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Comment Re:Ellison is a terrorist (Score 2) 156

You may not like Windows (note: none of my computer equipment, phones, or work machines run Windows), but it normalized a pretty significant set of operating system features ranging from preemptive multitasking to pluggable filesystems to a workable fast userspace mutex. Windows also maintained a *wildly* long history of binary compatibility well beyond virtually any other OS out there.

They did some next level shit.

I was an Amiga user, a Mac user, a Linux junkie, etc. To call Windows "playing with a toy" is to demonstrate an utter lack of awareness of the depth of that operating system and its facilities.

Of course, I'd rather use Linux or mac OS (and there were others, like NeXTSTEP, along the way), but let's give credit where it's due.

Comment Re: FB should did it (Score 1) 447

"Reasonable force" is the part that so many cops miss. (e.g. you can't shoot an unarmed suspect with no threat of imminent harm to another party).

That said, she had a gun, was endangering a five year old, and fired on officers...

I'll let the dust settle before making a call on this mess...

Comment Re: FB should did it (Score 2) 447

At most, manslaughter. I'd be very surprised if someone went for murder, as they have to demonstrate malice aforethought or depraved indifference.

And her crime, if not shot, would be attempted murder. For a felony murder charge for online inciting, they'd have to show a felony conspiracy, intent to incite an act, etc.

Probably saber rattling.

Nonetheless, egging someone on, in writing, to participate in a violent standoff with police is completely idiotic... Or presidential... Ask me again in six months.

Comment Re: security best practice? (Score 1) 924

The systemd folk seem dead set on returning us to the days of single-user focused computing (e.g. Windows 95), and they have inexplicably decided to wreck an otherwise perfectly functional system (nohup).

But, you know... When I'm not logged in, I want my system to be as idle as possible, even if I explicitly told the system otherwise...

Galling, but not surprising.

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