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Comment Re:If they really want to piss Fox off.. (Score 1) 310

The phrase "percentage of the gross" was practically invented for this scenario.

Sounds like they (the hypothetical franchisees) should spin off a child company, license the licensed IPs to them, then claim that the overall gross was 17 dollars.

What? Hollywood Accounting works both ways, right?

(I wish)

Comment Re:More secure than Linux (Score 1) 167

Still nothing compared to our ME machine. Whenever it didn't shut down properly you'd get ScanDisk which would run the next time you booted it up. But if you let ScanDisk run past 10% completion or so, it would just hang. So of course you powercycled it, which would result in a dirty shutdown...then next time you hit Cancel before the progress bar got too far.

In a few instances it actually booted directly to a BSOD. Impressive.

Comment Re:You missed the point. It's about relativity. (Score 1) 167

I agree with almost everything you wrote, but I think the above overlooks the real problem, which is that it is almost impossible to design a good UI for some tasks when you're constraining yourself to what works on small touchscreen devices.

I wish somebody would go give Microsoft and Mozilla noogies (substitute knee to the groin for larger values of disapproval) until they agreed to stop fucking around with their perfectly alright UIs.

Software projects seem universally doomed to achieve all their major goals, then suddenly realize they don't have an excuse to continue development and start fixing things that aren't broken.

Comment Re:Define "We", please (Score 4, Interesting) 555

And for anyone who wonders what the hell "LBRY" is:

What’s with the name LBRY?
The very first question of newcomers is often, “How do you pronounce it?” Answer: library.

“Is it an acronym?” No.

“Then why confuse people with the all-caps and no vowels?”

First and foremost, LBRY is an internet protocol, just like HTTP. Content on LBRY is served to users via “LBRY names,” which look like this: lbry://itsawonderfullife. Very similar to the URL you type into your internet browser. LBRY is not just our branded name, but the character string we’ve chosen to lead our URIs (Uniform Resource Identifier).

It also serves as a truncated form of “library,” which reflects our mission: every film, song, book, and app ever made – available anywhere. Our vision for LBRY is to create a massive media repository for the 21st century that is built on a decentralized network controlled by its users. LBRY is to a traditional library what Amazon is to a department store.

Is it an odd name? Perhaps. But we would kindly point to the success of brands like Hulu, Yahoo!, Etsy, Skype, Tumblr, and Zillow. In the end, a good company with a strong user base will be remembered regardless of its name. And a company with a brand as straightforward as can still fail.

LBRY is working well as a brand so far. SEO is a top consideration for startup branding, and LBRY already dominates the search results for our brand name.

So apparently it's a protocol like torrents or something?

So We Irrevocably Mirrored Them

And how is this "irrevocable"? Somebody needs to do a lot more explaining about this LBRY thing instead of just namedropping it and expecting people to know what they're talking about.

Comment People don't *want* a universal solution (Score 1) 456

It's like saying it makes no sense to have a house way across town when you could rent a living space at your work. People don't want to live at work. They want natural barriers between the different aspects of their life and the groups of people associated with them.

For those who keep active Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts, etc., one of those will be how they casually chat with close friends, one will be how they keep in touch with family and work friends, one will be where they flirt, one will be where they post about their political concerns, etc. Having distinct non-interoperable services suits them just fine.

Comment Re:Bohr Model (Score 1) 57

The Bohr model does have its usefulness, and I am certainly with you that those of us in the sciences need a lot more humility in how we approach the general public with what we think they should know and care about.

But it is also overextended and the cause of a great deal of frustration for people who want to genuinely understand the bizarre quantum phenomenally we nerds keep excitedly touting, but instead find out that they have hinged their understanding on a lie that is nearly useless outside the narrow scope of things like spectroscopy.

IMHO if we want to invite the layfolk in to the quantum domain we really need to emphasize teaching people about waves more. QM is much more intuitive as a topic of wave phenomena. (Plus, the wave picture will serve to understand classical optics, E&M, acoustics, etc.)

Teaching people QM without the wave part is like trying to each people economics without the calculus part. In theory it is "simpler" but ask just about any student who has learned about integration and they will say that they find the explanations invoking calculus much more comprehensible.

Comment "heavy costs of cloud video storage" (Score 2) 167

A 256 GB micro SD card weights 0.4g, is less than 2cm in width, and costs around $40. I have 1080p movies on my computer that are about 1 hr/GB. So I'm quite sure that one of these body cam devices could record a couple weeks of continuous footage and probably much, much more. That's plenty of time for legal action to initiate and the data to be uploaded if there is any debate over what has happened during an arrest. Privacy is not an issue if the data is stored encrypted. You just require that a judge has to sign off on it before the decryption key can be accessed by anyone (including the cop).

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