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Comment Microsoft? Rly? (Score 1) 113

What was the last successful Microsoft product? It was Xbox right? Anything since then? Before that it was Office, before that it was that popular keyboard and mouse, and before that it was Windows. I count four successes out of well over a hundred major product attempts. It's amazing they're still a company; those four successes are really extraordinary.

Comment Re:Free Shit (Score 1) 121

Yeah. They do. They mean you don't pay for it. They make money by charging someone else for some other service which isn't free.

And that sucks and we all don't like it blah blah blah free still means you don't pay. If your stock broker takes you out to lunch and tries to sell you futures the lunch is free but the futures aren't.

Listen, the AC can biatch all she wants but she shouldn't try to pull of some bullshit dictionary-based attack if she's not going to use the dictionary definition of words.

Comment I Love You, Man (Score 1) 122

Ha ha, I once got one of these letters (living in Wisconsin). I lived in an apartment and left my wifi unlocked (on purpose). Someone must have downloaded a movie because I got a letter chiding me for downloading I Love You, Man. I chortled! I threw away the letter after enjoying a fantasy where they sued me and I got to testify about how I hate movies, don't watch movies, especially low-brow dumb movies, and would never ever ever spend two hours watching I Love You, Man. My hard drive sure as hell wouldn't show that movie anywhere on it.

Bah humbug, they didn't sue me.

Comment Don't know much about the iPhone (Score 1) 81

iPhones don't have wireless charging? Whoa. Did iPhones ever get widgets? How about hosts files? Non-proprietary cables? Heck, can you sync your music over bluetooth yet?

How many decades will it take Apple to get these features?

Well, hey, at least iPhones don't have headphone jacks anymore, I know everyone wanted to get rid of those.

I was a Mac user since 1989 but I got off the bus in 2008 when I saw the writing on the wall. Things have gone downhill since then and it's been a lot of fun to join the Apple haters club. I still use a Mac for work, though, and it's nice for what it is. But I wouldn't buy one for myself and I don't have any Apple gear in the house newer than 2008.

Comment Re:If you don't like it, don't use it or get your (Score 1) 121

How much money do they get for one ad impression? Like, one or five or ten cents? Let's go with the high end of the range, ten cents.

Does Opera offer their service for twenty cents per day (two ads)? If not, they're screwing their customers.

I see this all the time: I get to choose between a service with ads that might add up to half a dollar a day, or I can pay $99 a month for the service. That's bull. That's a way of making sure every single one of your customers is a chump -- either a chump willing to look at your stupid ads, or a chump willing to way overpay for your service. I hate it when companies make me feel like a chump.

Comment Re:Free Shit (Score 1) 121

Ugh this again? No. It is you who is wrong.

free |fr|
adjective (freer |frr| , freest |frst| )
5 given or available without charge: free health care.

It's free if you don't pay for it. "Being exposed to the thing that is being given away without charge", whether or not that thing has ads, doesn't make it un-free.

Things that don't cost you money are free. That's what the word means. If you "pay" for it by looking at ads, then it's free. If you "pay" for it by giving money to the makers, then it's not free. That's what the word means and you should stop trying to subvert the meaning of free .

Comment Re:Maximum yield (Score 1) 813

That's a lot of words just to deny that your philosophy truly is "I've got mine, fuck you".

The failure in your "logic" is that 'obligations' aren't discrete. It's not like you have five chits and six people need one chit each. This isn't a concentration camp. We aren't fighting over the last scrap of food. Feeding a stranger doesn't mean you or your friends starve to death. There's plenty to go around if people like you would stop justifying their heartlessness with weak philosophies.

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