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Comment Re:Floppy drive (Score 1) 95

Even so , 8 bit machines were still built to a price - the components were hardly top of the range. I'd be amazed if its been running continuously for 25 years with no issues whatsoever. Also eastern europeans brought up in soviet times tend to be pretty good at repairing stuff for obvious reasons so I wouldn't be surprised if the are plenty of engineers around the area who could sort out the analogue electronics, even if the digital side would be too much.

Comment Perhaps, but different requirements. Origin for ex (Score 1) 130

You make a good point.

On the other hand, UPS and FedEx are deisgned for any customer to send any type of package from anywhere to anywhere, using any of many services. Amazon's will be designed for only Amazon to send packages from the places they choose, and they need not deliver everywhere - they can have UPS deliver to small towns for them. Amazon doesn't need to ship those cookies grandma made for you and she's shipping from Tiny Town, Colorado, paying by check. Amazon Shipping will have one customer sending packages, and sending only from Amazon's warehouses, using the standardized box sizes that Amazon chooses.

There may be enough differences that although Amazon can't make a better retail shipping company, they can make one that works better FOR AMAZON, for some packages. You may have seen the back of a UPS truck looks a bit chaotic because there are all these different sizes and shapes of boxes. On Amazon trucks, they'll all fit neatly and efficiently on the shelf, with one medium box being exactly same the same size as two small boxes.

Comment Re:Questions to Hillary's fans (Score 1) 197

it is profoundly unfair to discriminate against women at the workplace because of their biology.

That women give birth is as unfair as gravity, which keeps us from realizing our dream of flying. But it is not wrong to acknowledge it. The point was — and remains — that this biology is inconvenient. Why is acknowledging the inconvenience "sexist"? Can a true statement ever be unfair? How about these:

  • Blacks have more pigment in their skin than Whites.
  • Women have uterus.

Are these two racist and sexist respectively? And if they aren't, why an equally correct statement about employee's pregnancy being an inconvenience is?

By stating that this is an inconvenience to employers, Trump is stating that this unfair state of affairs should continue.

Stipulating for a second, that "unfairness" equals "discrimination", is he even stating that?

While a tortured interpretation is required for Trump's words to appear remotely sinister, Hillary Clinton's dismissal of rape-accusations as "Bimbo Eruption" is Ok with you... The hypocrisy is so thick, you can cut it...

It was racist primarily because there was absolutely no basis in fact

But there was basis! His father was from Kenya and traveled there with his pregnant mother. Whether she returned to States to give birth or not was not at all obvious.

people claimed, despite contradictory evidence, that he was born in Africa

I haven't seen such claims — certainly none by Donald Trump. The evidence — still posted on White House web-site — only appeared in 2011.

and was a Muslim

A son of a Muslim is a Muslim — fact. And converting to any other faith, as Obama has done, is a capital offense under Sharia — but Obama's religion is a different topic, let's not get distracted.

as if either condition disqualified him from being a US citizen

No, his citizenship was not in doubt. Whether he was a natural born citizen was questioned. And McCain faced similar questions — which, for some reason, have never been denounced as "racist".

Comment "Warrior" does mean taking sides (Score 1) 366

No doubt some Palestinians got a raw deal in 1967. Now their grandchildren are bombing schoolkids, hospitals, and paramedics. Neither group is the good guy in that conflict, if you look at it with any intellectual honesty.

As far as "most people concerned", voting suggests that most in the US support Israel, though some support the Palestinians (most of *those* do in fact prattle on about the Jews' conspiracies to take over the US), and some see that two groups killing each other is just bad all around.

It seems to be the nature of warriors, Social Justice warriors and most other kinds, to always take sides. In this case, they've picked the Israeli side. I find that neither surprising nor inconsistent with their core world view that the world is full of weak victims who need a SJW to ride in on a white horse and save them.

Comment Re:Passing the buck? (Score 5, Insightful) 90

I think CloudFlare's comments are accurate, but I'm no expert.

I'll play an expert. CloudFlare are lying. Though it is correct, that "a simple DNS reconfiguration" would allow the pirates to continue to exist, their bandwidth requirements will go much higher and they would not be able to do as much damage to the intellectual property owners.

Think, for example, of banks blocking money-laundering — it does not stop whatever activity generates the criminals' profits. But it makes the criminals' lives (much) harder.

The reaction and attitudes of Slashdot and other crowds will, once again, boil down to those towards the original activity. People frowning on copyright infringement will denounce CloudFlare. Others will celebrate the pirates getting off for a while longer.

But technically CloudFlare's arguments are bullshit — and they know it.

Submission + - (Not Quite) Open Source Hardware? 1

Ichijo writes: One hardware project that calls itself "open source" doesn't want to make its hardware design source files publicly available because doing so would, in their words, "make it very trivial for e.g Chinese companies to start producing cheap clones... we’d be getting support requests for hardware we had no idea of the quality of." This answer was in response to a request by a user who wants to use the design in his own projects.

Have any other open source hardware projects run into support issues from people owning cheap "clones"? Have clones been produced even without the hardware design source files?

Comment Re:Scan your signature (Score 1) 245

They could tell because there were several pages requiring signatures, and they were all exactly the same.

Remotely plausible... But only if the recipient is already suspicious. Which they probably were after you discussed the printing vs. e-signing with them.

They can also tell by the size/speed of the transfer.

Nonsense. You made this up.

As much as hospitals charge, do you seriously believe that they aren't staffed up enough to detect fax cheaters?

Let me tell you a story, that happened to me. I had a dedicated fax-line, its number differing from that of some medical office in another state only by the area code. Guess what? Incorrectly dialed faxes — from hospitals and other medical offices — would end up in my computer (been using Hylafax for 20 years now) a couple of times per week. PHI be damned — I got medical histories and exam results of total strangers.

Now, this was before HIPAA, but medical information was already a big deal — and yet, these much-charging organizations could not be bothered to properly verify fax-numbers... Dedicating resources/training to catch — not cheaters — people not wishing to waste paper is not going to happen...

Comment Re:It's the law (Score 1) 312

>> >You know, insurance, a system that covers unexpected high costs that I can't readily cover out-of-pocket.

> Yes, that's what we have in Canada.

I'm specifically saying NOT we you describe in Canada, NOT this:

>> Did you know that hospitals and clinics in Canada don't even have POS systems or cash registers?

Insurance covers unexpected high costs, NOT routine, day-to-day expenses. Consider home insurance. You use home insurance if your house burns down, or floods, not to change a light bulb or fix a leaky faucet.

I can afford a $25 visit, for a flu shot or whatever. That's a routine, expected day-to-day expense. I used to pay for $25 and that was that. Now, the flu shot goes through multiple levels of huge bureaucracies, so it has a total cost of $75-$150 an it takes three months for the doctor to get paid.

Comment No, ADL actually DOES "fight for social justice" (Score 1) 366

I think you misunderstood. GP simply said that ADL is a bunch of social justice warriors. That's entirely correct, according to ADL. He didn't "blame" the SJWs for anything, he said ADL is SJWs, and it is, they say they are. A few references from the ADL web site for you:






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