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Comment Re:Frank Yu doesn't know what he's talking about. (Score 1) 258

Hey, fuck you very much too.

Why don't you try reading what I wrote rather than listening to the little voice in your head? I didn't even mention windmills in my message. I was pointing out that when it is cold in one place in Europe it is often cold in almost all of Europe. We all need electricity at the same time, so there is not much scope to use the grid, in so far as it exists, to move power from places where it's needed to places where it's not.

At this exact moment France is generating 1.32GW from wind, out of an installed capacity of around 8GW. Our neighbours in the UK are generating 0.92GW from a similar capacity.

Which is entirely consistent with the wind map you posted which shows very low wind speeds across France, Belgium, Germany, Holland and the UK due to there being a fucking big freezing cold anticyclone over our heads at the moment.

Luckily their is a bit of wind and some sun in Spain, so we're able to import about 2.3GW from them -- like I said before, thanks guys.

Comment Re:also, Tesla’s crash rate was reduced by 4 (Score 1) 165

in fact, I was surprised that story was not the lead on this.
This story is a joke in that it does not recognize that Tesla is now considered not just the safest car, but with AP is saving NUMEROUS lives.
When Model 3 hits the market later this year, it should become quickly obvious that tesla will be saving lives, energy, and money.

Comment Re:Autopolit, should have been called Assistpilot! (Score 0) 165

actually, depends on the aircraft. If you are flying a C172, then yeah, you are right.
OTOH, the AP in 747 and 380s make choices ALL THE TIME. Those APs are capable of taking off, flying the whole way to the end route, and then landing. And those APs make LOTS AND LOTS of choices. Hell, on Airbus, the pilot is NOT IN CONTROL. The Computer, otherwise known as the Autopilot, is actually in 100% control unless the AP or pilots disengage it, which is damn rare. The pilots are simply INPUTS into the computer. In fact, because of Airbus's poor software and design, that is what caused multiple crashes by pilots putting in conflicting inputs and the computer than making bad choices.

Comment Re:Only half true article (Score 1) 258

Because no one wants to read about nuclear power plants being built anymore.

I do. It gives me a good feeling, seeing that there is still a country that hasn't succumbed to the whims of whiny hippies.

So essentially what you are saying is that nuclear power, controlled by totalitarian communist governments who killed hundreds of millions of people, gives you a good feeling because they can force it onto their people.

Comment What. An. Asshole. (Score 1) 508

Like many, I championed his cause and firmly stated that he was being unfairly politically persecuted. But the reality is that he's just a douchebag that found a cause to stand atop and be the king of. It's just another power-play. He's as principled as a toaster oven.

Comment Re:Frank Yu doesn't know what he's talking about. (Score 1) 258

Are we still talking about France? Because it already has a grid. Basically the whole EU is one huge grid.

That is, in fact not really true.

France has interconnectors with its neighbours, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the UK, but they are of limited size, for example the links to Germany are around 5GW max.

The other problem is that Europe is pretty small, we tend to have the same weather over large parts of the continent. It's freezing pretty much everywhere at the moment, so we can't actually share all that much.

Currently France is exporting 3GW to Italy and importing 2GW from Spain and 1GW from the UK (thanks, guys)

Comment Re:Frank Yu doesn't know what he's talking about. (Score 1) 258

Windmills look a heck of a lot nicer than a coal fired electricity plant.

France has only two coal fired plants, at least one of which is being converted to biomass.

Personally I find windmills quite pretty, but then I also find our nice nukes quite pretty too, and given that it's fucking cold today and there is not much wind I'm happy to have them.

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