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Comment Re:uranium runs out (Score 1) 314

Just how many operating commercial breeder reactors are there? Exactly, just two, both in Russia. There are other two, in India and Japan, but these are just research reactors. Even the reactors in Russia are still considered prototypes. Breeders are very difficult and expensive to build and operate. Solar power is cheap as dirt compared to the cost of operating a breeder reactor.

Comment Re:Google's management quality is degrading rapidl (Score 1) 163

Firefox for Android is barely usable. I use it because it supports ublock, but I am not happy about Firefox at all. It is awfully slow and eats a lot of battery and RAM, even on higher end devices (Galaxy S5, Xperia Tablet Z4). It is the only application that manages to crash Android completely. Text reflow has been for some reason removed two years or so ago. Copy&Paste is different from normal Android copy&paste. Firefox often misses hyperlinks. Several animated GIFs can slow it down to a crawl and if I try to close the tab with them, it can take up to a minute until it is actually closed - until then Firefox doesn't respond at all.

Comment Re: The irony is... (Score 1) 280

Except that even the NATO HQ told Turkey that it was uncalled for. And Erdogan apologised some time later and jailed the pilots who shot down the Russian aircraft. And now there is S300 stationed in Syria which can legally shoot down any NATO aircraft overflying Syrian airspace. Nationalism is stupid.

Comment Re: I'm still LOLing... (Score 1) 517

Which was absolutely valid. In relative numbers - GDP to purchasing power - Wales is indeed on the level of Romania and Bulgaria. In absolute numbers it is comparable to Greece and Slovenia - both countries are very poor. No matter how you take it, it is unworthy of "the 6th largest economy in the world" and only shows that a large part of that economy is the city of London casino.

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