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Comment Re:Nuclear research needed! (Score 1) 343

I never said that DU is "weapons grade" but rather what is left over after enriching other bits of uranium to be "weapons grade" - as in a large percentage U235.

Indeed, perhaps armoureddragon mistakes where DU comes from. You are right about what DU *is*, we agree on that. What I am saying is DU is used as a projectile due to its mass and pyrophoric properties.

Comment How much does this cost the taxpayer? (Score 1) 38

Discussions of police state, freedom and spying aside, which are the most important considerations - how much is all this spying on me, costing me? These are direct costs foisted onto the taxpayer with questionable value in terms of service it provides.

Then there is the secondary cost via the fraud it enables that has no impact on the state and only impacts the population. The convenience of a phone in your pocket has morphed to include an array of tools to gather intelligence on you. Gathered into infrastructure paid for by internet users to telecommunications companies doing the bidding of the government acting on your behalf.

These secrets must be expensive to maintain and I wonder what burden it places on the budget provided by the taxpayer to government, to provide services? What services are underfunded as a result of these agencies maintaining this apparatus?

Comment Let China and others continue emissions growth (Score 1) 310

Seriously, we need to fix this.
we need to punish the west, who emits less than 1/3 of emissions, and make them drop theirs.
At the same time, we need to allow the rest of the world to grow MUCH faster than the west can drop theirs.
And then we need to blame the west for all this.

Oh wait, that is what the far left CURRENTLY DOES.

Until the far left gets done giving China blow jobs, this will only get worse.

Comment Re: Why does the ESA have a worse record of landin (Score 1) 104

QA is the problem. They refuse to do majorly expensive testing on earth to check all subsystems. They really need to fire a 'mars test' system into space and test it landing here. In general, the same system that will land on Mars will land on earth, though not the other way around. Btw, this is exactly what America nasa and new space does. Prior to sending red dragon, they will make it land on earth first from helicopters, then aircrafts, finally a test space shot.

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