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Comment Re:Why is Default Not an Option? (Score 5, Insightful) 489

Federal student loans are non-dischargeable. Also, many places run your credit to get an apartment, get a job, get a security clearance, dealers run your credit to get a car loan, etc. So while totally dropping out of the "system" is an option (i.e. becoming homeless), it is hard to have much of a life withing the "system" while not paying your bills.

If you do manage to get an apartment, find a way to commute, and get a job with blighted credit you still face having your wages garnished, or your bank accounts emptied to pay back those federal loans. No money in the bank means you then stand a good chance of not making rent, having your car repossessed, and then losing your job.

Dandy "system" we have, don't you think?

You can get income based repayment options, or get forbearance for a time, but you can't just walk away.

Comment More mocking (Score 5, Insightful) 489

Clearly we need to mock and make fun of millennials more, previous disrespect has been inadequate to make them flourish just like the good ol' days.

In a slightly more serious note, this was predicted. A fair number of reputable economists warned us of our own lost generation after the 2008 crash. The bottom of the ladder got pulled and the replacement jobs available to low experience young folk are not as relatively good as what was available for other generations. So you have low wage earners with stacks of debt from surviving (how dare they!), and from getting a college degree like they were told was the only good path thousands of times (suckers!).

But it is easier to make fun of how they dress different, and use funny new words (like EVERY generation of young folks before them) than to fix the lack of good entry level jobs, low wages, expensive healthcare, and over priced tuition. It looks to me like society has failed a generation and they have made rational choices to live within their means to the extent possible.

Comment More Dumb Stuff Please (Score 3, Interesting) 142

Sensors everywhere will not make you happier, probably not even healthier. I am sure we will see a "smart" hammer that evaluates your swing and trains you soon.

I want less and less of this stuff.

I want my books printed not "e" these days.

I am tired of cloud crap, stop deleting my tunes and PDFs off my tablet without asking me.

We are in a bubble of "because we can" thinking, rather than products and services that are actually helpful, efficient, and life improving. Gadgets are lucky to have a 1 year lifespan, why would we want billions of them, mostly abandoned by the vendor and the owner alike, sitting on the web waiting to be exploited into botnets and such?

Comment Leaf off the air too (Score 5, Interesting) 128

This same service was used for my Nissan Leaf. I can no longer pre-heat or check the charge status remotely without paying for a modem swap.

Dumb that cars that should be targeting a 15-20 year life span are larded up with the current flavor of the month that will be obsolete in a fraction of that. Wish it had WIFI so I could maintain the remote pre-heat functionality at home at least.

Comment Half doesn't need to be done (Score 1) 409

I'd argue that at least half of what most cube dwellers do all day doesn't need to be done at all. Large corps build of thick layers of corporate sludge over the years, layers to bureaucracy and reporting that is put into place and never re-questioned. Finding a way to clear out that crap would do more for happiness and profit than automation.

Comment Look, don't touch (Score 3, Funny) 196

We have an amazingly fast network capable of moving TBs of data a second!!! Download a movie in super-ultra-HD while boarding your plane in seconds!!! Buy now!!!

We will charge you 1 kidney per movie you download, and shame you in the public square. It is horrible to everyone else if you actually use the network.

F U. Worrying about getting reamed for data sucks the fun out of it all. Buys a pay-as-you-go phone and doesn't try to do anything "cool".

Comment Re:Tail wags the dog... (Score 1) 293

All very good points.

In our house my wife is a Mac/Apple gal, while I grew up mac and switched to PC about 20 years ago because for engineering that was where the tools were. My wife has been getting frustrated with how things have stagnated, and how a lot of little things have gotten rougher around the edges after each update.

I keep wanting to go back to Mac's, but time and again it is outrageous mark-up for low end and outdated hardware. I don't want an all-in one. I started to get sucked into the halo by owning ipods and ipads and was starting to hope for something better than a mini, but not all-in-one to fit my desires, but recently they have mangled a lot of what I liked about the iOS devices.

Playing an album and finding "shuffle" in itunes on my ipad got hard, requiring a google search to figure out what the hell they did. WTF? Itunes on my PC similarly went from poorly designed mess to mangled unusable mess I no longer open. I've wasted too much time weeding out ever recurring duplicates that have popped up randomly in old playlists, only to have them re-appear at random. What happened to "it just works". So now I see them as having taken their eye off the ball. For such a huge company it should be pretty trivial to do an annual motherboard spin whenever intel updates their CPU's (they used to have first dibs and beat the market by a month). RAM should not be marked up 3-4x. I don't mind a fair markup, but they have taken to soldering it down in some cases and made it very difficult to do yourself on others.

Basically I have stopped looking at their machines with any lust, and just have to realize that my lack of fashion makes me not part of their target demographic.

Comment Re:But.... Xeon? (Score 1) 240

Workstation GPU's are garbage. Only speaking from what I see Dell stick into the machines we have in my design center, they are crap. I got a brand new workstation when I joined 3 years ago, and the GPU was listed for about $500, and did have 4 mini displayport outputs, but could not drive 4k screens, and had major issues driving 4 1920x1080 screens. My GTX750TI at home was more powerful and drove 4k no problem, and got about 1/3 as much. The only saving grace for my workstation is that it can take up to 64GB of RAM, something consumer machines at the time could not. In my cases I needed every bit of that.

Much of the workstation market is like that, the same CPU performance can be had for 2-3x the price. Alternatively you can get even more cores for the price of a good used car that are not available at the consumer grade. I've heard of ZERO processors wearing out, and I seriously doubt there is anything actually better about the fabrication of a Xeon compared to a consumer CPU. Wanna bet if the workstation SSD's are actually any more reliable?

Comment 4 cores, yet again (Score 1) 240

Big bucks and still 4 lousy cores. Huge amount of R&D went into 10% overall performance increase compared to Skylake (or really anything semi-recent). I want more damn cores, and drop the useless GPU that is wasting silicon area. 6-8 kickass cores should be the norm these days, but intel wants a massive premium for that.

Yes, I know that most software only uses up to 4 cores today. But I don't care. More cores being common will be a big incentive for software developers to find ways to use that untapped power. Build it and they will come.

Comment Re:I'm not like most people. (Score 1) 111

Similar here. I have a good job, but am not independently wealthy or any of that horse pucky (though saving like mad to get there). I rarely set an alarm, and mostly wake up before it goes off when I do.

I prioritize going to bed at a reasonable time, and avoid alcohol and especially sugar for at least 2-3 hours before bedtime. We do a crossword before lights out to give a guaranteed 15-30 minutes of non-screen time before lights out and tend to sleep much better than when I did ipad time up to lights out.

I have a smart phone, but choose to avoid getting hooked on it. My work would let me get email on it but they then have the right to wipe it at will if I get terminated, which is a deal breaker for me. If I REALLY am expecting something important I have a work laptop I can fire up. Mainly I use to to double check our German colleagues have not canceled a 7AM meeting before I ride my bike in.

The 2nd level parent comment is a complainy pants and needs to start taking control of his effing life. Get a better job, go to bed earlier, or similar adjustments.

Comment Re:4 Year Old TV (Score 3, Insightful) 295

TV's should be supported for at least 10 years, and should be in as much of a walled sandbox as possible. We have a TV that is now almost 9 years old, and thankfully it is not "smart". I actively avoid "smart" stuff, I just don't see any real upside for a "smart" toaster, fridge, oven thermometers, etc. Instead I see tons of downside.

Companies churn through new stuff on a yearly basis and rarely support any older stuff, so that "smart" stuff quickly stops shipping apps to support it, and it is only a matter of a phone OS update before you risk bricking the damn thing.

Connected cars are complete BS too. They should last 20 years minimum, so why put in the latest technology fad?! My used Nissan Leaf is days away from the 2G connection being shut off, meaning I have to spend $200 to upgrade it, or I will lose the pre-heat and remote charge start features (won't actually miss them much). Try buying a new car today without a stupid touch screen in it. A quick knob turn for changing the radio now requires wading through menus while driving. WTF?!

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