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Comment Re:And it's only going to get worse (Score 1) 835

"They should consist of military veterans with experience, not pudgy county mounties playing soldier and killing innocents with their ignorance and inexperience."

They are one in the same now. Seriously, where do you think a lot of the Iraq and Afghanistan vets find employment when they get back?

That's right, LAW ENFORCEMENT.

Comment Re:1 2 3 4 I declare flame war (Score 1) 976

I get so tired of seeing this crap repeated as truism. The gun manufacturers don't "own the NRA". The NRA's 2.4 *MILLION* members do.

The reason further gun control has such trouble passing is that a majority of the people in our Republic don't _wan't_ it. Even Bloomberg and the millions upon millions he's spent can't sway public opinion enough.

If you were to combine all the members of every anti-gun group in the United States it still wouldn't be as high as the NRA, it's not even close.

Fun fact, you realize that Bloomberg spent more money trying to influence "gun control" in the United States last year than the entire gun lobby gave to the NRA?

Are you going to bitch him and his gun control agenda because he's spending millions and millions on it or is that cool because you happen to agree with his message?

Comment Re:I think that's all college students (Score 1) 823

Your "Go Big Red" comment was very confusing.

In the MidWest and Rocky Mountains "GBR" is almost exclusively referring to the Nebraska CornHusker's and their various sports teams.

I don't know if their use of GBR pre-dates Cornell's but you should be aware that it apparently has regional contexts.

Oh, and UNL has a kickass EE program.

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