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Comment Re: No complaints here (Score 1) 373

OH fucking bullshit. No, the skeptics aren't just asking for evidence, they spend pretty much the entirety of any diatribe attacking scientists, denying evidence, and promoting completely ludicrous an unscientific claims.

CO2 has been known to have the properties it does for over one hundred fucking years. There is absolutely nothing fucking controversial about increasing PPM of CO2 leading to increased trapping of energy (heat) in the lower atmosphere and surface of the planet.

And you're right, I have a particularly loathing for anyone, either out of ignorance or malice, who attacks science. Such people are vile.

Are you finished? Do you feel better? All I see is irrational histrionics and name calling. You are not making your case very well.

Comment Re:A Bit Of Racism Here, No? (Score 1) 249

The Holy Crusades were not an attempt at world domination? What about Britain's colonization of every continent in the world? What about America's "Manifest Destiny" and "American Exceptionalism"? Seems like you're OK with world domination as long as you're on the dominating side.

The crusades occurred "after" all of the christian lands had been conquered and Muslims were already invading Spain. They Muslim crusaders had already been on the offensive for 4 centuries.

Comment Re:A Bit Of Racism Here, No? (Score 0) 249

So if you are travelling to the U.S. or the UK from "The Good Airports", nobody bothers you. Try to fly from Istanbul to New York or LA, though, and you are stripped of your electronics for the entire duration of the long flight? What if you are a businessperson who needs to work while on the plane? What if you have concerns about putting a 2,500 Dollar laptop full of your private data in your luggage, where it may break or become lost, rather than carrying it on your person? And what precisely can go into a Laptop or Smartphone that is sooo well hidden that airport X-Ray scanners don't see it? Plus: Wouldn't would-be attackers be smart enough to get on a plane from a "Good Airport" as opposed to a "Bad Airport" after such a ban? Am I missing something about the point of this ban?

Is communism a race? Islam is an ideology bent on world domination. Go read their handbook. There are Christians from every tribe and race on the planet almost but do you see anyone screaming racism when Christians are attacked? Why not?

Comment Re:WTF (Score 2, Informative) 249

It only applies to countries that are part of Trump's Muslim ban. The US government must have offered the UK something to follow suit and give their scheme legitimacy... We are kind of desperate with Brexit coming up and a desperate need for trade deals.

It's disgusting, we shouldn't be entertaining it.

Choices have consequences. Which do you want? A temporary ban for non-citizens or inconveniencing all travellers? Make your choice.

Comment Choices have consequences. (Score 0) 249

The liberal judges did this. If the US is not able to implement a temporary pause on travel from countries without proper vetting in place, they have to remove certain potential attack vectors. Everyone who travels by commercial airlines suffer because of it. The rich liberals are unaffected by this because they can fly with a private jet.

Comment Climate Change or Global Warming? Which is it now? (Score 0) 171

From where I stand, we are having a lot of snow in places where we usually do not have snow. I guess my lying eyes and sense are getting in the way of me being a true believer in this settled science. Get back to me when the science on coffee, alcohol, butter etc... is settled.

From what I can tell, scientists are whores who will sell themselves to the highest bidder.

Comment Re:BeauHD! Stop!! Move Awa-a-a-ay From the Keyboar (Score 1) 143

BeauHD, trashy, salacious gossip about actresses in a SF film is still trashy and salacious gossip. You are single-handedly dragging this once-great site into depths of moronic self-parody unplumbed since the Jon Katz era. Seriously, this is like A Post Too Far. You are in need of an intervention, for the good of your entire organization.

You are still single huh? My wife picked out Leia and Han Solo cake topper for our wedding cake with signs that read "I Love You" and "I know".

Comment Re: Poor Nazis (Score 1, Insightful) 978

Mostly because of words and actions that are remarkably similar to Nazis.

For example: just about every article ever on Breitbart.

The BLM rioters and cop killers are not associated with Breitbart. The shooter at that gay club was also not associated with it either. It seems to me that actual violence is being committed by Leftwing radicals. The Nazis were after all National Socialists.

Comment Re: Trump 2016!!! (Score 1, Informative) 2837

I am anti Trump, openly liberal and I own guns. Lots.

My wife used to be anti guns until she watched W ruin the economy in 08. At that point she believed that if America elected another moron, rising unemployment/poverty would cause people to turn to crime to survive.

So you are a hypocrite who supports liberals who are anti-gun and believe that only people like you should have rights and freedoms. Do you know what we used to call those kind of people? Nazis. National "SOCIALIST" Worker Party. Interestingly, your democrats has become anti-worker and globalist.

Comment Re:Slashdot nerd (Score 1, Insightful) 365

and Trump has better odds being our next 3 presidents than I do getting married but I'll say this: No way in hell would I buy a woman a diamond engagement ring. Even without the ethical quandaries (blood diamonds anyone?) I'd still feel like a chump. I remember growing up thinking a diamond engagement ring was a 1000 year old tradition and finding out it was all made up in the 20s by marketing execs to sell diamonds.

Have you ever thought of it from her point of view? Think about what she is giving up for you. She is giving up looking for other mates. She is giving up her name. She is giving up a lot of things for love. She is choosing you over her friends. That is not to say that she would not still see her friends once in a while but when you get married, you are both supposed to make each other a priorty over your old "buddies". A diamond engagement ring is a symbol of your commitment level to the relationship.

I used to be a jaded nerd like you. Do you spend money on buying cars that depreciate in value, cannot love you back and you eventually have to replace? Do you spend thousands of dollars on technology that depreciate in value, cannot love you back and eventually breakdown or become obsolete?

How about thinking about showing your love and appreciation for the woman in your life with flowers once in a while and a diamond ring? Trust me, once you find that girl you will want to put a ring on it sooner rather than later.

Comment Re:OR! (Score 0) 365

Men only buy diamonds to woo women. Cultural shifts, however, are reducing this need in the following ways:

2) young men are becoming ever more disenchanted with traditional relationships and methods of obtaining them (it is an enormous international trend among young men these days, with no apparent cultural icons leading it...though I would speculate they are largely reacting to the divorce revolution, and the growing phenomenon of "princess syndrome" among middle class girls and women). 3) nobody has money to burn anymore, too much of it has flown too far up the class hierarchy to the super-rich, who only have so much demand for diamonds.

Social engineering worked amazingly well in an earlier cultural climate. In this one, those efforts are largely dead on arrival.

To sum it up, many men are removing themselves from the gene pool.

If you want kids, be prepared to "man up" and pursue a relationship. I used to be a man child but I realized that I had to grow up.

Dating sucks. You are not doing anyone any favours by trying to convince yourself and others that marriage is not a goal of yours. Do you want to be "forever alone" or happy with a wife that loves you? You will eventually get old and be unable to obtain dates if you do not take the plunge.

Comment Re:Again? (Score 0) 94

It's the democrats sending operatives to Trump rallies to incite violence. It's the democrats fixing their party primary for the favored candidate. It's the democrat nominee who does everything possible to escape any sort of transparency. It's the democrat nominee that wants to get us into a war with Russia.

Apparently, none of that matter if Democrats are doing it. The law does not seem to apply to them for some reason. They can also be racist or misogynist if they are supporting the LGBT in the same breath.

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