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Comment New last mile problem (Score 1) 146

I think one of the frustrations people will have with autonomous cars is the lack of mind-reading for their specific preferences. Do you prefer to park in a particular section of the parking lot? Do you want to park in the shade today? Which entrance to the store/mall/school/etc do you want to go into today? Even with perfect maps it is not possible to fully know, or easily get at the subtle desires of the occupant.

The autonomous future might be rather frustrating as HAL drives past the parking spot you would have chosen, or that you have to wade through infotainment selections to pinpoint which level of the parking garage you want to go to. How about the joy of finding a way to tell a fully autonomous car to dart into a gap at the airport arrivals/departure scrum? Even having to sit in the drive way for just 1-2 minutes to key in your destination will drive a lot of folks batty. Most of us don't fire up the navigation for any routine bit of travel. Infotainment systems largely suck today, why should be expect them to get better in the future?

Call me a skeptic, but I see this as a novelty that will mostly get shut off in-town where most of the traffic is.

Comment Retire early (Score 5, Insightful) 193

Seriously, Tech is bit too wild west to trust over the long term. Live frugal and save like mad. Once you have enough money stashed away to guarantee you won't starve, then work if you want to and it all becomes extra FU money. You can't trust tech as a career beyond 50, and maybe not even to 45 in certain specialties.

Comment Re:easy fix i heard about (Score 1) 222

Yeah I honestly am curious if simply reflowing the board is adequate to fix it, or if there is damage to the IC/PCB as well that makes rework a bad idea?

We've seen these issues with many other BGA parts (Macbook Pro 2009 is a prime example), especially since RoHS compliance resulted in lead-free BGA balls being phased in. Lead BGA balls had more give and self-annealed, but these lead-free ones seem to need more babying and fatigue due to temperature cycling and flexure much more than before.

Comment Re:What's the point? (Score 2) 56

If 8 cores were standard, I think you would see game engines putting a lot of effort into making use of them. I wish the dead silicon of the GPU in my skylake was 2 more cores, it would be more value than a disabled crappy GPU in a high'ish end machine.

The current pricing for a 6 or 8 core CPU is obscene, highway robbery at its worst.

Comment Re:Stop chasing the shiny (Score 1) 161

90% of people don't operate on "needs". The other 10% are either poor (need and frugality is enforced by harsh boundary conditions), or they are headed to financial independence where they will be just as happy (or happier) as the 90% until they "retire", then be about double as happy once they hit financial inpendence and are either working on what they love, or retired entirely.

Wasting over well over a grand a year on a new shiny phone with a massive data plan so you can stream cat videos to numb the pain of their wage slavery just further traps further. Spending $60k every few year on a shiny SUV that depreciates alarmingly fast so you can sit in traffic to get to your wage slave location traps you. I could go on, but "need" is so far gone as a concept these days it is not funny.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 2) 194

We are misers, and are careful with it. $34/mo typically for 2 phones on Ting. I can't fathom wasting $120/mo for 2 lines. If I am in a quiet enough location to want to do much with my phone I can usually find WiFi. But I have never been a phone zombie. Watching TV on a small screen while walking down a noisy street is not my idea of a good time.

Comment Re:Use Only as Directed (Score 1) 290

A little discipline saves us from the scourge of emails. Nobody should be getting 100's of emails a day. 20-30 tops. Beyond that you and you are likely a micro-manager who needs to delegate and trust your employees more. Either that or you have some overly chatty people that need to be reminded to keep emails on-point and directed to just the correct recipients.

Comment Din (Score 1) 290

We have cubes that let sounds carry way too well. Often this is helpful to overhear technical discussions that I should eavesdrop on for future reference, or join into to help clear things up. The downside is that talking on the phone, or in this case recording a bunch of voice messages is very intrusive to others who are concentrating, it actually stifles a lot of discussion as we all become very aware that half the team will overheard anything above a whisper.

So unless I have a real office with a door I can shut, then no thank you.

All that said, we recently had an overseas ASIC layout guy help us through a crunch. If I could have easily done screen capture while gesturing instructions with the mouse with voice over I could have reduced the amount of time and effort it took to convey very visual oriented instructions that he needed to clearly understand while I was asleep. Much of the communications was done with a morning call (his end of day) to determine what the snags were, followed up with fresh instructions at my end of day with a status update and scribbled on screen shots. However, I only spent about an hour at most actually making up his instructions over a 2 week period, so the potential savings were not high. Much of the time was spent researching design to make sure I actually understood what the layout guy needed to do.

Comment Less crippled (Score 1) 191

I want the cheap phones to not be crippled with inadequately small storage, non-removable bloatware, and to be finally killed by pushed updates that cripple it to the point of not being able to make calls (i.e. with the bloatware updates and uses of the few remaining megabytes of storage).

Both our previous phones were through Virgin Mobile, and within about 9 months, with almost no additional apps, they became frustratingly slow and useless. So 2 years ago I plunked down way too much for an unlocked iphone 5s for the wife (about $400), and got a nexus 6 for me a year ago as they were closing out for $400. Both are overkill for us, but don't come with bloatware that cripples them, and they actually get security updates semi-regularly. We have them on Ting for $34 a month for both phones for our amount of usage. We plan to keep them that way till they die and repeat the process. It sucks that you have to overpay for overkill hardware to avoid getting an unsupported bloated POS.

Comment Miserable product (Score 1) 331

DVD's and Blu-Rays are rife with crap I can't readily skip through. So I mash at a bunch of buttons till I get past the falsely advertised "Fast-Play" previews. Now frustrated I get to my movie.

Or I go to the movie theater and end up pay $25 for the early bird special for the three of us, smuggle in some snacks, suffer through 20 minutes of previews and faux newsy crap (or get bad seats if I come later). Good movies are crowded, and cell phone glow is a frequent distraction. Theaters are not much better/worse than in my youth, but they sure feel like they price gouge worse than I remember.

So yeah, we buy just a few movies per year, and go to only 2-3 in the theaters a year. Pirates clear out all the annoying crap, while law abiding citizens like me have to suffer through all the force fed marketing crap to see a movie I just paid through the nose for.

Comment Re:2008 crisis? (Score 3, Informative) 351

Where the hell were you? The housing market crashed, but so much more went with it. Lots of folks got laid off. The lucky ones who got a new job often found that they were deep underwater in their house, even if they put 20% down.

Being part of an interlinked economy means that nobody is an island. Crappy loan products peddled to suckers can blow up a bank and take down everyone else with it. Young folks hitting the job market at that time were SOL. Colleges are not subsidized nearly like they used to be, so the same degree you have costs a lot more (usually necessitating student loans). Companies shipped all the lower end jobs overseas, taking away entry level jobs to gain experience. So the few open positions of any consequence for a few years after 2008 all required 5-10 years experience and super specific job skills.

We littered the country with a whole heap of well educated debtors that really struggled to get a decent job. Many of them did get crap jobs, and many had to go live with their parents due to the crushing debt they got that could not be serviced on a service job.

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