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Comment Re:Well, sadly, probably.... (Score 3, Interesting) 363

Most employment agreements are such that the company owns it even if it is outside of normal hours. So inventions you come up with on your own time are not yours.

I guess my gripe is that most companies expect a blurring of your work/personal time when it is in their favor. It is far to common for a boss to call someone at home, or expect work to occur remotely after hours or on weekends. So morally, the opposite should be true.

Salaried positions do NOT require 8 hours of work, they can't legally. It is the flipside of the no-overtime equation. You have to be paid for days you work, but you are paid to do a job, not work a set number of hours. It gets really fuzzy (usually not in a workers favor), but essentially salaried workers are supposed to have a certain amount of autonomy in how they carry out their work.

In days of yore companies like HP, and Google (somewhat laughably) encouraged outside projects with a notion of 10% of your time being an acceptable amount to spend on non-sanctioned fun projects. Many side and home projects turned into major revenue for the company, or a new business. It was viewed as a good thing. It has become much more restricted and legalistic these days.

Comment Re:Save 30%, retire early (Score 3, Insightful) 540

Saving crap piles of money makes dealing with ALL of those issues much easier, they are not reasons to avoid savings. Money in the bank gives you options if you get sick, or family has a disaster. Living paycheck to paycheck makes minor medical or job problems an instant emergency. Not being able to keep your job because you get sick without large savings can be quickly ruinous.

Becoming financially independent and retiring early gives you more time to cook healthy food and exercise more, not to mention huge reductions health destroying stress. Chances of major illnesses can be reduced greatly as a result.

I've already been through a year long unemployment episode, and never want to be at the whim of an employer for my livelihood again.

Comment Save 30%, retire early (Score 3, Insightful) 540

Seriously, the math is not hard. Live a simple life that concentrates on happiness instead of stuff, and make saving a healthy percentage of your income. You will be financially independent and have the option to retire well before 50.

Or you can choose to save 10% or less, inflate your lifestyle at every raise and work until you are 70+. More likely you will get laid off in your 50's and have to "retire" badly when all you can find is low wage jobs.

Comment Re:Pilots don't work (Score 2) 518

This. Instead it will be just sort of like winning the lottery. Some of the folks who inflate their lifestyle might end up worse off afterwards when the money stops and they struggle with debt loads they can no longer carry.

In some rural areas we already have a form of UBI, in the form of disability payments. As welfare has been scaled back, those who can no longer work in factories or other manual labor have flooded into disability fall back plan. Judges reasonably go along when confronted with someone who has worked blue-collar their whole life, but can no longer do so, and has almost zero chance of getting a desk job.

Comment Re:I call BS (Score 1) 97

I have frontier. Comcast cut our line while installing for our neighbor. Took 3 utilities to graffiti a quarter of our block, now after a week of no internet we have a temporary drop, and have to go through the whole graffiti process to get the real drop. Then someone else has to come and remove the temp drop. Should be right at 10 utility visits just becuase our neighbors (who are moving, WTF?) got cable.

Not sure who sucks the worst in the mess, sort of like arguing about which sewer reeks less.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 359

Funny, for a while our break room had apples and bananas. They sold pretty well. Sadly it did not work well with our model of restocking from Costco every 2-3 weeks. Bananas in particular have about a 2-3 day window at office temperatures in which they are ripe but not over-ripe. Chips and cookies are "good" for months of shelf life.

Comment Re:Juice from an IV bag.... (Score 3, Insightful) 359

Thankfully stories like this are a sign that serious air is coming out of the startup bubble. The fervor from just 2-3 years ago has settled down, and now you see at least a little more skepticism when someone pitches iToast type BS.

At this point anything "internet connected" or controlled by an app has lower value to me. I want simple crap that works, with REAL buttons/knobs, can't get malware, doesn't require constant updates, can't get "orphaned". Less is more.

Comment Re:Sky is Falling! (Score 1) 620

You can't stop ALL car crashes, so we should get rid of seat belts? You can't stop all birth defects, so lets stop funding pre-natal care too. Your argument is asinine.

We can cut our emissions a lot with already known technologies. Many of these are already starting to flourish despite decades of being beaten down, and it will take time to build them out. If we simply stopped all the petroleum subsidies (including foreign adventures to secure them, which is still a subsidy in my book) and shoved that same amount into energy storage, solar, and wind we could put a big dent in CO2 emissions. Put an extra carbon tax on gasoline and use that to keep and increase electric car subsidies would help too.

Our suburban societies need to be made more compact to allow walking and biking like you find in Europe (where CO2 emissions are half that of the US). Currently new construction in most places is very car-centric, and it creates a hostile biking/walking environment. Many new schools are not designed with sidewalks leading to them, and kids are not allowed to walk to/from school. Once built these awful situations will live on with high carbon use for decades. Dense city centers make for low carbon use, and those savings last for decades as well.

In the end we could greatly bend the curve if we actually focused on improving carbon emissions rather than throwing out hand up, buying us many further decades to continue to innovate.

Comment Re:I wish I could trust "academic experts". (Score 1) 620

Frankly there is TOO much competition in academia. Writing grant proposals in themselves does nothing for the scientific community, but takes a huge amount of time. As it has gotten harder to keep things funded, the ratio of grant writing to actual science has become ever more lopsided, so much of the grant money gets used to pay a researcher while he shops around for yet another round of funding.

In part we need to have more well paid lecturer positions, taking good teachers out off the research treadmill to concentrate on students. I have a couple of my best professors fail to get tenure and leave teaching, while one I saw as a poor teacher managed to stretch his BS repetitive atmospheric measurements into dozen of papers (written by grad students) and a department head position.

The skills needed to inspire students and really do a good job teaching the undergrad level stuff is undervalued, and often at odds with the skills needed to really focus on research. Being a full time lecturer is usually a poorly paid crap job that is poison on your resume, even though that is what I believe generates the most academic value at most mid level universities.

Comment Re:I wish I could trust "academic experts". (Score 1) 620

Have you ever had a kid? Mine is not quite reading, and if he was left to bake a cake (something he HAS helped with several times) you are likely to get a cup of salt and a teaspoon of sugar, both being nearly identical looking white grainy substances. You might also get corn starch or baking soda instead of flour. The frosting might get made with unsweetened chocolate instead of semi-sweet.

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