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Comment Re:Regardless of the girl's wishes (Score 1) 386

I am curious how an endowment/trust works for a body in this situation. Are the great-great-great grand kids supposed to keep fund going to pay for the ongoing preservation and eventual resuscitation? I mean we currently don't even have universal health care for the living, why would a popsicle be guaranteed massive charity at some future date? It is one thing to freeze her, but I can't imagine a more expensive hospital bill to thaw someone out, undo freezer burn, remove cancer, reverse cancer damage, re-animate the body, then rehab the patient. After that you would indeed be a time traveler in a very foreign land, but that seems like the easiest of the problems to solve.

Comment Re:Nope (Score 4, Interesting) 182

I see a societal split coming. Folks a bit younger than me seem to embrace the benefits that they reap from handing over their privacy and letting everything connect with everything. Targeted ads are welcomed (then ignored) rather than causing paranoia and revulsion.

I find myself as a cranky old 39 year old tending the other way. Facebook was shutoff over a year ago, Google+ only logged into about twice, and I have ad-blockers shielding whatever I can. It costs me an extra $4 a month to get rid of Hulu ads, which I find to be well worth it. I am becoming more and more technophobic as time passes. I thoroughly do not understand the need to have a "smart" version of everything, and I am starting to really tire of the need to charge everything or replace the batteries. A mechanical kitchen scale went on my Xmas list instead of one that links with my smart phone.

It is less clear to me as to whether this is a generational difference, or if the younger set will also tire of all the inconsistent, buggy, and unsupported crap that mostly is broken quickly. Will they grow out of it as their lives get busier and they become wiser with their time and money?

Oh yeah, stay off my lawn!

Comment Re:Back in Lienage 2 days (Score 2) 149

Yeah, this.

It never seems to rise to fraud when unplayable buggy games are shipped, or are missing advertised features. Nobody in power bats an eye when multiplayer games have their servers shut off and thus ruin the value of something I paid for, or when the first sale doctrine is violated and I can't sell my property due to DRM.

So yeah, these guys behaved badly, but it sort of like finding out a mobster's house got robbed. I have no sympathy to spare, and kind of hope the thieves get off.

Comment Re: This is stupid (Score 1) 157

Maybe, maybe not. Bear in mind that for modest commuting in my moderate (low AC use) climate my crappy little Leaf accounts for only 20% of our power use.

At night we have huge offline capacity, often even an oversupply of just renewables like hydro and wind (highly region dependent). We've started to see negative spot pricing during the night in areas such as Texas due to more installed wind power than nighttime demand. Home charging today is pretty dumb, but it is not inconceivable that once electric fleets get big enough to matter to the power operators that we will see a little bit of automatic scheduling show up for charging with power companies giving you a discount to those kWh's. My crappy little Leaf is set to finish charging at 6 AM (timer, not automagic, sadly), so most of my power is coming way off-peak when my local (Oregon) grid is almost exclusively powered by hydro and wind.

In California, where power is much more expensive, lots of folks are on plans where their electric cars are on a different time of use meter than their house to incentivize charging off-peak when the grid is the "greenest" and where there is plenty of spare capacity.

Comment Re:Very true (Score 1) 2837

Sanders was not give a fair shake by the DNC, to deny that is ignorance. The email leaks for Debby Wasserman Schulz confirmed that there was an active effort to play favorites. He may still not have won, but it was dirty back room king making anyhow you slice it.

Comment Re:POWAR TO THE PEOPLE! (Score 3, Insightful) 609

Checks and balances in the system?! What horrible forms of oppression! Oh no's!!!

The ACA went up to the supreme court, where the vast majority of it was upheld as legal and constitutional. Medicare expansion being imposed on the states was not upheld, and that let a bunch of red states opt out. So yeah, an elite council overrode the duly elected president and congress who had passed the law because they saw part of as overstepping the line of states rights. Everyone accepted the decision, and a bunch of poor and near poor people get to suffer at the hands of their state level elected officials.

As for Obama's election itself, we have another precedent in Gore v. Bush for the 2000 election. An elite council stopped an active recount and cutoff further arguments about bad ballots, and so on. Despite some pretty good evidence that bad ballot design skewing the results and a win well within recount error. Yet once the SCOTUS ruled Gore accepted the verdict and so did the rest of the country. We weren't all happy about it, but you didn't have mass riots or attempted coups, or 2nd amendment people "knowing what to do".

Your analogies actually spot on, and point out that checks an balances in government happen and are part of keeping the whole messy system functioning.

Comment Re:Apps, Apps and more Apps (Score 3, Interesting) 535

A common problem is that being 99.9% compatible is not enough. As soon as a customer gets a drawing or document with messed up formatting the jig is up. If it is a MS Word 201X vs MS Word 201Y issue, management doesn't care. As soon as you mention open source, for "equivalent" or anything of the sort, you get shut down. For business it often is not worth the perceived headache to not be 100% the same as your customers or colleagues, even if the license fees look horrendous to a mere peon.

We recently swapped all our machines from CentOS to Redhat because the vendor would not believe our bug submissions unless we used the officially supported OS. None of our bugs were OS related (we had been keeping one Redhat machine around for bug double checking, but it was becoming a hassle). According to our moles the vendor actually does all of their development on CentOS and then verifies against Redhat, but they will never admit it openly.

Comment Re:Only one question? (Score 1) 290

I interviewed at Analog Devices locally a couple years back. I really liked their setup. The center area was open space with a few cubicles for the drop-in marketing/sales guys, the rest was lab area. Around the perimeter were proper offices for the engineers. Most folks had their doors open, but it was expected that if you needed to focus, have a loud discussion, or talk on a phone conference you would close your office door.

I did not get that job, so I ended up at another good company that sadly has the typical cube farm. I end up shell-shocked some days by the number of distractions and interruptions. I only seem to be able to refocus so many times before my brain just kind of give up for the day.

Comment Re:Indeed (Score 2) 331

If you goal is to communicate information to users then hard to read stuff is idiotic. If you goal is to wow your boss, VC funder, or anything like that then you might as well fill the text with latin and the style look awesome from the 10,000 foot view.

User interfaces are on a steady decline. Too many features lead MS to replace menus with the ribbon, which was a horrible cure for a real problem. Almost every program I have used scales very poorly with higher DPI screens. The few that actually pay attention often end up with awkward.

I'm currently dredging through Cadence documentation on how to get the dozen or so font call-outs to be large enough to read on my 4K screen, as they shrank a bunch of already small text int he latest release and are DPI agnostic as a matter of course. There is no central location for setting fonts, but rather an unholy peppering of variables, each one requires hunting down and tinkered with.

Comment Re:Short summary (Score 2) 270

How about the dumbass driver that nearly mowed me down while I was cycling in the bike lane? Oh, wait, that was like 3 different drivers this year alone... Last one went through the bike lane to get to the turn lane while I was in it, missing my front wheel by about 2 feet. Yes, I am very visible, wiht multiple lights, light clothes, reflectors, flashers, etc. Let me cry a river for the occasional driver inconvenienced by a bicycle.

Autonomous cars have been getting incredible, and often unbelievable hype with lots of wild and unfounded claims, often from fanboys who are blinded by their own excitement. It is appropriate for the news media to look behind the curtain and report on what they find.

The reality so far has been rather sobering, and indicate to me we are still farther away than we think.
- Google employees sleeping or working on laptops in beta vehicles on the way home from work, reminding us that humans cannot be trusted to be a backup safety system if HAL gives up or makes a mistake. More recently the Tesla driver who apparently was watching a DVD player rather than the road when the Autopilot drove under a truck.

- Uber cars that throw up their hands and require driver intervention for situations as basic as driving over a bridge, reminding us that we are a long way off from being able to remove the steering wheel and let the "driver" tune out and relax.

- No autonomous vehicles claim to handle dirt roads without markings, snowy conditions that blind lidar, or construction zones all on their own. I still fear a large increase in the error rate for manual driving by drivers who become rusty and have to take over under the worst driving situations (possibly after being summoned from a nap). On the plus side, their pickiness might finally get some money spent to properly maintain the roads.

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