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Comment Re: Inherent contradictions within leftist ideals. (Score 2) 282

The Soviet Union went from a country a century behind the developed world to launching the first man into space in just 45 years, despite it losing a fifth of its population and a large part of its infrastructure in a war of extermination. So much for that.

Comment Re:What governmen brought to the table (Score 1) 103

Ariane 6 is going to have the same configuration.
The most probable cause is that both SpaceX and Blue Origin aren't experienced enough to use either solid fuel boosters or hydrogen fuel. My speculation is that they have employed a lot of ex-USSR aerospace engineers who aren't accustomed to either and both companies simply don't have a technological base that is required for liquid hydrogen - it is after all notoriusly diffcult, one only has to read about the Energia launcher development to see why.

Comment Re:Fake news (Score 1) 473

You are confusing cause and effect. The whole base load thing became necessary because coal power stations couldn't follow the load and coal used to be the easiest way to add power generation after hydroelectric stations were built everywhere where it was possible. Take coal and nuclear power stations out of the equation and base load will immediately lose its relevance.

Comment Re:Global warming is a good thing (Score 2) 473

It has nothing to do with power. Electric arc furnaces work fine, but unless steel is recycled it has to be made anew from iron ore, and that requires carbon, either by the way of a blast furnace and coke (which is made from coal) or direct reduction, which requires either coal syngas or natural gas.

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