring campagins based upon concepts like "for the children", "the western web" as a whole provides little to no isolation of pornography. Which is why the chinese are now marching their way to a place where no countries have been to: a web without porn. Recent regulations include closing down "vulgar" mobile sites, disconnecting "obscene" servers & restricting domain registrations. Yet the breaking news for monday is they are planning to enforce a whitelist on foreign domains: in particular, any e-commerce will have to register locally and obey chinese law before they get "whitelisted". Domains will otherwise be "irresolvable" to chinese internet users. Meanwhile the government is promoting this campaign heavily, calling it a "fresh start". It seems the chinese will have to do without the internet, before starting to get rid of porn.

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