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Comment Haven't been on /. in ages... (Score 1) 9

man things are different and weird. Don't like new interface compared to multiply, but I can't remember old /. interface so I can't compare with that.

Anyway, I just ended a relationship that I thought had a future. Obviously not the same as ending a marriage, but I bring it up to show the importance of symbolic gestures.

There's a period of adjustment after a breakup where you try to figure out if you're better off in the relationship or out of it. When you get lonely or miss something that your former partner did for you, you tend to dwell on that. Sometimes so much that it overshadows all the reasons the relationship ended.

It's easy to forget the bad or convince yourself that you can fix the bad. Then you lose your resolve and want to try to make it work. Doing something symbolic reminds you that you made the decision that it was best if it ended when/if you start to waiver.

One of the first things I did when I decided it was best if I ended the relationship with Jenny was to remove her from my favorites list in my cell phone and set her ringtone to SILENT. Because if she called me my instinct would be to quickly answer the phone, but I know that isn't what is best for me. Seeing that she called 15 minutes ago is easier to ignore than when the phone is ringing.

I guess what I'm saying is that we are observant and we see the signs (you mentioned her taking off her ring often) but we ignore them because we don't want to admit what we see. A symbolic gesture like that is more to remind us that we've accepted what we observed than of what we've observed.

Journal Journal: Seriously guys, WTFSoF? EVERY Wednesday? 10

Ever since blinder bought me a subscription, I have not used http to access slashdot. Today, I was logged in via https and trying to reply to Some Woman's JE when all of a sudden I got a strange error. I looked at the top of the screen and it said, "Login". I thought, that's odd, I am logged in. Upon further inspection, I noticed it said http instead of https. I thought, someone must have given a full URL instead of relational link! But then I

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Journal Journal: [Z80] Megahurts 5

This evening, I decided to add a crystal oscillator and clock divider (i.e. a 4520 counter) to some spare space on the board which I soldered up the 16 bit counter with tristate outputs. Basically, I soldered the circuit up such that you put a jumper on either the output of the crystal oscillator, or one of the 8 outputs from the 4520. This sends the square wave signal to two output pins - one via an inverter (NOT gate), and one straight - so there's both the clock signal and an inverted vers


Submission + - Is Global Warming Made Up? If so By Who?

spiedrazer writes: So there are multiple articles out reporting a new study warning of an Ice free north pole by 2040 (See Bloomberg, ABC, or I'm sure the usual suspects will jump to action with the expected media dis-information campaign to make these reports out as just another doomsday prediction by the global warming machine. I'm not sure who these people are, but they seem to have a never-ending supply of conspiracy theories about how global warming is a farce (earlier slashdot article). What no-one seems to analyze, however, is what possible reason could scientists have for warning us about global warming if it weren't true, and why should it even matter if it IS made up (which it isn't).

If global warming is real, it would make sense that we need to take drastic steps to reduce pollution in order to reduce it's impact as much as possible. Those who would de-bunk global warming are apparently making the argument that, if global warming isn't real, there is no need to reduce pollution. This is actually a pretty silly argument, as there are plenty of other reasons to reduce pollution (health issues plus numerous other non-climate impacts on the environment come to mind). So the only reason to make up a global warming threat is to create one more in a long list of reasons why pollution should be reduced. If it really were made up, but wasn't achieving the desired result, wouldn't these same folks move on to another tactic in their fight to reduce pollution. Plus, who are these radical scientist anyway and when did they have their secret meeting where they decided to make up a global warning threat?

Now lets examine the flip side. Forgetting about global warming, who is the only real group opposed to pollution reduction? Corporate America is the main force behind any and all attempts to reduce pollution for the simple fact that it costs them money. Sure, people are lazy and so we all need a kick in the head to recycle more or waste less etc., but corporate America is the only group with real motivation to resist increased pollution controls. The global warming fight has actually made it easier for them to resist pollution cutbacks by reducing the number of fronts in the war. By putting all their eggs in one basket trying to cast fear, doubt and uncertainty about global warming, they have been effective at keeping the issue stalled. The current administration has obviously been complicit in this effort as they repeat the FUD every time any type of public debate or criticism of their lax policies rears it's head.

So, can we all just realize that A) Global warming is very real, but is just one of many reasons that we should be taking protection of the environment more seriously, and B) the only people who have anything to gain by de-bunking global warming are the interests who don't want to reduce pollution simply because of it's cost. Can we afford to wait any longer? Even if you feel global warming is exaggerated, are there ANY real reasons other than cost NOT to reduce pollution. What are they? I really want to know.

Submission + - was my submission lost?

docinthemachine writes: "Hi — do not mean to be a pest — I submitted a story sunday and it is still listed as pending. from my read of FAQ's it seems it should have gone +/- by now so I wanted to check if it got lost in the machine — thanks, and thanks for taking my last submission"

Submission + - connection with social networks will be done via

synapselife writes: "I'm writing to let Slashdot's readers know about the upcoming launch on December 19, 2006 of SynapseLife phase 2. The list of our upgrades is below. To view the exclusive screenshots/wire frames go to: Upcoming release will include: Features (Phase 2 Launch) o Interactive Ticker o Sharing System o Community Portal o User Profiles (Favorites & Feeds) o User Tag Search o Fixed Back Button / URI Specific Loading o New Features! Section o Integration Tools Favorite & Feed Buttons (Dragable) Set Feed Reader Type (Firefox 2) Firefox Extension "Add to SynapseLife" icon for Blog Promotion Search Applet for Firefox & IE7 o Calendar Enhancements Separate Calendars Recurring Events All Day Events AJAX Date Chooser o Sortable Lists & Ledgers With the upgraded version of SynapseLife users will be able to interact/ share information across social networks including but not limited to: Facebook. In our features release on December 19, 2006 we will also introduce users to their own interactive ticker, downloadable toolbar, and private/shared pages. Also, users will be able to see who is online within their social networks as well as within the SynapseLife community. SynapseLife is completely accessible from any internet enabled device."
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Journal Journal: Company Christmas Present 13

so the miserable bastards found me and decided to bestow on me a "christmas present" (my term, i have to put a silver lining on this thing).

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Journal Journal: Meme 1

  1. What is your occupation?
    Student, high school, 11th grade.
  2. What color are your socks right now?
    White as always.
  3. What are you listening to right now?
    Audioslave's cover of The White Stripes' song "Seven Nation Army".
  4. What was the last thing that you ate?
  5. Can you drive a stick shift?
  6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
    I dunno. Red, I guess?
  7. Last person you spoke to on the phone?
    My friend

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