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Comment Re:Provide your phone number for extra security? (Score 2) 145

This adds no additional security to a system secured with a password

Sure it does - It means you have two passwords, rather than a password and a piece of publicly-available information... Though the GP already gets that, I basically just rephrased his "type garbage, and save a copy" as something a bit more user-friendly. :)

That said, I otherwise agree with you completely - Though, I also don't really see the problem here. Biometrics would solve some of the usability issues with passwords, but at the cost of introducing entirely new ones.

Really, I think a lot of this comes down to "how much security is enough"? Sending an SMS for two-factor counts as far, far more than adequate 99% of the time; and that even counts as massive overkill 99% of the time. For virtually all uses, just using something like your favorite porn star's name is good enough.

Comment Re:Provide your phone number for extra security? (Score 1) 145

Also, security questions are a joke. Where was I born? The whole world knows by now. Why would I provide yet another vector for compromising my account?

You realize that you don't need to give a meaningful (nevermind "true") answer to those security questions?

"Mother's maiden name?" "#10 dual-window envelopes".

Comment Re:Cheesy 80's movie excuse (Score 1) 762

I believe "editing" in this context meant "Deciding what emails to publish", not "Changing the content of the published emails", so the DNC releasing the originals wouldn't help.

Wikileaks have made it clear they haven't altered the content of the emails, and the fact real phone numbers and blameless people's names appear in the emails would seem to confirm that (If it turned out they were altered, but Wikileaks left in people's phone numbers, that'd be a spectacular PR own-goal on WL's behalf.)

    • .

      . .

Comment Re:Cheesy 80's movie excuse (Score 1) 762

WikiLeaks has shown great interest in anti-US material, and comparatively very little interest in anything that disparages Russia

I agree with much of what you say but this line is just silly. We all know that Putin's Russia is a corrupt, barely democratic regime with a autocratic strongman in charge (an ex-KGB boss no less.)

Leaking evidence that they're terrible would be a waste of time.

Also add to this that Assange is Wikileaks, and Assange has spent the last few years holed up on an embassy in an environment which would be stressful and intimidating even for someone not considered persona-non-Grata by some of the most powerful countries in the world. It's not hard to believe he'd be far more interested in the machinations of a political party whose leadership currently holds the Presidency of the country most likely to lock him in a dungeon for the rest of his life, than memos at a poisoned tip umbrella company owned by Vladimir Putin.

Comment It can be fine... (Score 2, Informative) 524

...but they need to create a standard for the replacement jack first. And no, Bluetooth is not it.

I don't think the 3.5mm jack is actually a panacea. It's limited to a single stereo output, and numerous incompatible hacks have been grafted on to allow it be used for microphone input and for phone or music controls.

But you can't just get rid of it without an adequate replacement at the ready, with cheap adapters available that you can easily just slot onto the end of a 3.5mm jack.

Comment Re:Anything incriminating? (Score 1) 455

it was the *DEMOCRATS* who refused to sit some delegates simply because they were the wrong sex

Yeah, the Democrats have a policy concerning equal numbers of each gender which the Vermont delegation initially violated. Not seeing an example of sexism here, but an attempt to avoid it.

"Racist" is thrown out by the left so often it no longer has any meaning.

I'm pretty sure it does, it's just a sizable number of the right, particularly the alt-right, both understands that "being racist" is considered bad, but that they have no problems with a society that deals black people the short end of the stick, that they have an irrational fear of brown people, and even - in some quarters, most Republicans don't fit into this category, but many on the alt-right do - that they're worried about the influence of Jews.

Comment Re:Anything incriminating? (Score 5, Funny) 455

Dunno, I went through them, and the only emails I saw that looked kinda shady were between her and an apparent long time friend with a pseudonym of "" where she appeared to be orchestrating some attempt to hijack the Republican nomination by having her friend win the nomination. Apparently "Yugedeal" would spout a lot of the kinda racist, sexist, what-liberals-think-Republicans-like crap before the nomination, insulting most of the party's big wigs (leaving them in disarray) while attracting support from the grassroots, and then reveal it was all a hoax the day before the election.

Not sure what came of the plan. The last email in the thread was just a "Good luck today Don!" sent June 16, 2015. I assume from the silence since that nothing came of it.

Comment Re:Amazon 'marketplace', wish I could disable it. (Score 3, Interesting) 342

You can't do it account wide, but you can do it on a per-search basis. Near the bottom on the left, once you've chosen a department, you'll see a "Seller" section. Curiously Amazon has itself listed as both Amazon and, I have no idea why.

Comment Re:Someone Please Explain The Glitch (Score 2) 80

or rather, they designed the game to need access to your GPS so they can get your geolocation for advertising purposes

I would normally agree with you, but PoGo has exactly zero ads in it (not even the voluntary "Watch this short ad for a buff" type so common in Freemium games). Nor, for that matter, have I received a single even remotely spammy email of any kind at the throwaway GMail account I used to register.

Really, no need - People apparently can't throw money at it fast enough. Can't say I quite get it, though... Cute toy, but to have literally doubled Nintendo's market cap in the past few weeks? Wow.

Comment Re:Failed Strategy (Score 1) 72

That link doesn't support your claim. The single strongest claim in that article says "Google pays taxes in Ireland, where it is charged at a lower rate than in France" - Not exactly a smoking gun, just France behaving in its usual petulantly xenophobic way over the horrible, horrible unfairness that any non-French company dare to exist.

Comment Re:Thanks to (Score 1) 352

We'll always have flat-out trolls, no doubt. I can easily ignore those.

I find it much more annoying to try to follow a thread when 2/3rds of the participants post as AC. They may have meant to troll, they may have meant it legitimately, but I can't even tell when a response to me comes from the same person to whom I responded.

I firmly believe in allowing people to post anonymously; but Slashdot makes it trivial to create an account with zero connection to someone's real identity. For that reason, I answered this poll with a "yes" - You can remain anonymous while still using a consistent pseudonym for the sake of discussion.

As a thought, perhaps this amounts to merely a matter of phrasing - Instead of disallowing anonymous posting, how about we call it "ad hoc" posting?

Comment Re:Failed Strategy (Score 1) 72

Google, and all the other companies we keep bitching about, do pay their taxes. They just don't pay more than the law requires them to.

Do you pay more in taxes than you need to? Do you skip itemizing your mortgage interest because you consider it an unfair advantage over renters? Do you keep your retirement savings in a taxable taxable brokerage account rather than "dodging" your fair share of capital gains tax with one of those evil 401k "tax shelters"?

Same deal here. Google, Apple, et al have done nothing more illegal than intentionally structuring themselves to minimize their tax liability. Yes, those loopholes damned well need to end; but you want to blame someone? Don't look at Google, blame yourself for voting for the status quo (D, R, makes no difference). You want the system to stop favoring billionaires and captains of industry? Stop electing billionaires.

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