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Comment Re:no dvr capability.. limited channels.. no local (Score 1) 120

So you would rather have less functionality for everyone because you want your precious "net neutrality" bullshit.

Corrupt anti-competitive behavior is "more" functionality on what planet?

You just want unlimited data for downloading warez.

You use salt & pepper while licking those corporate boots, or do you take them black?

If you want unlimited data then you should pay extra for it. Is that not fair?

Comment Re:no dvr capability.. limited channels.. no local (Score 1) 120

I would rather not have net neutrality and be given the option of buying from my provider "a la carte" channel packages which do NOT count against my data usage. You just want unlimited data for downloading warez.

Just hope you never plan on using any content provider outside of your ISP's sphere of control, in that case. Cuz they will make competing services unusable on their networks without net neutrality. You do know that, right? Can't see that hole you're digging? Get the hell out of it then.

Your tech support call would go something this: Me: I'm having trouble getting netflix to work. Them: Sorry sir, it must be a problem with netflix, we can't help you. We can however sell you a new subscription to our guaranteed to work streaming service that's not as good as netflix, but it'll stream very good for you, because we're throttling netflix into the dirt so everyone uses our services instead! You could try another internet provider, oh, sorry, we're the only one in this area cuz we bought all our competitors.

Welcome to the world of no net neutrality.

That is what data caps are for. Or, you can pay an extra fee for unlimited data like I did. I pay 15 bucks extra for unlimited data at 25 (26) Mbits/s. That is fast enough for UHD Netflix.

Comment Re:no dvr capability.. limited channels.. no local (Score -1, Flamebait) 120

it's a limited live streaming service, not a replacement for cable or satellite television... especially cable + homerun or tivo....

and one that violates the very essence of net neutrality with at&t zero-rating this service's data on its own internet plans.

this is exactly why internet providers should ONLY BE internet providers.. not content providers, telephone companies, cable or streaming or satellite tv companies, etc etc etc.

Wow. So you would rather have less functionality for everyone because you want your precious "net neutrality" bullshit. Net neutrality prevents providers from coming out with IPTV solutions which is why your country is falling behind the rest of the world.

I would rather not have net neutrality and be given the option of buying from my provider "a la carte" channel packages which do NOT count against my data usage. You just want unlimited data for downloading warez.

Comment Re:Only Logical (Score 1) 403

Where is the Silicon Valley of Europe? What has replaced Google, Facebook, and (dare I say it) Slashdot in Europe?

Where is the innovation that is far outstripping American workers?

Prove to me why you think an average European produce more than an average American, against all studies and measures of the subject and "I am your man!"

Uh, Siemens is a european company. Nokia was also a pioneer in the cellular industry. Angry birds?

Comment Re:Shenzhou is never discussed (Score 1) 87

Thank god that you are not American. Zero chance of buying a CHinese capsule. And America needs to quit throwing their money away to Putin, let alone to China.

Wow. Congrats on confirming the stereotypes of Americas. You guys lost the innovation race because of your arrogance and stupidity. You keep of voting in idiots who you think are "cool". Unfortunately, Canada has caught that disease. Justin makes Dan Quayle look like a Rhodes scholar. He has nice hair though.

Comment Re:Won't matter anyway. (Score 0, Troll) 87

Far too many Democrats are spineless and will vote for Hillary regardless what comes to light. If you are a democrat with principles and you cannot bring yourself to reevaluate what party you belong to and vote Trump then the least you could do is not vote at all or vote for a third party.

As a Canadian, I am sad to see the joker the millennials and burned out hippies voted in as PM. The guy is clueless and arrogant. He has no respect for the working class and thinks it is OK to spend taxpayer money on lavish parties. The PM is NOT the head of state. Our head of state is the queen and her representative on the federal level is the governor general. Justin Trudeau thinks he was elected "KING" with less than 40 percent of the vote.

I think Justin was elected because seniors were disenfranchised by staff at care homes, by elections canada volunteers and I also believe many blindly voted on party lines instead of looking at leadership qualities. They should have not voted if they knew about the rigging of local riding candidate selections by Trudeau and other undemocratic moves made by the Liberals prior to the elections. The mainstream media also did not cover the destruction of election signs by NDP and Liberal supporters, the nazi graffiti painted on Conservative party campaign offices of local candidates as well as sexist threats toward female candidates. The fact is that the Conservative party fielded more women as candidates and people from more cultural backgrounds than the Liberals but the mainstream media was biased against the ruling party of the time.

Comment Re:Pepe? Sounds Mexican. (Score 1) 398

Probably yes. Also out this week is: MSNBC calling Star Wars racist, Darth Vader, the main villain is black Make fun of that black multi-millionaire football player who would not stand up for the National Anthem is racist.

I am glad that you recognize the parody I was making unlike some people. We are all one race, the human race. We need to stop using these stupid labels. African American is a stupid label. Africa is a continent and if neither you or your parents were from another country, you are just an American. In fact, unless if you are born in another country and immigrated to the US, you are just an American regardless of what ethnicity you think you are.

Comment Re:Pepe? Sounds Mexican. (Score 1) 398

Does the ADL hate Mexicans

No idea.

If so, does that not make them racist?

A racist is a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another.

The term 'Mexican' does not identify race, but rather ethnicity, culture and national heritage.

In short, no.

*WOOOSH* Your definition of racism is flawed. Racism is not just where someone believes a race is superior to another. You also fail to recognize the racism that Mexicans face every day. You also missed the opportunity to realize that there is actually only one race of humans and that the "racial" groups were invented by racist european scientists to justify their ethnic hatred and belief that they have a right to "own" people of other "races" as slaves.

Humans of various ethnicities can interbred with each other producing viable offspring. We all have the same basic set of genes with slight variation within our nuclear DNA. The only think people have to watch out for are blood factors and closeness of relatedness. Blood factors can be treated at this point.

Comment Re:Totally. (Score 1) 122

I assumed they must be Chinese. Who else could claim ownership of the US "our country"?

Wait, so you don't consider it to be your country? Maybe that is why your country is so screwed up if you do not think of yourself as having "ownership" of it. You think the problems are for someone else to solve.

Comment Re:Cool, and no 4K content (Score 0) 207

The upscaling is pretty impressive. A good 4k upscaler looks significantly better on the same 1080 source. That said, 1080p give a pretty sharp picture in it's won right. I don't think 4k is very noticeable in typical size family room (i.e. viewing from 10-14 ft away) unless you have a 75" or larger TV. Similarly, if you have 42" or smaller TV 720p is probably OK unless you are sitting 6 ft away from it.

Not this again? Listen, not everyone lives in the burbs in a huge house with a "family room". Many live in condos downtown where a TV cannot be 10-14 feet away so a 55" 4k TV is noticeable.

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