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Journal StalinsNotDead's Journal: An observation regarding the journals of friends 20

There seems to be a trend of people restricting commenting priviledges in their journals more heavily.

SolemnDragon has begun restricting comments to friends only.

And I noticed today that in this journal entry Em Emalb has restricted access to friends and friends of friends.

I haven't noticed any one else reducing the ability to comment in their journal yet.

Has Slashdot become a more hostile environment? Any thoughts as to why this might be happening?

I use the no foes restriction because I have no foes and would rather not have anonymous comments.

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An observation regarding the journals of friends

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  • But I will never restrict my journal entry despite having my own personal troll (or two).
    I understand why people do it, but it's not MY style.

  • in order to keep a select group of people that I find to be trolls (by my definition, not thiers, I'm sure! :->) from trolling in my journal. Likewise ACs, as ACs in journals tend (not always, but that's the way to bet) to be trolls.

    I also set the modifier to -1 for both foes and ACs, so that I'm not tempted to take the bait (as the hook is never^Wseldom seen) in other's journals.

    No /. (at least the JE circle) isn't all that hostile, but a few asshats can ruin your week.
    • Same here ...

      If anyone has anything to say in my journal they can bloody well sign their name to it.

      While I haven't had a problem yet really, I like retaining the option to ban anyone who proves particularly annoying.
  • Most of them don't feel the need to make a big deal out of it, so you don't usually notice it.
    • Yeah I only started restricting mine because people were bashing Sol and blinder anonymously when I wrote about them, so now they have to put their name on their attacks if they want to do it in my journal. Also, I foe'd Boo's account so she couldn't post in my JE, since she somehow thought that after 2 years I'd still give a shit about her opinion.
  • Especially after some very cool and generaous guy got me a subscription;-) But I decided that I really didn't want to limit what people wanted to say to me or about me. So if an AC wantes to come along, I'm cool with that. I don't have any foes and only a random freak who foed me years ago for no readily apparant reason, so i have no use for it.

    In Sol's case, I don't know. I seem to recall a while back someone writing something not just trolling but out right mean in her Journal awhile back. If that

  • i do it just to keep the noise down. there was a time about a year or so ago when my journal was unrestricted and then it started collecting a lot of noise (from trolls).

    i didn't like it, so i made it so it couldn't happen.

    i kind of look at journals as apartments. we "rent" this space from slashdot, but because we do that, doesn't mean we have to let every other tenent of the slashdot complex into our space. we are allowed to lock the doors and "invite" our guests.
    • Mr. Blinder, (Off-Topic, but it's my journal)

      Could you please give my regards (and a hug if necessary) to Ms. Dragon (and try to convince her to befriend me) and a comforting pat on kitten (I'm partial to cats, and feel bad about the recent health issues). I enjoy reading what she writes (especially the works she has done on the site she links to with "episode". I find her writings quite entertaining, the ones with good, evil, and wicked), and I do(did) occasionally comment in her journal.

      I apologize if I h
  • I use no foes simply to keep anonymous trolls out - at the moment I have no foes, although I do have a couple of freaks. I don;t particularly care who posts in my journal as long as I know who it is.

    Unless someone is in your friends list explicitly and your JEs are Friends Only, there is no guarantee that you won't keep out people you don't want. If I understand the system correctly, opening to Friends of Friends can let in your foes, if you have someone foed and a friend has the same friended.

  • In general, I prefer that people posting in my JEs post under their name. It's easy enough to create a new account, though, so it is not really much of a restriction. I ended up with one foe, though, mostly due to a comment he made that I thought was uncalled-for.

    Thanks for reminding me, though. I meant to de-foe him a while back, and then forgot to do it.
  • My attitude is, 'Bring it on!' I leave my journal wide open, and I read at -1 with no modifiers, and if someone is flaming or trolling, I'm not going to be virtually sticking my fingers in my ears and virtually singing "LA LA LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU LA LA LA LA LA" by monkying with thresholds. If someone's a troll, or a flamer, I know it and I just pay them no mind.

    I've been on-line since before there was an AOL, so I've long gotten over flamebait and I've long gotten over the need to try to change som
    • Re:Bring it on (Score:2, Interesting)

      I lean this way too -- but then again, I don't get a lot of traffic. If I were to get so many comments that I couldn't pick out the trolls from the ones I actually wanted to read, then maybe. I don't think I'll ever be at that point.
  • about to bemoan the fact that the Dragon hasn't friended me, when I looked and I realized that I haven't friended her. And what with blinder being so helpful and encouraging about the music and all, too. I'm so embarrassed.

    But it's fixed now.

  • I use No foes , Seems like the best idea to me, as my foes are generally trolls so no problem there
  • I get hardly any comments in my journal anyway, so I wouldn't want to restrict access.

    I suppose I ought to do no foes to prevent ACs though cause ACs can be annoying.

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