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Submission + - 1.8 million-year-old skull suggests three early human species were one (

ananyo writes: A 1.8 million-year-old human skull dramatically simplifies the textbook story of human evolution, suggesting what were thought to be three distinct species of early human (Homo habilis, Homo rudolfensis and Homo erectus) was just one. 'Skull 5', along with four other skulls from the same excavation site at Dmanisi, Georgia, also shows that early humans were as physically diverse as we are today (paper abstract).

Comment Re:Outliers and out and out liars... (Score 1) 320

It's a game of chance, and awareness off the odds allows you to make judgement calls and improve your chances. "Skill" is a strong word.

Not in Texas Hold'em... Annette Obrestad won a tournament looking at her cards only once and playing position the rest of the tournament

In July 2007, Obrestad won a $4 buy-in 180 person online sit-and-go where she claims to have played almost the entire tournament without looking at her cards. She claims she peeked at her cards once during the tournament, when she was faced with an all-in bet. She did this to show "just how important it is to play position and to pay attention to the players at the table."

Comment Re:Make it easier (Score 1) 562

Although simplified and traditional share a large number of similar characters, I don't agree that they're mutually intelligible. I know people that can read traditional but can't understand everything said in simplified. It seems to be even more so going the other way around. You can kind of figure out some simplified characters if you read traditional but it seems to be harder the other way around.

Comment Re:Make it easier (Score 1) 562

Actually, people in China DO occasionally draw characters in the air with their fingers to disambiguate spoken homonyms

Although this may be true, I've NEVER seen this done. Typically what they do if there is confusion over a word is use the word in another context that would clarify the definition of the word.

Comment Re:Why don't they just learn English? (Score 2) 562

Written Chinese is pretty much the same regardless of dialect.

Not quite... the majority of the spoken portion of canto and mandarin are different. Some words sound similar, but for the most party, they're completely different. When you factor in the written language, that's when it gets even more interesting. As far as I can tell, there are only two dialects of written Chinese: simplified and traditional. Pretty much anyone that speaks any form of Chinese in China, except the Cantonese areas, use simplified Chinese. The Cantonese speakers and every Mandarin speaker in most other countries, Taiwan for example, use the traditional form. The two written forms share many similar words, but there are enough words that aren't the same that being fluent in only one means reading in the other is almost unintelligible.

Comment Re:America would deserve it... (Score 1) 433

I'd believe that Iran would plot against the US. I mean, Syria is it's ally, after all. I wouldn't say that the intelligence community has zero credibility, btw. I think the intelligence community is putting out legitimate information. It's the people at the top receiving the intelligence that are either ignoring it or misconstruing it.

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