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Comment Re:Bricked or not? (Score 1) 61

Some people distinguish betwen "soft-bricked" (the device stops working but can still be revived with user-available measures going beyond normal configuration*), "hard-bricked" (the device stops working and can only be revived with tools unavailable to an ordinary user**) and "broken" (the device is dead and can only be replaced***). In this case the routers appear to have been hard-bricked as they stopped working and had to be physically accessed by the vendor in order to restore functionality.

* E.g. using Fastboot to flash a new firmware to an Android phone.
** E.g. using JTAG to flash a new bootloader as the device can't even go into Fastboot mode anymore.
*** E.g. my Zuk Z1.

Comment Re:I hope he wins his suit (Score 2) 318

Technically, it is possible to get into med school with only three years of undergrad education, and a fraction of a percent of M.D. degrees are actually awarded to people under those circumstances, but realistically, you won't get into medical school to get an M.D. without first obtaining an undergraduate bachelor's degree. Similarly, you won't get into law school to get a J.D. degree without an undergrad degree.

You could certainly argue that they're equivalent to Master's degrees, but they most certainly are not undergraduate degrees.

Comment Re:Poor life decisions (Score 1) 281

For instance the coast guard isn't protecting Tennessee

I'm usually polite on Facebook, but this comment is inane.

If CA were a separate country and had to support their own Coast Guard, there would just be another national border along the California border with the US, and you'd be patrolling that instead. It is indeed in Tennessee's best interests to help pay for the cost of patrolling national borders.

But the main reason this comment is so stupid is that Tennessee also depends on the Coast Guard, as they operate on the Mississippi River and other large bodies of water. Even if they did not, all that shipping up the Mississippi comes from somewhere, and the bulk of it isn't from elsewhere in Tennessee.

Comment Re:AI killing industry (Score 1) 120

That's true - if the technology ever gets to the point where it is cheaper and as effective to use than having a person speak into a microphone. I'm not really concerned with how easy or hard it is to "break in" to Hollywood - it's already insanely hard. I'd suggest doing something more useful with your life, but now I sound like an asshole. Hopefully this asshole just saved someone from a barista job.

Comment Re:AI killing industry (Score 1) 120

I'm not making that argument. Let's say the technology is perfect and produces a result exactly like the actor's. It still won't matter, because people want to go see a movie starring _insert_celebrity_, not some robot. To use the celebrity's name in any promotional material, you'll need to pay the celebrity (or the celebrity's estate). So this is no threat to celebrities, because they will get paid ether to do the actual voice work, or to have their name associated with the film.

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