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Comment Bad input (Score 4, Insightful) 170

The touch interface sucks for a lot of things, making it a lame replacement for many things. Browsing the web is good. Games are are largely bad. Many really need a game pad or mouse style input to be decent. So while an ipad can easily run doom or quake level stuff with ease, mostly the bad control interface ruins them.

Typing sucks on a touch interface, too slow for anything beyond a few sentences at a time.

So our ipads mostly get used to watch Netflix while cooking dinner, playing music, checking news, and not much more. Much of the promise is ruined by a lack of mouse and keyboard.

Comment Re:Is this a big surprise? (Score 1) 622

Very true. It is easy to see a lower income family with an iphone and judge, but it is not fair. A fridge used to be a luxury item, now they are cheap and last forever. Smart phones are quickly turning into the same, hard to live life without one it seems.

Healthcare and just about anything that has not gone through the automation revolution has not gotten cheaper compared to median wages, rather the opposite.

Comment Re:Not a useful metric. (Score 1) 80

Selling 11 copies of something this year versus 1 last year is 1000% growth! Unless the total sold in the denominator was significant, growth is a terrible metric.

20 months ago VR headsets were developer betas only, so I would guess the number of searches relative to all porn searches was miniscule. I am willing to bet the number is still miniscule, just not quite so as before. Whoop.

Comment Welcome to the creepy valley (Score 2) 379

Until "autonomous" means exactly that, we will have people lulled into not paying attention, and a driving system that cannot handle everything that is thrown at it. The result will be crashes.

No manner of EULA, or cries of BETA will get around that predictable result.

Expecting human nature to change to match your product's limitation is a fool's journey.

Comment Argh, FU MS (Score 0) 212

Windows 7 is still no panacea either. I've kept 10 off my home box, but a simple LAN card swap (to play nice with a hackintosh install) triggered the whole authentication process with piracy accusations, and that is not resolving through the automated process. I'm using my home PC so little that I am getting close to just shelving it and being done with Windows at home entirely. I swear that I spend almost as much time waiting for updates to install as I do using it anyway.


Comment Re:Passwords are the biggest failure in technology (Score 1) 198

+1, Wish I had mod points.

Passwords in general have been obsolete for years, but not replaced. Password policies have made this worse. I have 4 different passwords and a chip card at work alone (WTF?). Dozens of websites want passwords, many of which I only need to access monthly or yearly. Many have policies that get in the way of good password practices (many have very short character limits, which is stupid beyond belief). So I readily admit I reuse the same burner password and login for many low importance sites rather than having to reset my accounts every month or three when I need access. We need better, but usually just resort to vilifying the beleaguered users who get compromised.

Comment Re:The real news here (Score 3, Insightful) 101

There should be a 10x penalty for billing errors, or some other type of real teeth.

Inevitably this stuff leads to a fine that costs less than the infraction profited, and maybe a class action lawsuit that might resolve after several years with tiny vouchers for the class members.

Short of campaign finance reform to cut out the root of the problem (lawmakers beholden to companies instead of the electorate) I don't see this or many other problems ever coming close to resolving.

Monopolies in utilities like internet access should be regulated as monopolistic utilities.

Comment Re:false comparison... (Score 5, Insightful) 771

I've never had an issue where my headphones picked up noticeable interference. Never. Mostly loud office conversations that I notice when trying to listen to music (or drown out loud office conversations to be bluntly honest)

Besides, if I did I would hear some pops and hiss, but still hear my music. Digital bit streams just cut out when interference is enough to cause bit errors.

Comment Re:Not dead yet (Score 4, Insightful) 771

It is still the lowest common denominator of video ports. When all also in the stupid conference room is mis-configured to the point of uselessness you connect to VGA. However I have not seen anyone actually request their monitor be hooked up via VGA, it is just nice to have as a last ditch option to still be able to have your meeting.

Comment Re:This is what passes for innovation (Score 2) 595

Go contract free. We shaved down to $35 a month for two phones, but both were purchased outright. I minimize could buy new phones yearly compared to what most folks pay for their monthly contract. Though in reality we funnelled the savings into a little more retirement savings. Not sexy, but neither is working well into your 60's in the tech industry.

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