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Comment Re:Pepe? Sounds Mexican. (Score 1) 392

Probably yes. Also out this week is: MSNBC calling Star Wars racist, Darth Vader, the main villain is black Make fun of that black multi-millionaire football player who would not stand up for the National Anthem is racist.

I am glad that you recognize the parody I was making unlike some people. We are all one race, the human race. We need to stop using these stupid labels. African American is a stupid label. Africa is a continent and if neither you or your parents were from another country, you are just an American. In fact, unless if you are born in another country and immigrated to the US, you are just an American regardless of what ethnicity you think you are.

Comment Re:Pepe? Sounds Mexican. (Score 1) 392

Does the ADL hate Mexicans

No idea.

If so, does that not make them racist?

A racist is a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another.

The term 'Mexican' does not identify race, but rather ethnicity, culture and national heritage.

In short, no.

*WOOOSH* Your definition of racism is flawed. Racism is not just where someone believes a race is superior to another. You also fail to recognize the racism that Mexicans face every day. You also missed the opportunity to realize that there is actually only one race of humans and that the "racial" groups were invented by racist european scientists to justify their ethnic hatred and belief that they have a right to "own" people of other "races" as slaves.

Humans of various ethnicities can interbred with each other producing viable offspring. We all have the same basic set of genes with slight variation within our nuclear DNA. The only think people have to watch out for are blood factors and closeness of relatedness. Blood factors can be treated at this point.

Comment Re:Totally. (Score 1) 122

I assumed they must be Chinese. Who else could claim ownership of the US "our country"?

Wait, so you don't consider it to be your country? Maybe that is why your country is so screwed up if you do not think of yourself as having "ownership" of it. You think the problems are for someone else to solve.

Comment Re:Cool, and no 4K content (Score 0) 207

The upscaling is pretty impressive. A good 4k upscaler looks significantly better on the same 1080 source. That said, 1080p give a pretty sharp picture in it's won right. I don't think 4k is very noticeable in typical size family room (i.e. viewing from 10-14 ft away) unless you have a 75" or larger TV. Similarly, if you have 42" or smaller TV 720p is probably OK unless you are sitting 6 ft away from it.

Not this again? Listen, not everyone lives in the burbs in a huge house with a "family room". Many live in condos downtown where a TV cannot be 10-14 feet away so a 55" 4k TV is noticeable.

Comment No, what is stupid is upgrading from HDTV TO OLED (Score 2) 207

I have seen uninitiated consumers tricked into buying last year's inventory of 3D or OLED HD 1080p sets for the same price as a 4k TV. They are convinced by the salesman that the they should spend over 1k on a slightly better picture (OLED) or gimmicky 3D TVs that will only work with 3D bluray discs. They are that you cannot see the difference in 4k because there is no content. There is 4k Netflix, 4k Youtube and 4k Bluray already and most sets now do a great job upscaling 1080 content.

If you have a small condo in the city, you do not need a 60 inch TV and if you are getting one, you should not be getting a 1080p model at this point regardless if it is OLED or curved. You are better off with a 4k model now. I have a 55" 4k samsung that I am still happy with even though it is a year old model with 4k Netflix but only 1080p youtube. I can use my laptops to drive it to 4k and watch Youtube that way. My 4k Samsung is an awesome 4k monitor.

Comment Re:Universe is a Simulation (Score 1) 289

For Musk, this isn't just a *theory*: it's fairly obvious he's using the cheat system. ;)

The codes are found in a book composed of many books. It was dictated over generations to various writers by the the one who wrote the system. He came to the Earth and one point but the local inhabitants treated him poorly and killed him not realising that his death would result in the start of a reset of the system. The initial parts of the shutdown process have already begun.

Comment Re:My favorite from TFA... (Score 1) 194

I can't believe ANYONE associated with this dev could think this was a good idea. It's possible you could have a user or two make serious threats, but 100? Sorry, didn't happen.

And if you make games so bad as to inspire 100 people to send you death threats, maybe you should re-evaluate your chosen career...

I am sorry but shouldn't the people who make those sorts of threats be placed in a mental facility to have their head examined? Would a sane person make a death threat over a game? Steam should have banned the users making threats. The customer is not always right.

Comment Re:No Carmack? (Score 1) 113

Well you guys objected when we called you nazi scum, so we had to think up a new name...

National SOCIALIST WORKER PARTY is right wing now? All regimes with NAZI tactics and behaviours so far in the past have been socialist. Are you confusing fascists (Italian) with the NAZI? The latter grew out of the union movement and first met in gay bars. Hitler was being given female hormones by his doctor.

Comment Re:linux etc (Score 2, Informative) 585

-- Progressivism (aka US 'Liberalism'): Ideas so good they need a police/surveillance-state to enforce.

May I suggest an Honest tag line? Liberalism: Ideas so good they require an end to the world's largest prison state that has supported fascism for so many years.

Please read 1984. It is a warning against English Socialism. The party in the story is called IngSoc which is New Speak for English Socialism incase you could not figure that out. Political Correctness is the New Speak of today.

Comment Re:From TFA (Score 0, Troll) 323

How about almost every climatology study done in the last forty years?

I tell you what. If you don't think AGW is real, why don't you explain where all the energy being absorbed by CO2 in the atmosphere is going. Are you advocating the "magic heat sink back into space" theory?

What do you think trees and other plants breath? What do you think the earth did before humans existed when a volcano erupted spewing many times more so-called "greenhouse" gasses into the atmosphere?

If you are really paranoid about this stuff, go out there and plant some more trees. Or shut the hell up.

Comment Re:Where will the money go? (Score 0) 58

Why doesn't the $170K go directly to the school district? I doubt the FCC has anything to do with ensuring the school districts budgets are compensated.

Are you expecting the victims to be compensated? That does not happen with civilian victims either. The government agencies love to enrich themselves from the misery of others.

Comment Re:The basest, vilest (Score -1, Troll) 1017

Sounds like a form of Treason if true. Inviting a foreign nation tho cyber-attack America and/or Americans... can;t believe people actually are willing to vote for this piece of garbage

Treason? Do you mean like having secret government emails on a home server? Like knowingly allowing soldiers and an Ambassador to die in Benghazi and then blaming it all on a Youtube video?

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