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Comment Re: uranium runs out (Score 1) 288

This paragraph says a lot about the study:

The UK is a mixed picture. Emissions have been reduced by 16 per cent, bucking the trend of other pro-nuclear countries. However, only five per cent of its energy comes from renewables, which is among the lowest in Europe, pipped only by Luxembourg, Malta and the Netherlands.

They, like you, are more concerned about the energy being renewables than they are about lowering their CO2. That alone makes the study suspect.
The problem is, that our issue today, is the fact that we became dependent on one main form of energy, which is fossil fuels. We need to have a diversified energy matrix. UK is correct in seeking to keep nukes going. They are also correct in pushing solar and wind. With these 3, they can have CHEAP energy, combined with energy security.
Here in the states, I look forward to getting my powerwall on our house. Between a 10 KW solar system, an 85 kwh MS, a coming Model 3, and hopefully, a 10 kwh battery, I think that we shall have energy independence in OUR house.

Comment Re: uranium runs out (Score 1) 288

fantasy scenarios? You have to be kidding. Volcanoes blow all the time. The west coast has multiple volcanos that are bigger than mt. st. helens and that have been quiet for a LONG time. IOW, they are due. When MSH went, it dropped solar in the west a good 10-15%. In addition, that also lowered our winds.

Comment Re: Fuck mdsolar (Score 1) 288

No, using SMRs such as Trans Atomic and Flible that can use nothing but 'waste' is the answer.
In fact, 1 thing I would love to see is for B&W to come up with a design for the back-end and a 'test-tube' rack for adding SMRs, with a set of standardized hook-ups. This way, mPower, nuScale, Trans Atomic, Flible, etc can be added or substituted in. In addition, it makes it FAST to add and tear down these units.

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