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Comment About to be a none issue (Score 1) 223

Seriously, German car makers are pouring in BILLIONS in hopes of stopping Tesla.
Oddly, they should be more worried about Chinese car makers since they have the financial backing of the Chinese gov, who will stop at nothing to beat down western companies.
However, within 5 years, it will be apparent to all, that NOBODY WANTS TO BUY AN ICE CAR. That might even apply to ICE based trucks and SUVs.

Comment Re:This simply means we're succeeding. (Score 1) 223

That is exactly how I intended it to work. >:-)

And exactly my current attitude. I've conserved quite a bit for my life, it makes sense to do so since energy costs money and a penny saved is a penny earned. If this is such a dire emergency- then it's time for those gulfstream liberals to stop flying.

Comment Re:This simply means we're succeeding. (Score 1) 223

More like- if the drought is real, then no bathing should be justified under any circumstances. Bathing can only be justified if the drought is false (that is, if we have the water necessary to bathe).

In other words, more a matter of conservation in time of emergency. If the emergency does not exist, then continue as normal.

Comment Re:And yet still can't tell TAB from Ctrl-I ... :- (Score 1) 125

All good suggestions ! Unfortunately I don't use the mouse with Vim except in a few odd cases.

Interesting. Its probably my compromise with the ui.

If they DID, I would probably use Ctrl-1 .. Ctrl-3 as a quick way to switch between buffer 1, 2, 3. (or the 3 current open files)

That is a good idea. :rew, ^, :wn is about the limit I could find to get close to that.

The problem is once you have more then 3+ bookmarks it becomes hard to remember "where" each bookmark takes you.

I see what you mean. My approach maybe odd, I use conceptual references. So 'D or some other letter might be an abstract of something and the lowercase 'd maybe a concrete implementation. other odd games too help. Generally when I code though I try to limit the size of the files I create.

See which one is easier to remember? I no longer have to play the guessing game of "Where is bookmark X located again?"

You're right - it's a pita.

I think that's where I get the GUI to take over. Generally a combination of screens, workspaces, bash/vim terminal sessions, IDE. 4-8 workspaces and in my set up the terminal tabs hotkey with Alt-1 Alt-n. That generally gets me huge task bandwidth, about 4-400 vim/bash sessions per workspace.

Also I use workspaces named that define tasks in layers, so on my DAW for example I have Mix-Master-Monitor-subsystem, for code I generally use UI-Domain-Persist-DB and just increment whatever needs expansion. That's my workflow management, you probably have different challenges.

I think there maybe a way for you though, maybe multiple vims open on a single file - whaaaa? I hear you say. Well I think the new messaging part of vim may provide a way for multi-vim sessions on a single file by passing messages (which can be edits) between each other. I'm not sure yet (I still have a fair bit of recovery and exercise in from of me) but this could be a possible use-case that this new feature *might* support if you wanted to check it out.

Using "# command"

The curiosity is killing me, as soon as I get a chance to figure out how this works I'm going to have to try it on something. Generally I just rack my brains making new regexs. I clearly am still learning vim!

(At the time we worked on a C++ compiler but that's another story.)


In the process of understanding Vim I tore into the source code and literally made a map of what EVERY key does in Vim.

Cool. I've probably been using vim longer than you, actually, it was vi for a long time on sco, sun, hp. But ripping into the source code to learn it is pretty hard core. I'm certain you've gone beyond me with it.

(If you search for "Vim Cheat Sheet" you'll come across my work.) i.e. []

Damn man, that's awsome work. I doubt I know how to use vim as well as you do. I'll be laminating a copy of this for my wall - my colleague will want one as well, he only just got hooked on vim about a year or two ago.

That's really the best functional breakdown of vim I've seen and I'll spend some time studying it. Thank you for doing that.

Vim felt like an extension of my mind !

Obviously, this reply was constructed with vim - it's great for getting thoughts collated pre post.

I posit this is because Vi (and Vim) was designed by a programmer for a programmer. Every key feels like it belongs there. There is no wasted key. Sure Vim's learning curve is like a vertical cliff, but man, what a view from the plateau ! You'll never view another editor the same way one you've seen and tasted the power of Vim.

Absolutely! I suspect it maybe some time before we get everything out of the new features, and I'll probably be trying to figure out what I am missing with vim from your work - thanks.

Comment wrist braces (Score 1) 125

Sorry it took a while to respond UnknownSoldier - I'm recovering from spinal surgery to c4-c6 in my neck and had to do the reply in chunks. Still on a lot of painkillers and sleep, head is all over the place. I'm still building stamina at the computer.

2 mice? wow! I had been wondering if anyone was crazy enough to try that. Sorry to hear that you were forced out of necessity but it sounds like you had no choice.

Well, I'd been swapping the mouse left hand for a few weeks, the right hand for a few weeks for so long I began to notice it was the combined, click and mouse move that were fatiguing and provoking injury. Examining at my usage habits again I realised the cost of two mouses is really cheap ergonomic protection and less than the cost of a single physiotherapy session.

When I tried it, it was confusing at first, then incredibly liberating. At least for me. As I got better it improved endurance and throughput on a machine, like this was the way it was supposed to work all along. I have two configs dual mouse and dual trackball. You find yourself mousing on one hand and button on the other and dual mousing. As for reptitive movements, using both distributes the muscle movements arcoss both hands. So a 'select' and drag, for example, the click muscle is on one hand and the movement muscle is in the other hand.

The dual trackballs are great for music production and dual mouse works great for coding.

Have you tried any of those?


I used them quite a lot when healing injury on different joints. I found it is the heat, as opposed to the pressure, that helps it heal. The little colds spots are bad, and slow healing. I used the ones without a strap to keep the heat in at the joint and keep it in place.

No matter which ones you use the advice I received about them (physio/chiro/doctors) was to only use them at night so that the body doesn't get dependent on them being there. If you do it has the reverse effect and makes the joint weaker, exacerbating the pain over time.

I did that and found if you keep the warmth on the joint while you sleep and take it off during the day the ligaments and joints heal pretty well. They should be a bit sweaty by morning. Take them off, store inside out during the day to dry. Wash them once a week otherwise they get really stinky.

Don't be afraid of wrist or finger cavitations during the day, its part of the healing proccess.

I think I wore them for about two years and now I dont need them anymore.

These are close the ones I used: though mine didn't have the velcro.

Hope it helps - I know how it feels to need those things.

Definitely. Everyone's body has a "natural" way of doing things.

I'll probably be going through it again. The neck surgery means I will be reveiwing screen position again and reviewing other usage habits.

Excellent context-neutral descriptions !

Thank you.

I'll have to tell you about my acoustic-to-electronic kit conversion one day.

sweeeet! I love those things.

Comment WOW, this is fucked (Score 5, Informative) 390

This company works with TLAs so they are obviously working hard to hire ppl that are NOT SPIES. Yet, we have 2 main types of Spies to be concerned about: Russian and Chinese. Chinese and Indian account for the vast majority of the Asian ppl. Obviously, the CHinese are going to be looked over hard. So, that leaves the Indians. And oddly, within India's military, they are VERY close to Russia. Much closer to Russia than to the west. As such, Indians are going to be looked at as well.

And dept. of Labor is saying that we must hire ppl of which a known quantity is going to be spies.

I have dealt with 1-2 spies already and both were Chinese. I would hate to have Dept. of Labor be able to control a company that deals with national security to this degree.

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