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Comment Re:News Flash! (Score 1) 443

Fair enough. But the underlying message of space travel should not be "a wormhole will appear which conveniently was the exact solution to your problem* and everybody is saved", but instead "when you fuck up in space travel, you'll probably just die. Somewhat atypically, often you're aware well in advance when you're screwed."

*and also the cause of it, ironically

Comment Re:News Flash! (Score 1) 443

After reading the summary for that movie, can't say I have any desire to see it. And not just because of spoilers.

I'm a big sap for time travel stories, but when you set up the plot as hard sci fi and then as the movie putters along you start invoking wormholes and time travel and at the end, the big message is TEH FEEEEELS...dammit guys...

It ends up being one step away from "a wizard did it."

Comment Captain Pedant (Score 1) 212

The computer in question here is a Commodore C64 that has been balancing driveshafts non-stop for a quarter of a century.

It's been running this program 24/7 for the last 25 years? Wow, this must be a really busy repair shop.

"Non-stop" in a computing context like this to mean "daily" is rather misleading, and a large factor on the reliability of the machine is whether they're shutting it down and starting it up every day. So it's a relevant complaint.

Comment Re: dust (Score 1) 212

Also, European Nationalism gave rise to the bloodiest conflict the world has ever seen, so tone it down.

Thanks for mixing Poland into the European (?) nationalism. Let's put it straight: it was German nationalism which started the war (NSDAP = NATZIONALSozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei). Ever heard about Fall Weiss? Not really a Polish code name, is it.

So basically you're agreeing with him...

Comment Re:Blown (Score 1) 106

I'd agree that the comment comes off as redundant and unscholarly, but there's nothing wrong with it from a grammar standpoint. "It" is the understood subject of the first clause...although there should really be a comma before "doesn't."

Just what is it that is supposed to make us think?

It should be blindingly obvious to anyone that it refers to the preceding summary. Reading between the lines, claims of falsified reports are supposed to make us think about how much mass recalls are due to hysteria vs. actual issues.

There are other problems with the summary, though. I did a double-take on

Lately, a lot of behind the scene conversations have been suggesting that perhaps the Note 7 battery explosion fiasco has been blown out of the proportion. There's no evidence of any of that, so we won't discuss it any further,

when I hit

but amid all of this, Samsung has confirmed that at least 26 explosion reports that circulated everywhere were hoaxes.

So there's no evidence of it being blown out of proportion...except for this evidence that we're showing you right now. And we "aren't discussing it" here, somehow?!

Normally I would never say this, but in this case the summary would be better off as just an ungarnished blockquote. So I suppose you're right.

And finally, there's the part where "we couldn't easily and immediately obtain proof it happened" somehow translates to "they were lying and it didn't happen." Wow.

Comment Re:there's always greed and the clintons (Score 1) 387

While Clinton pardoned a large number (450)[3] of people compared with his immediate predecessor Republican George H. W. Bush, who only pardoned 75, the number of people pardoned by Clinton was comparable to Republican Ronald Reagan and Democrat Jimmy Carter, who pardoned 406 and 566 respectively.[4]

You're saying the pardons he did on his last day were more than everybody else's last-day pardons?

Not sure I really see how much the timing matters. If nobody can veto the pardons regardless of whether the president is still in office...all that really changes is pardoning earlier gives their political opponents more time to get pissy about them.

A more charitable way to look at it would be to say he procrastinated.

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