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Comment Re:w00t - the K6 bug all over again! (Score 5, Insightful) 105

Look at an intel errata list some time. There are huge numbers of bugs in all CPU's in recent times. Bios patches trap the errant instructions and use a work around. Nothing really to see here. I've had several intel instabilities get resolved with a bios flash. It is yet another reminder to always wait a few months after major revisions for the dust to settle unless your goal is to actually be an early adopter for the hell of it.

Comment Re:Why does apple always screw me over (Score 1) 101

Yep, giant "M'eh".

Macs were outdated by time their did their last refresh. Mac Pro is a farce at this point. Mini is a severely overpriced 2 core puck. Years old mobile guts in fancy packaging at Gucci prices.

Itunes got mangled beyond recognition to integrate it with Apple Music. hard to search without getting a big screen full of stuff to buy instead of stuff in my library.

iPhone is the only thing getting any love, and it has become a me-too follower of Samsung (though less fire and bribery prone).

For a company that has expanded greatly over the recent years they seem to be doing a lot less. Well, a lot less products and a lot more ego stroking anyway. What the hell are all those people doing? Spinning the motherboard yearly to keep everything up to date should be a baseline expectation, and nothing viewed as even innovative, just doing their job.


Comment Re:before and after tenure? (Score 1) 74

It is the logical result of legal paranoia. In the companies mind they don't want to get sued for royalties from an employee who claims that the big thing he implemented belonged to him due to it being developed prior to joining the company, so you get prior ownership. Similarly companies don't want folks leaving when an idea they are having is just getting interesting and starting their own company by regurgitating the ideas and claiming they own it, hence the post ownership.

As an employee you are a cog. You are not a person. You are part of the machine to make money for the shareholders (well, to line the CEO's pockets to be more honest). Your best interests are not on the top ten list of company concerns, unless it affects shareholder value in a big way.

When every company has about the same agreement you are stuck, and at this point all companies copy each other's HR/legal framework. Either start your own business, or sign on dotted line. Some are worse, and enforcement varies widely, but I have yet to work at a place without such boiler plate policy.

I am a hardware guy. My approach is spend a little spare time finding old expired patents and publications that are close enough to my idea to convince my management it is not an invention, but just solid engineering. Sometimes I stretch that and get away with it due to only semi-technical managers... I have no patents, and want to keep it that way. I've had a few ideas I'd like to keep in my toolbox, sadly none have had direct applicability, but I have preserved my option to due so.

Comment Re:Why not let the market sort this out? (Score 1) 265

the problem is that seat sizes are only a major issue for about 10-20% of the population. It is more profitable to ignore the comfort and well being of those people, but they still need to fly. I see no need to regulate seat size, but rather to require that all passengers be acommodated with at least 2" of spare knee space if they choose not to follow a minimum size. Leave it to airlines to have to provide first class upgrades or whatever if they choose to cattle car everyone.

In general flying has become so crummy that I avoid it as much as possible, and I am only 5'9". I can only imagine how awful a couple hour flight is for someone over 6'.

Comment WOW! (Score 1, Informative) 88

That wood flooring was 3D printed?! Cool!

How did they 3D extrude the wiring and meet code? I'd love to hear more!

Concrete is a good insulator for russian winters, right? Amazing! How good was the R-value? How was the rebar extruded?

Love how the paint was 3D printed too!

I could go on. The frame of most houses is NOT where the majority of the expense is. I hate seeing these wild claims about 3D printing, which wile cool are disingenuous and skip over so many important details that turn out to be real buzz kills.

Comment Re:lol amazon prime (Score 2) 244

This. Amazon is convenient, but their prices have bloated since prime such that most of the time it is worth my while to find a promotion elsewhere and get free shipping. Prime basically keeps me from becoming irate at Xmas time when my wife would otherwise just be ordering stuff without heeding how much shipping is going to be at the last minute for the cheap garbage her relatives want for Xmas. Between Prime BS and their search algorithm that mostly ignores my search terms I am really close to being done with Amazon.

Comment Just drive (Score 5, Interesting) 163

I can only see a niche need for data in a car. Frankly I want my dash simplified down to the basics again. I don't want menus, I want a few key knobs and tactile buttons I can feel without taking my eye off the road. Give me a car without all this BS. Most of it will be obsolete long before the car is worn out, which is a major problem.

Comment Re:Don't buy what you can't afford. 3,500feet, $24 (Score 1) 805

+1. Bay area is a a terribly unaffordable place. People are battling it out with dual incomes just to scrape by. Local culture guilts folks into keeping new-ish cars, putting their kids in tons of extra curriculars, etc. Insane stuff, stay out.

We lived in Sunnyvale about a decade ago and got the hell out of dodge once we got married. The identical next door 1970's town house sold for almost 600k. It was really crappy. We could not afford it on dual income (over 4x salary at the time). So we bailed out. It was a the right thing to do on all sorts of levels.

Comment Re:Or just (Score 1) 144

In the end, the internet is a messy place for sensitive secrets. We have reached the point where it is best not to document anything provocative (or potentially twisted by a warped mind wearing jack boots into appearing provocative) on the internet. Big brother is in full force. Love him, or else.

Comment Re:Why so expensive? (Score 3, Insightful) 281

8 cores vs 4 cores. You gotta compare the equivalent number of cores, then kvetch over different clock rates and other details to really compare.

Ryzen 1800X (8 cores) = $500
Intel's consumer grade i7-6900K 8 cores (latest available) = $1000 (i.e. Ryzen is 50% lower than $1000)
Intel® Xeon® Processor E7-4809 v4 (8 core) = $1600 (highway rape...)

To compare 4 core vs 4 core:
Ryzen 1400X (4 core with hyperthreading) = $200
Intel 7700K (4 core with hyperthreading, though higher clock rate) = $340

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